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F*** The “Palestine Solidarity” Activists And Their Red Facebook Profile Pics

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fuck these “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist clowns making their Facebook profile photos blood-red for the nightmare in Aleppo. They don’t give anymore of a damn about Syria than a Jewish supremacist cares about a Gentile. Never ONCE did these hypocrites speak about the besieged, starving Syrian Shi’a Muslims of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya in Idleb. Never ONCE did these two-faced liars speak about the starving, besieged Syrian Shi’a Muslims of Nubl and Al-Zahra, freed from Takfiri captivity by Hizbullah, the Syrian Arab Army and their resistant Iraqi, Iranian and Palestinian allies. Never ONCE did these duplicitous persons speak about the hell endured by Syrian Christians in the ancient Aramaic-speaking town of Maaloula in Qalamoun. Never ONCE did they speak against the repeated bombings of Syrians from every walk of life at Sayyeda Zaynab’s (A.S.) holy shrine in Damascus. Continue reading F*** The “Palestine Solidarity” Activists And Their Red Facebook Profile Pics

“Arab Spring”-Style Revolt About To Pop Off In Angola

by Jonathan Azaziah

‘ARAB SPRING’ ALERT. According to the Qatari despot’s Al-Jazeera, the Angolan government has locked up 17 “youth activists”–love the Sorosite-Amnesty-HRW language, don’t you?–for trying to overthrow President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Now, Santos is no peach, nor is he exactly an anti-Zionist or an anti-Imperialist, but, the man is clearly pro-Africa and has helped wean Angola, Africa’s second-largest oil producer and third biggest economy, off foreign aid and steady the economy into something resembling functional and independent. He’s also at the forefront of getting the continent to break away from the blood diamond trade–i.e. International Zionism and its network of sanguinary Jewish gangsters–and transitioning into a system of African-African cooperation on mining the stones and using them to benefit the peoples of the continent. Continue reading “Arab Spring”-Style Revolt About To Pop Off In Angola