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Take That Al-Saud And Turkey! Ansarullah’s Missile Unit Kills and Wounds Over 250 Invaders!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy New Year and Jummah Mubarak Saudi-Wahhabi trash and Neo-Ottoman filth! Late last night, Ansarullah’s Missile Unit detected a gathering of Saudi invaders and paid mercenaries at the Shaab al-Jen military camp right in the heart of strategic Bab el-Mandeb. Without hesitation, the Houthiyeen mobilized and launched an indigenously-made, highly-accurate Zelzal-3 ballistic missile right smack dab in the middle of the Saudi-led interlopers, killing over 150 aggressors and wounding over 100 more. Among the dead occupiers were Takfiri terrorists recently transferred to Yemen from Aleppo by the Turkish regime, a confirmation of the sinister and criminal role that Erdogan is playing against the Yemeni people. This magnificent and brilliant counterattack by the Yemeni Islamic Mouqawamah is a reminder to Al-Saud that the ultra-vital waterway remains under Yemeni dominance and any intrusion will be met with devastating relentlessness by the Moustazafeen of the ancient outpost of civilization once known as Saba. Continue reading Take That Al-Saud And Turkey! Ansarullah’s Missile Unit Kills and Wounds Over 250 Invaders!

Gladio In Ankara: World Zionism Murders Ambassador Karlov To Prolong War On Syria, Spark Russian-Turkish Conflict

by Jonathan Azaziah

No disrespect, but anyone who says that the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was merely a demented Takfiri “lone gunman” taking revenge for the defeat of his fellow demented Takfiris in Aleppo really has no business whatsoever commenting on geopolitics. The peddlers of such theories are amateurs, through and through. Ambassadors, presidents, cabinet ministers, royals and senators do not get mowed down in public spectacles out of the blue; these are not random happenings, nor are they emotive reactions to some other international event, related or otherwise. Especially not an official from a country as big, wealthy, influential and powerful as Russia and especially not in times as critical as these. Ambassador Karlov’s killer was not 22-year old Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas, but the Empire which gave this terrorist the order to pull the trigger. And the assassination itself, contrary to the commentaries peddled by the aforesaid novices, was not a sanguinary act of Wahhabi solidarity to “avenge” Halab’s liberation, but yet another desperate move by World Zionism to breathe life into their flailing, failing propaganda campaign against Syria and re-ignite tensions between Russia and Turkey. Continue reading Gladio In Ankara: World Zionism Murders Ambassador Karlov To Prolong War On Syria, Spark Russian-Turkish Conflict

At Aleppo’s Great Mosque, Syrian Sunni-Shi’a Unity Prevails Over Erdogan’s Wahhabi Sectarianism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Mawlid al-Nabawi in Syria’s Aleppo is extra-special this year. Two days ago on Jummah, Sunni and Shi’a prayed together in the Old City of Aleppo’s Great Mosque for the first time since Al-Qaeda groups occupied Halab nearly five years ago. The Takfiris ruled over the Great Mosque, also known as the Umayyad Mosque, with the same savage Wahhabi repression as the rest of Aleppo. Nobody but those who subscribed to the terrorists’ warped, Judaic, violent, intolerant perversion of Islam were allowed to even set foot in the historical compound, let alone pray in it. Today however, thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and its comrades, the ancient landmark is open to all people and Syria’s indigenous communal harmony has returned to the grounds. After all, the Great Mosque is the very embodiment of unity, as it is the burial place of the Prophet Zakariya (A.S.), father of Prophet Yahya [John the Baptist] (A.S.), figures affectionately revered by Muslims and Christians alike. It is thus fitting that Sunni and Shi’a would pray as one in this hallowed sanctuary to celebrate the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) birthday, the liberation of Aleppo and the preservation of Islamic unity as well as Syria’s sovereignty and identity. Continue reading At Aleppo’s Great Mosque, Syrian Sunni-Shi’a Unity Prevails Over Erdogan’s Wahhabi Sectarianism

Turkey Coup Conspiracy Deepens: More US Connections and Saudi/Emirati Role Exposed

by Jonathan Azaziah

Wherever the American regime and the genocidal Zionist entity are engaging in skullduggery anywhere in the world, the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness and its UAE partner are usually right around the corner. And now thanks to Mujtahidd, the infamous Saudi “royal” Twitter activist with a secret identity who has exposed many gruesome private tidbits about his monarchical kin, we know this is true for Turkey too. According to the Najdi whistleblower, Saudi Deputy “Crown Prince” Muhammad bin Salman was provided with advanced knowledge of the coup against Erdogan by Muhammad bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the “Crown Prince” of Abu Dhabi. This would explain PERFECTLY why Al-Arabiya and Asharq al-Awsat–which has actually been going after Erdogan for weeks now–among other Saudi mouthpiece channels and papers, as well as Sky News Arabic, the mouthpiece of the Emirati autocrats, were jovially celebrating the Turkish Armed Forces’ attempted putsch. This would also explain PERFECTLY why Egyptian tyrant Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the butcher of Yemenis and besieger of Palestinians, didn’t merely rail against “Sultan” Recep but blocked a UN resolution to condemn the coup. Such a move by Sisi, an absolute minion of Al-Saud and Al-Nahyan’s petrodollars, could not (and would not) have been made without full coordination between the Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati foreign ministries. In layman’s terms, the Wahhabi despots in Riyadh and the UAE are blitzing Erdogan with full force on the media and political/diplomatic fronts, including through their paid clients like Sisi. Continue reading Turkey Coup Conspiracy Deepens: More US Connections and Saudi/Emirati Role Exposed

Turkey Coup Ain’t Right: Erdogan Is Big Demon, But Turkish Army Is Even Bigger

by Jonathan Azaziah

Not rockin’ with the coup in Turkey even a lil’ bit. Yes, no doubt that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a certified egomaniacal monster who has had a major hand in murdering hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis, who backs the Saudi war on Yemen, who is trying to replace Turkish Islam with Wahhabism, who has all but eliminated freedom of the press, who has falsely imprisoned journalists, who has betrayed the Palestinian cause too many times to count, rigged elections and maintained a regime of corruption with numerous members of his kin that rivals any dictatorship in history. But none of that means the Turkish Armed Forces are paragons of resistance and revolution. Quite to the contrary. Continue reading Turkey Coup Ain’t Right: Erdogan Is Big Demon, But Turkish Army Is Even Bigger

Lizzie Phelan, Like Serena Shim and Arzu Yildiz, Is Bravely Exposing Erdogan’s Crimes In Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

Lizzie Phelan is a brave, brazen, gutsy woman. The principled Irish RT correspondent, following in the footsteps of Serena Shim, the martyred Lebanese-American Press TV reporter who was assassinated by Turkish intelligence (most likely with assistance from Mossad), and Arzu Yildiz, the Turkish journalist who exposed MIT’s arming of Takfiri gangs and got locked up for her truth-telling, has recently spent some time on the Syrian-Turkish border in defiance of the Mad Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan and released a series of dispatches chronicling how terrorists from Daesh and the FSA are carted into Kilis as well as Gaziantep to receive treatment from Turkish doctors. Some of the Wahhabi head-choppers entered the hospitals still strapped with their suicide vests and the moment they were nursed back to health, back over the border they went to continue Zio-Imperialism’s destructive conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic. All of this was (and is) done with absolute approval from the Neo-Ottoman regime in Ankara, adding yet another element to the full-scale support that “Sultan” Erdogan has provided the Takfiri maniacs destabilizing Syria from day one. Continue reading Lizzie Phelan, Like Serena Shim and Arzu Yildiz, Is Bravely Exposing Erdogan’s Crimes In Syria

