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“Muslim Solidarity” Activists MIA As Daesh Massacres Shi’a Hazaras in Afghanistan Today

Afghanistan, like Yemen, Sheikh Zakzaky of Nigeria and occupied Kashmir, has been forgotten by “The Ummah”. That’s why MossadDaesh can carry out twin suicide attacks on a gathering of Shi’a Hazaras in Kabul’s Deh Mazang Square, murder at least 80 innocents and wound over 230 more, and nothing but chirping crickets can be heard in those usually ever-vocal “anti-Islamohobia” and “Muslim solidarity” activist circles. Continue reading “Muslim Solidarity” Activists MIA As Daesh Massacres Shi’a Hazaras in Afghanistan Today

Iranians Stand With Kashmiris In The Face Of Latest Massacre And So Do I

by Jonathan Azaziah

Mighty Iran’s beautiful, revolutionary people stand with occupied Kashmir and so does your friendly neighborhood Iraqi Iconoclast. The ongoing massacre in the Vale, merely the latest round of slaughter in a long string of Indian regime crimes against Kashmiris going back to 1947, is not about Burhan Wani, Hizb al-Moujahideen, Pakistan or some nebulous “Islamist militancy” which represents no more of a threat to the security of Hindustan than a group of gnats represent to an elephant. All these things are mere propaganda instruments for the Modi regime to use when applicable as a means of justifying mass murder of mostly youths between 16-22 whose sole weapon of choice is a stone. This is about Indian state terrorism, nearly seven decades of criminal occupation and an increasingly belligerent regime in the form of Modi’s BJP that is looking for any pretext it can find to build Hindu settlements on Kashmiri Muslim land. Currently the martyr count since July 9th stands at over 45 with hundreds more wounded. Among the casualties are Sunnis, Shi’a and Sufis. The Hindu supremacist oppressors do not discriminate at all, they shoot, maim and torture regardless of what one’s school of thought happens to be. Continue reading Iranians Stand With Kashmiris In The Face Of Latest Massacre And So Do I

To The “Muslims” Crying Crocodile Tears For Orlando But Not Our Region: F*** OFF

by Jonathan Azaziah

To all those “Muslims” who are holding vigils and special Iftar du’a sessions, as well as crying crocodile tears and rambling like programmed drones about “tolerance” and “peace” and “love” in the wake of the ridiculously obvious Zionist false flag attack in Orlando–which has not a damn thing to do with Islam and thus we shouldn’t be apologizing for it or feeling obligated to condemn it as a means of placating the oppressors–but didn’t utter a WORD about the Iraqi Muslims slaughtered on the first day of Ramadan in Karbala, or the Iraqi Muslims slaughtered in Baghdad and Taji soon thereafter, or the Syrian Muslims slaughtered soon after that at the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab (A.S.), or the Palestinian Muslims who bravely just executed a Resistance operation in “Tel Aviv”, or the Yemeni Muslims under Saudi siege and bombardment, or the Nigerian Muslims deprived of justice 6 months after the Zaria Massacre and Sheikh Zakzaky who remains illegally jailed, or the Kashmiri Muslims tormented daily by the Zionist-aligned Indian regime, FUCK THE FUCK OFF. All of you, just fuck off. Just when I think you zombie-like hypocrites, who adore what NATO and ‘Israel’ have done to our region with their Takfiri project aka the “Arab Spring”, have taken your depraved duplicity to its highest apogee, you somehow manage to outdo yourselves and push onward to another peak. Alf Mabrouk! And may you, along with your vomit-inducingly-collaborationist CAIR handlers and your Saudi-Emirati-Qatari paymasters rot in hell. Oh! One final question! When exactly did your so-called “LGBT brothers and sisters” ever stand up to the American-Zionist Empire’s devilish schemes in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Kashmir, Nigeria and beyond, huh? When did you say?! Never?! Like… Ever?! Word. That’s what the fuck I thought.

Six Months After His Imprisonment, Kashmiris Refuse To Abandon Sheikh Zakzaky

by Jonathan Azaziah

Six months have now gone by since Nigerian Islamic Liberationist hero Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s residence was savagely raided and hundreds (possibly thousands) of his followers were slaughtered in the Zaria Massacre by the US-Zionist-Saudi-backed Nigerian army, all before he was illegally detained on nonsensical charges and thrown into one of Imperialist-stooge Muhammadu Buhari’s dark dungeons where he remains up until this moment. It’s been 180 days and all the usual “defenders of humanity”, the very same liberals and “leftists” who are SO quick to line up behind NATO’S “regime change” wars in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, i.e. the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex and the increasingly cowardly and Judaized “Palestine Solidarity Movement”, remain incognito on Zakzaky, Africa’s greatest champion of the Palestinian cause and among the leading revolutionaries in the world.

One group who is not silent however is the beautiful and militant people of occupied Kashmir, who held a huge rally for the Sheikh this past Jummah. Continue reading Six Months After His Imprisonment, Kashmiris Refuse To Abandon Sheikh Zakzaky

Indian Regime Thugs Are Harassing Kashmiri Students; Next Step Could Be Killing Them

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another atrocity against the Kashmiri people that you won’t hear about any damn place in the Western-Zionist media: Students originating from occupied Kashmir are being harassed, abused and attacked in their universities all throughout India from Jammu to Jodhpur, Hyderabad to Kolkata to Mumbai and elsewhere by the Hindutvadi-Zionist terrorist goons of the RSS, the VHP and its Bajrang Dal youth wing along with the BJP itself too. These innocents of the Vale are being beaten to a pulp, getting their dorms ransacked, having their property stolen and vandalized, and simply being outright discriminated against to the point many are considering leaving school.

