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Like Obama Before Him, Trump Is Now Bathing In The Blood Of The Zakzaky Family

by Jonathan Azaziah

Obama was smooth. A soothsayer on steroids. The sonnets of demagoguery that he spewed had large swathes of “the left” — including the so-called “radical” left — in an epizootic stupor. I say epizootic because Barack, or better still, BARUCH had liberals and their allies running around like animals with a brain malfunction. Well, a specific animal actually: The lemming. And off the cliff “the left” has gone and continues to go for Obama. Thankfully however, in the waning years of this deceiver’s reign as World Zionism’s Goy Golem, the voices of the underground began to make it to the surface and expose both the Obama-led and Obama-backed crimes. The devastation of Libya. The destabilization of Syria. The unleashing of (Mossad)Daesh on Iraq. The ‘Israeli’ massacres in Gaza. Saudi Arabia’s genocide in Yemen. The push to overthrow Bolivarianism across Latin America. The spying. The deportations. The psychotic militarization of the blue bacon (police). The crackdown on journalists and whistleblowers. But there is still one crime that never really made it out in the open although its barbarity is immense, multi-pronged and ongoing: The eliminationist scheme against Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and his Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN). Continue reading Like Obama Before Him, Trump Is Now Bathing In The Blood Of The Zakzaky Family

The Ummah Has Failed Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky: 18 Months Into His Illegal Imprisonment And Still No Justice In Sight

by Jonathan Azaziah

What do you call a man who has brought millions of Nigerians to Islam in the last 40 years; who wages a peaceful unarmed struggle against an oppressive regime; who opposes Zionism on a regional and global level and has instilled an understanding of it deep in the consciousness of his partisans; who opposes the American ZOG; who opposes the British ZOG; who has exposed Boko Haram and other Takfiri terrorist groups as false flag black ops controlled by Western-Zionist powers; who has shredded Saudi Arabia and the other petrodollar monarchies; who has seen 6 of his sons become martyrs in the fight against Dajjal; who stands with Resistance anywhere and everywhere but whose plight is still ignored by the overwhelming majority of the so-called “Ummah”? You would call such a man SHEIKH IBRAHIM YAQOUB AL-ZAKZAKY. It has now been 18 months since Nigeria’s revolutionary of revolutionaries–and the most important Mouqawamist figure in all of Africa bar none–was unjustly thrown into the Buhari regime’s dungeons after 1,000+ followers of his were mercilessly murdered by the Nigerian army in the Zaria Massacre. The African Ashoura. 18 months of cruelty. 578 days of atrocities. 13,782 hours of injustice. Baseless charges. Worsening health. Routine torture. His wife Sayyeda Zeenat locked in the hellishness as well. His students and deputies languishing in horror near him. His Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) continuously brutalized in his absence. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHERE ARE THE SCREAMS? WHERE IS THE HUMANITY. Nowhere… All of it… Is simply… Nowhere. Continue reading The Ummah Has Failed Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky: 18 Months Into His Illegal Imprisonment And Still No Justice In Sight

Sheikh Zakzaky Is Now Spending His 2nd Straight Ramadan Unjustly Imprisoned… Where Are The Muslims Speaking Up For Him?

by Jonathan Azaziah

As we reach the midway point of Ramadan, we come to an exceptionally dark and painful anniversary that all Muslims, regardless of their school of thought, should be reflecting on, praying about and doing everything in their power to change: It’s now been 17 months since Nigerian revolutionary shooting star Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky was unjustly thrown into prison along with his wife Sayyeda Zeenat, a giant in her own right, and several of his companions, directly after the US-Saudi-Zionist-backed Nigerian Army of criminals massacred over 1,000 of his partisans in Zaria. It is one of the most horrifying (ongoing) injustices of our time and yet, the overall response from Muslims in the Arab-Islamic world itself as well as the Western Diaspora has been a fusion of pathetic, shameful and abysmal. The silence on the Sheikh, a saintly personality who has brought millions upon millions of Nigerians to Islam, taught them how World Zionism dominates the globe and instilled in them a fierce commitment to the Palestinian cause, continues even at this moment in our Holiest of Holy Months. Continue reading Sheikh Zakzaky Is Now Spending His 2nd Straight Ramadan Unjustly Imprisoned… Where Are The Muslims Speaking Up For Him?

Sixth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

The countdown to “Eternally Husseini” continues on with a vengeance! Just 43 days away now and Iron Galaxy and I cannot wait to share it with y’all!

And who really represents Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) courage, patience, steadfastness, love for Islam, compassion for humanity, truthfulness and commitment to justice in this age like Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky? We now stand at 16 months since the Zionized, Westoxified, Saudi-bought Nigerian regime carried out the Zaria Massacre and unlawfully threw the Sheikh and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat into a prison cell. 16 months that “The Ummah” has been silent. 16 months that the “human rights activists” have been silent. 16 months that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” has been silent. But not us though! Our tongues and our pens still cut through propaganda for the Sheikh and will continue to do so, ruthlessly, until he is liberated! Beautifully rendered here by none other than Intifada Street art-marksman Mohammad Hamza, Sheikh Zakzaky is mentioned on numerous “Eternally Husseini” songs and has an entire track, “Silence On The Sheikh”, dedicated to him and the struggle of the Nigerian Shi’a for their rights. “Silence On The Sheikh”, which features the remarkable lyrical gifts of Yusuf Abdul-Mateen Trombly of Blak Madeen, Rafiqi Green and Khanverse KV, not only highlights the sacrifices of the Zaria Martyrs and the saintliness of Sheikh Zakzaky, it’s also an anthem of Islamic unity–something we need so desperately in this time of Saudi-Wahhabi assertiveness and weaponized Takfirism. I said it when the joint dropped last year and I’ll say it again now: It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my 17 years on the microphone. Continue reading Sixth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

“Silence On The Sheikh” Drops Just One Week From Today!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Only seven days away from the one-year anniversary of the Zaria Massacre and the illegal, unjustifiable imprisonment of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Nigeria. “Silence On The Sheikh”, the song that I, Iron Galaxy, Yusuf Abdul-Mateen Trombly, Rafiqi Green and Khanverse KV put together, is, in the simplest terms I can muster, SOMETHING NOT OF THIS WORLD. If I say anything more than that, it will take away from its prestige. For real. Just wait ’till y’all hear it. And when you do, make sure to spread it far and wide and let it be a weapon we use to pressure the US-Zionist-Saudi-backed Buhari regime into releasing Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat and the rest of the IMN (Islamic Movement of Nigeria) political prisoners IMMEDIATELY. In the mean time, change your profile picture to this beautiful poster to raise awareness about the plight of the Sheikh and Nigeria’s Shi’a as well as to heighten anticipation for “Silence On The Sheikh”–the final single off “Eternally Husseini” and an anthem of anthems! Resident genius graphic artist extraordinaire Mohammad Hamza on the gorgeous artwork if you ain’t know. It was the highest of high honors working with all you gentlemen on this special track and in the name of this special cause, i.e. Islamic unity. I’m humbled beyond words by your brotherhood, commitment, bravery and artistic/musical/lyrical brilliance. And of course, I cannot wait to share our masterpiece with the world. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #SilenceOnTheSheikh #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon