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With Nazanin Zaghari Back In The News, We Recall That Iran’s Unknown Soldiers Of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) Exposed Her As a UK-US- Zionist Spy

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the wake of the revelations about former ‘Israeli’ Energy Minister Gonen Segev being an Iranian asset for nearly two decades, we’d like to return to another triumph of Iran’s Unknown Soldiers of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), the mega-covert unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps responsible for pursuing the toppling of Global Zionism and rooting out threats to the Islamic Revolution from the inside and out: The exposing of BBC World Service “reporter” and “instructor” Nazanin Zaghari as a UK-US-Zionist spy. Zaghari has become a cause celebre of sorts in the ZOGified West, particularly Sahyu-Britain, with articles about her “plight” – as if spies aren’t criminals and shouldn’t be imprisoned – appearing frequently in the Zionist-run corporate press, including just moments ago about her preparing to go on hunger strike.

The Guardian, The Independent, BBC, CNN and others have been on it like a rabbinical organ trafficker on a dying kid in a Brooklyn slum. Leftist favorite Jeremy Corbyn has had her back too. So has the vomit-inducing ‘Ammo Habib and liberal darling Sadiq Khan. Amnesty International, the baby of one-man-regime-change-machine and Zionist devil George Soros, has also come to her aid. These tentacles and personalities of Shlomo’s Imperium are deflecting and obfuscating. Because the truth is, regardless of all the belly-aching and kvetching to the contrary from the aforementioned Jewsual, I mean USUAL suspects… Iran is right. Nazanin Zaghari is most certainly a UK-US-Zionist spy.

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Solidarity With Dilma Rousseff In The Face Of An All-Out Zionist-Imperialist Onslaught

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t get it twisted for a second y’all, every drop of the sabotage against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, from the baseless corruption probe to the even more fraudulent impeachment proceedings, is coming directly from the US State Department’s regime changers. It’s all part and parcel of the regionwide counterrevolution they’ve been aggressively pursuing in Latin America ever since Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías passed away, not to mention a totally transparent attempt to destabilize a key member of the Russian-led BRICS bloc, as Brasília isn’t indebted to the likes of the World Bank, the IMF or any other predatory Judaic financial institution. Just like Lula before her, the first female Brazilian head of state, who was brutally tortured by a US-‘Israeli’-backed military dictatorship in the 1970s, is hated by the Amreeki regime for her incorruptibility and her track record of standing with the poor over the Western-linked rich, defending the sovereignty of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and other Bolivarian states, and wanting to keep her nation independent of Washington’s political-economic agenda. The Zionist factor shouldn’t be discounted here either by any means. Ubiquitous, agile, satanic George Soros MAJORLY contributed to the tanking of the Brazilian economy when he sunk Petrobas with his stake-reduction last year and it is no coincidence, AT ALL, that the plot to overthrow Dilma really kicked into high gear after the Brazilian President’s government rejected an ‘Israeli’ settler leader as the ‘Tel Aviv’ regime’s ambassador. The stakes couldn’t be higher and the need to support Dilma was never more imperative than right now. Solidarity with this brave woman in the face of an all-out Zionist-Imperialist onslaught.