Free Arzu Yildiz Now From The Clutches Of Mad Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Absolutely outraged that courageous Turkish journalist Arzu Yildiz has been sentenced to 20 months in jail and has also despicably had her parental rights revoked by Erdogan’s kangaroo court. Her crime? “Breaching court confidentiality”, which, in non-Orwellian, non-Neo-Ottoman terms, means she published some information that “Sultan” Erdogan didn’t want released. Yildiz, like her contemporaries Can Dundar and Erdem Gul, the editor and the bureau chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper, helped publicize the groundbreaking story of M.I.T. (Turkish intelligence)–which works hand-in-glove with Mossad on destabilizing Syria–smuggling weapons in trucks across the Turkish-Syrian border to Takfiri terrorists. Erdogan, in one of his typical, insane deceptive fits, said that the trucks only contained humanitarian aid, but the information dropped by Arzu exposed this falsehood and proved M.I.T.’s criminal activity beyond a shadow of a doubt. Locking her up is one thing and obviously obscenely disgusting enough; but to take away her children as well shows that this is indeed a hateful, vindictive act of sick Wahhabi revenge carried out by the Zionist-backed Turkish regime to punish her for her heroism, journalistic integrity and commitment to truth. There may be elections in Turkey and it may be referred to as a “parliamentary republic”, but let there be no illusions: It ain’t no democracy and Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the absolute dictator of the country who rules with a brutal iron fist which rivals that of his despotic Saudi and Qatari allies. Not to mention, he’s completely outta his goddamn mind. Solidarity with Arzu Yildiz as her lawyer continues to fight for her freedom in the face of Erdogan the Mad Takfiri Tyrant. May this brave woman be freed and reunited with her children as soon as humanly possible. ‪#‎DeathToTheNeoOttomanRegime‬ ‪#‎FreeArzuYildizNow‬ ‪#‎DownWithMadTakfiriTyrantErdogan‬

Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards), Off 2015’s Son Of Kufa Vol. 1, Is Now Out

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

With the betrayers and haters of Syria continuing to vomit their hasbaranik lies a mile a minute, the time seriously couldn’t be more appropriate to let my joint “Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards)”, off my 2015 album Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly, rock as a single. No doubt the song is a bit of an epic, clocking in at 6 verses across 8 MADD COLD minutes and 59 seconds of pure freezer burn, but the meaning behind it–Long Live Syria in the face of an onslaught of ultra-Talmudic propaganda–is too powerful not to share. I actually wrote this joint during the Zionist-Turkish-Saudi chemical weapons false flag in Eastern Ghouta in August 2013 when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the “Palestine Solidarity” and “antiwar” movements were begging Zio-NATO for intervention on Syrian soil to implement “regime change”. I was astounded by their mental failure to peep the okey doke and see what ‘Israel’ was attempting to do as a means of changing the map of our whole region. It was like these “activists” didn’t learn a thing from Libya; like they didn’t learn a thing from Iraq; like they ain’t learn a damn thing from Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc. Their refusal to see the deception being perpetrated by the Jewish-Zionist media and the sheer hatefulness they expressed towards the Syrian Arab Army filled me with so, so, SO much fury. So much. And I took out all that rage on every bar I penned as I tore into the maggot hypocrites who claimed to care about Syria bit by bit. Upon completing the joint, there was enough frantic Mouqawamism and militantly volcanic vexation meshed together to fill up the Milky Way, wallahi. So for my Syrian brothers and sisters, for all the people of Bilad al-Sham, and for any brave, truthful soul who has defended Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the people and the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah online and offline from the get-go, LET IT KNOCK! “This is like that General Issam Zahreddine music, that Colonel Suheil Hassan music, you nah mean?! Long Live Syria, down with the rebels!”

Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda

by Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor

Secret official documents about the searching of three trucks belonging to Turkey’s national intelligence service (MIT) have been leaked online, once again corroborating suspicions that Ankara has not been playing a clean game in Syria. According to the authenticated documents, the trucks were found to be transporting missiles, mortars and anti-aircraft ammunition. The Gendarmerie General Command, which authored the reports, alleged, “The trucks were carrying weapons and supplies to the al-Qaeda terror organization.” But Turkish readers could not see the documents in the news bulletins and newspapers that shared them, because the government immediately obtained a court injunction banning all reporting about the affair.

Illegitimate “Israeli” regime will export stolen gas to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey

Israel will export natural gas to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, a top US official told Bloomberg, claiming political obstacles preventing the export deals will be overcome.

“We have a remarkable situation where the self-interest of each of the parties is remarkably similar in the energy sphere,” Bloomberg quoted Amos Hochstein as saying. Hochstein, the US State Department’s special envoy for international energy affairs in the region, gave an interview at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv University. Continue reading Illegitimate “Israeli” regime will export stolen gas to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey