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Palestinian Authority media: Zionist entity’s lackey in times of crisis

by Orouba Othman, Al-Akhbar English

When young Palestinian Yousef al-Ramouni was lynched by Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Authority remained silent. However, it rushed to condemn the [resistance] operation in Jerusalem yesterday. The Palestinian news agency, WAFA, and Palestine TV followed suit in their coverage of events.

Gaza – As usual, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was not perturbed by the lynching of Ramouni in Jerusalem at the hands of [Israeli] settlers [on Sunday]. However, a flood of reactions were expressed over the five Zionists killed in the attack by martyrs Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal in a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

These sentiments were taken up by the PA’s media, as the official news agency WAFA repudiated the martyrs and only gave them a cursory mention. “Five Israelis were killed in a stabbing in Jerusalem and the assailants are dead,” it reported. Continue reading Palestinian Authority media: Zionist entity’s lackey in times of crisis

Zionist violence escalates in Occupied Palestine

Editor’s Note

In the wake of today’s Palestinian attack on a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem, the Zionist regime is stepping up its violent attacks against the indigenous occupied Palestinians. Amidst a global media assault on Palestine, two things must be borne in mind in order to render the situation fairly.

Firstly, it is downright disingenuous and simply plain wrong to define an “Israeli” settler as a civilian and by extension a victim of “terror”. The Zionist project from its very inception in the 19th century, brought Jewish immigrants from all over the world into Palestine in order to violently seize Palestinian land and dispossess the indigenous Palestinians so that “Israel” could come into being. The mere length of time that a squatter has resided on land that does not belong to him can never transform a bogus claim into a right. “Israel” is an illegitimate entity and “Israeli” is a manufactured label meant to give supremacist settlers a national identity. Every single “Israeli”, without exception, is a settler and a colonist and can never be described as a “civilian”, lest the very definition of this word be bent out of all recognition. Of the four victims of today’s Jerusalem synagogue attack, three held US Passports and one was British, born in the UK, yet they will be defined as “Israeli” and they will be defined as “civilians”.
Continue reading Zionist violence escalates in Occupied Palestine

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank, detain dozens

Israeli Occupation Forces shot two young Palestinians, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition in the West Bank, medics said Tuesday, amid heightened tensions between Palestinians and Israelis across the region.

According to Ma’an news agency, 21-year-old Mohammed Imad Jawwabra was shot in the chest during clashes in al-Arrub refugee camp north of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

Medical sources at al-Mizan hospital said Jawwabra arrived at the hospital in critical condition and was declared dead shortly afterwards. Continue reading Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank, detain dozens