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‘Israeli’-Emirati Alliance Deepened Further As Zio-Tumor Trains The Besiegers of Yemen’s Hudaydah

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you’ve been paying attention–and we mean REALLY paying attention–to Saudi Arabia’s genocidal assault on Yemen for the last three and a half years, then the following news won’t come as a shock to you. If you’ve been aloof… Well. Time to get with the Shlomo-scripted, Shlomo-directed and Shlomo-produced program thanks to the good people at Yemen Resistance Watch: The usurping Zionist entity is providing training to the Emirati-paid mercenaries besieging the lifeline port city of Yemen’s Hudaydah. That’s right. The child-killers and starvers who have been merciless towards the suffering Yemeni people are products of ‘Israel’. Occupied Al-Naqab, where Zion is currently engaged in ethnically cleansing Palestinian Bedouins from their ancestral lands, is the location Zion chose to whip these invaders into shape for its Abu Dhabi ally. ‘Israel’ and the UAE have been despicably intimate since at least the 90s and the Emiratis are so ingratiated with World Jewry that they’re using a Zionist spy tech system called Falcon Eye to surveil their own citizens. Continue reading ‘Israeli’-Emirati Alliance Deepened Further As Zio-Tumor Trains The Besiegers of Yemen’s Hudaydah

Zionist Political Theater: New UN “Anti-Settlements” Resolution Is A Massive Farce

by Jonathan Azaziah

Anyone who thinks that the resolution just passed at the UN Security Council “against” the usurping Zionist entity is a good thing, really needs to wake up and smell the malignant Jewish supremacist tumor. Because if anyone actually *****READ***** the piece-of-shit resolution–yes, piece-of-shit is what it should be labeled as, for it is the most academically and intellectually accurate phrase available–then they would know it is a document which upholds the existence of ‘Israel’ as wholly legitimate (and not criminal) and outright calls for the disarmament and dismantlement of the Palestinian Resistance under the guise of the prevention of terrorism. When it comes to anything and everything related to the criminal Zionist regime, one mustn’t pay attention to the lollygagging that unfolds in the public eye between American politicians and “Tel Aviv” officials. This is nothing but political theater. One must read between the lines, look at the global picture with a 360-degree view, follow the money and remember the golden rule vis-a-vis the UN and ‘Israel’: Not a damn thing has ever been enforced and not a damn thing ever will be enforced. Continue reading Zionist Political Theater: New UN “Anti-Settlements” Resolution Is A Massive Farce

Gaza security services arrest top Israeli spy

Gaza’s security forces are claiming “a significant achievement” in catching an alleged collaborator responsible for passing information to Israel for over a decade.

News site al-Majd, known to be close to the Hamas movement that controls Gaza, said on Tuesday that the suspect had been detained by security services.

“The agent, considered by Israel’s internal security services to be one of their most active, is in custody, and has confessed to a number of grave crimes,” according to a source who spoke to al-Majd. Continue reading Gaza security services arrest top Israeli spy

Zionists don’t even spare their collaborators: PA official dies after IOF assaults him

AMALLAH (Ma’an) — The head of the Palestinian Authority committee against the separation wall and settlements died Wednesday after Israeli soldiers assaulted him in a village near Ramallah, committee sources said.

Ziad Abu Ein, 55, died after an Israeli soldier beat him on the chest with his helmet in the village of Turmsayya in the Ramallah district, the director of the committee’s information center, Jamil al-Barghouthi, told Ma’an.

Abu Ein also suffered severe tear gas inhalation as Israeli soldiers fired canisters in the area.

A Palestinian security source told AFP that Israeli forces beat Abu Ein with the butts of their rifles and their helmets during a protest march. Continue reading Zionists don’t even spare their collaborators: PA official dies after IOF assaults him

The Palestinian left straddled between Fatah’s ‘paradise’ and Hamas’ ‘fire’

by Orouba Othman, Al-Akhbar English

The Palestinian left is hostage to the bipolar political division in Palestine. The left has been unable to become a sizeable force compared to other factions, or develop an independent identity in the political equation post-Oslo.

We shed light on the reality of the left in Palestine in light of the dominance of Fatah and Hamas over the political landscape, and the fact that their policy choices of negotiations and resistance respectively, have reached an impasse or a state of uncertainty coupled with limited options.

Gaza – The new generation in the Arab region almost knows no other players in Palestine other than Fatah and Hamas, the two constantly sparring factions, while the name of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad comes to the fore from time to time during Israeli wars and retaliations. Beyond these three names, there is almost no voice for the Palestinian left-wing factions, though they had initiated resistance against Israeli occupation, long before the Islamists. Continue reading The Palestinian left straddled between Fatah’s ‘paradise’ and Hamas’ ‘fire’

Islamic Jihad urges PA to stop security coordination with Israel

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel has become a “real danger” to Palestinian national unity, the Islamic Jihad movement said Sunday.

Islamic Jihad spokesman Yousef al-Hasayna said in a statement that the appreciation expressed by Israeli forces regarding security coordination “is a strike to the nationalistic values of the Palestinian security services.”

Al-Hasayna said Israeli appreciation of security coordination causes a state of alienation between Palestinian security forces and the Palestinian people. Continue reading Islamic Jihad urges PA to stop security coordination with Israel

The Gaza ‘Pillage’ Troika: Israel, the PA, and UNRWA

by Orouba Othman, Al-Akhbar English

The file of the reconstruction of Gaza has resulted in crude paradoxes, ones that will bring additional misery throughout the small enclave following the fragile ceasefire agreement. What most breaks the hearts of Gazans is that the same hands that dropped tons of explosives over their heads will shower them with their “charities,” and even benefit as a result. While they have paid the price with their blood, their slaughterers are rewarded by the reconstruction of the Strip, and by spying on them under the cover of the international community.

The Gaza Strip – Now that time has revealed what was hidden, it is clear that the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip will be a lucrative deal for many parties, namely the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is supposed to be moved by the sight of displaced Gazans sleeping in the open. However, it has turned a blind eye to this “rewarding” deal through two investment arms: the Palestinian Investment Fund and the Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction (PECDAR). Via these two arms, large amounts of money will be channeled into the pockets of the Israeli company Nesher, which is contracted by the PA for the import of construction materials, particularly cement, while the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) gets a slice of the cake. Continue reading The Gaza ‘Pillage’ Troika: Israel, the PA, and UNRWA

Palestinian Authority media: Zionist entity’s lackey in times of crisis

by Orouba Othman, Al-Akhbar English

When young Palestinian Yousef al-Ramouni was lynched by Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Authority remained silent. However, it rushed to condemn the [resistance] operation in Jerusalem yesterday. The Palestinian news agency, WAFA, and Palestine TV followed suit in their coverage of events.

Gaza – As usual, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was not perturbed by the lynching of Ramouni in Jerusalem at the hands of [Israeli] settlers [on Sunday]. However, a flood of reactions were expressed over the five Zionists killed in the attack by martyrs Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal in a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

These sentiments were taken up by the PA’s media, as the official news agency WAFA repudiated the martyrs and only gave them a cursory mention. “Five Israelis were killed in a stabbing in Jerusalem and the assailants are dead,” it reported. Continue reading Palestinian Authority media: Zionist entity’s lackey in times of crisis

UN providing cover for Israel’s expanded siege on Gaza

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The victory achieved by the Palestinian Resistance in the 51-day war over the summer remains at the forefront of the everyday happenings in the illegally besieged Gaza Strip. One of the least talked about but nevertheless most central elements to the Falasteeni Mouqawamah’s triumph, aside from its Hizbullah-style, private, independent telecom network, was its crackdown on the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s collaborators. The intelligence work on the matter carried out by the Strip’s Internal Security Forces and the Qassam Brigades was exemplary. And other than the Zionists’ criminal killing of Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, Mohammed Barhoum, and Raed al-Attar, and a failed assassination attempt on Qassam commander and living Resistance legend Muhammad al-Daif, IOF was impotent in its efforts to deal critical blows to the leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad or any other Resistance faction, all due to the Gaza Mouqawamah reining in the worm-like collaborationists. Because the usurping Jewish entity knows it cannot run networks of traitors and collect information from them like it used to, it is now resorting to other means to spy on Palestinian freedom fighters and update its database on their movements. Hence this new scheme with the UN, fully backed by the treacherous stooges in the PA who have been chomping at the bit to get back into power and exercise control over Gaza. Alhamdulillah that Hamas has come to its senses and is now rejecting this “reconstruction deal” as the Zionist plot that it is, and alhamdulillah again for the vigilant men of Islamic Jihad, who saw this malevolence from a mile away and who have exposed critical details of what exactly the conspiracy entails. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading UN providing cover for Israel’s expanded siege on Gaza