There is no reason for this egregiousness apart from the fact that they are Kashmiris and the Hindutvadi thugs of the Modi regime simply cannot stand the fact these “Islamofascist untouchables” would dare set foot on “Hindu land”. Sound familiar? It should, because the behavior of the Hindu supremacists is just about identical to that of the Jewish supremacists who stole Palestine, all the way down to the near-universal societal hatred of the people each respective usurping devil is occupying and oppressing. There are no Indian Hindus standing up to condemn this basic bigotry, let alone the seven-decade occupation of Kashmir–just look at the way they lashed out and continue to lash out at Arundhati Roy–and if such persons do emerge, it will be toothless, a slap on the Indian state’s wrist, not a genuine cry for an end to the tyranny… No different than the ‘Israelis’ who didn’t just fail to condemn the genocidal assaults on Gaza, but actually set up beach chairs and baked popcorn to joyously watch the slaughter. And Jews generally speaking across the globe weren’t much better. Slamming of the war? Sure, as a matter of saving face. Calls to end the mass murder by removing the entity from our region like the cancer it is and sending its criminal settlers from every inch of the land back to their place of origin (Satanville, preferably)? Absolutely the hell not. Not even close. More toothlessness, slaps on the wrist and perpetuating the anti-Palestinian status quo.

Verily, despising of Kashmiris, and all non-Hindus really, is as widespread in India as the worldwide Jewish detestation of non-Jews, with Arabs and Muslims sitting atop this laundry list. It is this ideological bond between Hindutva and Judaism-Zionism that fuels the ever-increasing ties between “Tel Aviv” and New Delhi. Whereas in Judaism there is this ugly, ungodly divide between “God’s chosen” and “the goyim”, in Hinduism there is the wicked caste system that has sucked the life, progress and harmony out of much of India. It’s literally Southeast Asia Subcontinent Judaism. And it is this hatefulness that allows the Zionists and the Hindutvadis to inflict wanton violence on anyone they deem an enemy to their expansionist projects. As Kashmiri Resistance leader Syed Ali Geelani declared, “Kashmiris are neither safe in their houses nor any part of India. The Indian regime and its intelligentsia have waged war on Kashmiris in practical terms and our people are being harassed everywhere on one pretext or another.”

Again, the question is asked: Sound familiar? It should, because the targeting of Kashmiris from their occupied homeland to their universities in Hindustan brings back memories of Palestinian Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi assassinated in Malta, gifted cartoonist Naji al-Ali killed in London, Rasmea Odeh continuing to be tormented in America, Ghassan Kanafani and Kamal Nasser both taken out in Beirut, PLF founder Muhammad Abbas tortured to death by American ZOG occupation forces in Iraq, PFLP legend Omar Nayef Zayed murdered recently by Mossad in Bulgaria, and the list goes on and on. This is not being brought up for dramatic effect. Considering how close ‘Israeli’-Indian military-intelligence cooperation is, assassinations and lynchings of Kashmiris will undoubtedly be the next step if the word doesn’t get out.

The BJP-RSS-VHP hooligans will take the collective Indian silence as approval for their criminal activities and will then take it to the next level. Don’t think so? Look no further than the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition, the 1993 Bombay bombings, the July 11th train bombings in Mumbai and the September 8th blasts at a Malegaon Muslim cemetery in 2006 and of course, the massive false flag event also in Mumbai on 11-26-08. The Hindu supremacists, fully backed by ‘Israel’, can and will spill blood if nothing is done. Thus, it is up to us to defend the Kashmiri people, bring their plight to light and refuse to be bullied by the Hindutvadi-Zionist propaganda machine that will attempt to foil our efforts every step of the way. For Kashmir, steadfastness is indeed the name of the game. #WeAreKashmir #StopHindutvadiTerror

#WeAreKashmir Should Be Our Response To Al-Saud’s New Ties With Modi

by Jonathan Azaziah

This should be our response to the Saudi tyrants and any other “Arab” or “Muslim” state that deepens ties and does business with the Hindutvadi Indian regime: ‪#‎WeAreKashmir‬. It is incomparably despicable that Modi, the murderer of Muslims, sets foot on Islamic lands and holds court with the tyrannical, baby-maiming Saudi-Takfiri “royals”, and there isn’t a word spoken in condemnation of it, let alone a rally of even minuscule size. Seriously yo, where is the damn outrage?! Continue reading #WeAreKashmir Should Be Our Response To Al-Saud’s New Ties With Modi

Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Of course the House of Saud, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Persian Gulf, would increase ties with the Indian regime, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Southeast Asia Subcontinent. And of course Narendra Modi, the Muslim-hating, Hindutvadi demon responsible for atrocious oppression in occupied Kashmir and the mass murder of thousands in Gujarat, would welcome closer relations with the head-chopping, woman-despising, genocidal, “royal” occupiers of the Hijaz, all in the name of “the largest democracy in the world”. The butcher of Yemenis and the butcher of Kashmiris and Gujaratis… A more perfect combination than shish taouk and toum on Arabic bread, isn’t it? Continue reading Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!

Kashmir hunger strikers slam India plan for Hindu colonies

Pro-independence leaders in Indian-controlled Kashmir have waged a hunger strike against the government to protest New Delhi’s plan to build separate townships for Hindu migrants in the disputed Muslim majority region, Press TV reports.

On Saturday, Indian police arrested a top Kashmiri leader at the site of the hunger strike in Srinagar after the decision by New Delhi drew widespread condemnation from all quarters within the territory, with leaders describing the move as a conspiracy to turn Kashmir into another Palestine. Continue reading Kashmir hunger strikers slam India plan for Hindu colonies