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The Ugly Truth Returns: Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah Discuss Tlaib, Omar, Trump, Venezuela And Jewish Power In America

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Ugly Truth Broadcast returns! I recently joined my beloved brother Mark Glenn for a must-hear, Crescent & Cross Solidarity program on the revamped TUT platform to discuss Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Trump and the neocon-led opposition to his moves in Syria as well as his war on Venezuela, not to mention Jewish power, supremacy and degeneracy in general. For a paltry donation, the program is available for download, and as it is information you are not going to come across anywhere–and we do mean ANYWHERE–else, it is certainly worth it. Enjoy. And FTJ.

From Mark Glenn: “Tonight’s program–The recent midterm elections in the US and what kinds of (‘Israeli’-instigated) tectonic changes occurred politically in order to keep things exactly as they were. In particular, what all can expect to see from the election of two Muslim women to Congress and the manner by which they will be used in furthering a particular narrative which Judea, Inc. needs if that same old/same old is to be maintained. We are once again honored to have with us–loud & proud/large & in charge–the one and only Jonathan Azaziah who is sure to fill our heads with information and analysis not heard before. As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of being fed a bitter dose of some very difficult-to-swallow ugly truth. Downloading the program is made possible only with the generous reciprocity of those who partake, so please consider leaving a little bread in the basket for those whose time and effort went into producing this endeavor.

If House Arab Rashida Tlaib Was Brave, She’d Say “Death To ‘Israel’!” and “Zion Did 9/11”, Not “Impeach That Motherf****r!”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Activists on and off the Interwebzzz are abuzz over Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian woman ever “elected” to Congress, blurting out that in regards to Trump, “we’re going to go in there and impeach that motherf&%&%r!” The level of sycophancy at this moment seems to be even bigger and more nauseating than the fawning just moments before this latest publicity stunt over her wearing a thobe. The declarations of “yassss! Queen! Slay!” and “what a courageous sister!” and “she’s so hardcore!” are at radioactive levels, really. Because of course, the end of Zio-Imperialism and the liberation of Palestine from Jewish terrorists run through the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s personal cheering section – the US Congress – and it’s going to come with twice the swiftness because a sellout politician threw on traditional Arab dress with traditional Palestinian embroidery, right? Please.

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