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The Ugly Truth: Mark Glenn and J. Azaziah Discuss Baruch Goldstein (L.A.) and The “Torah” As A Tool For Jewish Terrorism

by Jonathan Azaziah

I joined my dear brother Mark Glenn for yet another episode of the revamped Ugly Truth broadcast, continuing our previous discussion and also delving into the depths of what really motivates Jewish-Zionist terrorism, supremacism, Gentile-hatred and global hegemony, with a special focus on Baruch Goldstein (L.A.) and my recent piece about his murderous actions on February 25th, 1994: The corrupted “Torah”. An uncomfortable but necessary conversation that we need to keep having until the root of the issue is understood entirely and a true, effective and militant Intellectual Resistance can be formed across Gentiledom’s bastions. Listen. Learn. Take notes. And free… Your… Minds.

From Mark Glenn: “We are honored once again to have with us the incomparable Jonathan Azaziah who will be discussing–doubtless to the great mental and emotional distress of those addicts of Old Testament Judaism–the ‘Torah’-based roots of modern Jewish/’Israeli’ terror and in particular, the Old Testament-based massacre of 29 Palestinian worshipers on Purim by the insane Judaic mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein. As usual, high-intensity intellectual voltage not suitable for low-watt lightbulbs, so ‘plug-in’ only at the risk of getting a teeth-chattering JOLT of The Ugly Truth.

The Ugly Truth Returns: Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah Discuss Tlaib, Omar, Trump, Venezuela And Jewish Power In America

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Ugly Truth Broadcast returns! I recently joined my beloved brother Mark Glenn for a must-hear, Crescent & Cross Solidarity program on the revamped TUT platform to discuss Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Trump and the neocon-led opposition to his moves in Syria as well as his war on Venezuela, not to mention Jewish power, supremacy and degeneracy in general. For a paltry donation, the program is available for download, and as it is information you are not going to come across anywhere–and we do mean ANYWHERE–else, it is certainly worth it. Enjoy. And FTJ.

From Mark Glenn: “Tonight’s program–The recent midterm elections in the US and what kinds of (‘Israeli’-instigated) tectonic changes occurred politically in order to keep things exactly as they were. In particular, what all can expect to see from the election of two Muslim women to Congress and the manner by which they will be used in furthering a particular narrative which Judea, Inc. needs if that same old/same old is to be maintained. We are once again honored to have with us–loud & proud/large & in charge–the one and only Jonathan Azaziah who is sure to fill our heads with information and analysis not heard before. As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of being fed a bitter dose of some very difficult-to-swallow ugly truth. Downloading the program is made possible only with the generous reciprocity of those who partake, so please consider leaving a little bread in the basket for those whose time and effort went into producing this endeavor.

A Hip-Hop Hizbullah: Islamic Revolution International Center Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Life, Music and Counter-Hegemony

Introduction (by Jonathan Azaziah): Jummah Mubarak! Been meaning to share this with y’all for a good while. Back in October, I had the honor and blessing of being interviewed by the Islamic Revolution International Center, a zine/think tank run by revolutionary Iranian students. We talked a little bit about where I came from and what drove me to become an MC; the origins of Islamophobia; Zionist control of the music industry; the fight to overthrow World Zionism’s system of hegemony; and the definition and aims of Mouqawamah Music. As a Khomeiniist, this meant a great deal to me and I pray all of you, my dear comrades, enjoy the read. I have to thank brother Abdullah Mohamadi for the beautiful opportunity and in these arduous times, I also want to once again extend all my love and solidarity to the resistant Islamic Republic of Iran and its most wonderful people.

***Just a quick note regarding the title: “Hip-Hop Hizbullah”, which I mention in the interview, is a lyric from my song “The Liberators“, featuring my beloved brother Khanverse KV, off my 2015 album “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly”. With the subject matter at hand, I consider it most apt 😀 ***

Islamic Revolution International Center: Can you give us a brief bio of yourself?

Jonathan Azaziah: My name is Jonathan Azaziah–which is Arabic for “powerful light”–and am known on the mic as Madd Cold, a moniker I earned because of the harsh truths I would spit whilst rap-battling in the streets of Brooklyn (or Iraqlyn as I like to call it), New York City, where I was born and raised. I am 29 years old and am the son of an Iraqi father and a Moroccan-Russian mother. DTI (Death to ‘Israel’!) is my motto, “Ya Hussein (A.S.)!” is my battlecry, Mesopotamia is my soul, Palestine is my compass and Yemen is my heart! Don’t have anything else on my mind 24 hours a day except playing my part in the liberation of our people from the clutches of World Arrogance. Continue reading A Hip-Hop Hizbullah: Islamic Revolution International Center Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Life, Music and Counter-Hegemony

RIP To Victor Thorn; Was He, Like Gary Webb and Danny Casolaro, Murdered?

by Jonathan Azaziah

I’m shocked. I’m angry. And I’m saddened. Deeply and truly saddened over the death of author, researcher, activist, fighter and all-around good guy Victor Thorn. I didn’t know the man as well as my dear brother Mark Glenn, but I knew him well enough to call him my friend and I was honored to have worked with him. Victor had interviewed me several times over the last six years, about Iraq, Syria, the “Arab Spring”, Obama, the neocons, and Mossad’s linkage to 9/11, and it was always a pleasure. Unlike many persons in this struggle of ours, what stuck out most to me about the brother was that he was always upbeat. Jovial. Hopeful. Yes, hopeful is the best word. He believed that in spite of all the terror and horror that International Jewry had inflicted on the planet, we, the people, Muslim and Christian, Easterner and Westerner, the United Gentile Resistance Front, were going to prevail in the end. We shared that in common. It is for this reason that I don’t buy the official story even for half a second that Victor Thorn put a bullet in his own head. If it looks, smells and feels like bullshit, then 100 times out of 100, it’s bullshit. And Victor committing suicide, as far as I’m concerned, is just that. Continue reading RIP To Victor Thorn; Was He, Like Gary Webb and Danny Casolaro, Murdered?

RIP To Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist Legend Michael Collins Piper

by Jonathan Azaziah

The man, the giant, the legend Michael Collins Piper would have turned 56 yesterday. He was my friend, my teacher, my brother, my mentor, and, hands down, the greatest, most prolific Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist writer in American history. His catalogue is, by far, bar none, unparalleled in the field and his writings were both jam-packed with information that you wouldn’t be (and still aren’t) able to find anywhere else as well as entertaining as all hell. He went places no writer and/or journalist would go, said things that they’d never be caught dead saying and challenged the Yahoudling power structure like no other. From his exposé of the neocons long before Mearsheimer and Walt, to his breakdown of JFK’s murder being a Mossad op from soup to nuts, to his ruthless deconstruction of the Rothschilds’ stranglehold over the globe, to his masterful demolition of the very lexicon the Zionist Power Configuration uses to control the way we speak, MCP was a spring of Haqq that never, EVER stopped flowing and nourishing. Truly, his knowledge was a force no Jew dared reckon with, hence why they chose to smear him through their ADL and SPLC attack dogs instead. If you’ve never read him, well, simply put, you don’t know a damn thing about politics in the land run by the American ZOG or international affairs in general. You really don’t. Thus, if you want to know, get yourself acquainted with the man NOW. Continue reading RIP To Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist Legend Michael Collins Piper