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Happy 67th Birthday To Martyred Burkinabé Revolutionary Thomas Sankara, You Are Missed Today More Than Ever Before

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy, happy birthday to Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara, the revolutionary godfather of Burkina Faso. Africa’s Che Guevara would’ve been 67 today and there is a deep sense of melancholy knowing that he was martyred at the tender age of 36. One of the world’s least known but nevertheless most historically important revolutionaries, Sankara came to power in 1983 after spearheading a masterful Anti-Imperialist coup. From the moment he took the reins, he began to implement radical changes that affected countless lives for the better in a nation ravaged by decades of French colonialism. From anti-capitalist land reform to the immediate implementation of total women’s rights, Cuban-style literacy promotion to education, a declaration of war on famine to resource nationalization, the removal of colonialist structures to national, public, free health care, rejection of neoliberalism to the punishment of collaborators and colonialists, Pan-Africanism to staunch Anti-Zionism, the incorruptible Burkinabé firebrand was like a shooting star in the solidification of all these policies. Never before in the post-colonial era on the African continent had such revolutionary shifts occurred in such a short period of time. Continue reading Happy 67th Birthday To Martyred Burkinabé Revolutionary Thomas Sankara, You Are Missed Today More Than Ever Before

Globalized Yemen, F.O.T.O Single #4, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Alhamdulillah. “Globalized Yemen”, the fourth and final single off my ‪#‎Yemen‬ album Felicity Of The Oppressed, is now available. Hard to describe how proud I am of this song and how much it means to me, as it was produced by my late homie Jamal Dubois (Metal Gear Solid), one of the last beats he made prior to passing almost nine years ago. Could never bring myself to write a full piece to it, scribbling only various things over the years, because it was too painful but after hearing it in the midst of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, the words just gushed out like a lava stream from a volcano. It’s a flat-out epic instrumental and it brought the lyrical best out of me. This joint exemplifies everything that Ansarullah and the Yemeni people are and just how important their struggle is in a worldwide context. The Houthis and their comrades are like the Algerians who fought French colonialism, the DPRK, the Palestinian Resistance, Hizbullah, the Vietnamese Resistance, the Iraqi Mouqawamah, the Iranian revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and more. They all get shouted out here… Even got some 9/11 truth on the joint! Barely anybody is speaking about Yemen, its suffering and its victories, but that doesn’t matter… ‘Cause Haqq is Haqq and it is beyond critical for the triumphs of the Yemeni people to be globalized. So… Y’all know the deal. Throw it in your whips or your ‘phones and let it BLAST like a Striking Star missile!

Burkina Faso vows to identify remains of folk hero Sankara

Burkina Faso’s new transitional president has promised to open an investigation to identify remains believed to be those of the West African nation’s revolutionary hero Thomas Sankara, who was assassinated more than 27 years ago.

President Michel Kafando, who received power from the country’s military on Friday, said investigations would go forward “in the name of national reconciliation”.

Sankara, sometimes described as the “African Che Guevara”, was just 33 when he seized power in a coup in 1983.

He left a lasting mark during his short presidency, even changing the former French colony’s name from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, which translates as “land of honest people”. Continue reading Burkina Faso vows to identify remains of folk hero Sankara

Obama’s preventive coup in Burkina Faso

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture

After a popular uprising forced Burkina Faso’s longtime dictator Blaise Compaoré from power after a 27-year long reign supported by the United States and France, President Barack Obama had to move fast. The White House wanted to ensure that loyalists of Compaoré’s assassinated predecessor, Marxist icon Thomas Sankara, a man his mother, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) / Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) maven Ann Dunham Soetoro, may have helped to topple in 1987, did not return to power in the landlocked West African nation. Continue reading Obama’s preventive coup in Burkina Faso

Burkinabe Masses Rise Up Against Neo-Colonial Rule

by Abayomi Azikiwe, Modern Ghana

Hundreds of thousands of people in Burkina Faso have forced the longtime imperialist-backed leader, President Blaise Compaore, to resign amid mass demonstrations and rebellions in several cities across the West African country. Compaore took power in a French-supported coup on Oct. 15, 1987 against revolutionary Pan-Africanist and socialist leader Capt. Thomas Sankara. Continue reading Burkinabe Masses Rise Up Against Neo-Colonial Rule