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Following 3 Years and 4 Months Of Takfiri Siege, The Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya Are Finally Liberated

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to all you Mouqawamist-minded souls and a special… heartfelt… overjoyed… happily teary-eyed… and long-overdue basket of salaams right from the Heavens to the besieged Syrian Shi’a of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya… Who are… as of this moment… BESIEGED NO MORE! For the first time since March 28th, 2015, the people of these two steadfast towns are free from the clutches of Takfiri terrorism after being evacuated from Idlib into liberated Aleppo. For three years and four months, these unprecedentedly brave human beings endured near-daily shelling by the murderous, US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Turkish-backed Wahhabi scourge. They’ve also overcome starvation and various bouts of disease because the head-chopping, sectarian “rebels” prevented food and medicine from reaching them–war crimes against the very essence of the Shari’a these so-called “Islamist” gangs falsely claim to uphold. 121 buses and dozens of ambulances carried the men, women, children, elderly and wounded of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya away from the horrors they’ve survived, towards a new beginning where they can put back the pieces of their lives after everything that the Takfiris took from them. As the vehicles left, Zion’s mop-bearded mercenaries threw rocks at the buses and chanted anti-Shi’a slogans, showing one last time just how utterly low and un-Islamic they really are. Even in defeat, they couldn’t find any dignity or graciousness. Continue reading Following 3 Years and 4 Months Of Takfiri Siege, The Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya Are Finally Liberated

Syria’s Daraa Is Officially Liberated! ‘Israel’, America And Saudi Arabia Can Eat Their Hearts Out!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yes! It really can’t get anymore poetic!! On the 12-year anniversary of the beginning of the July War, which saw Hizbullah achieving the Divine Victory over ‘Israel’ in a historic, paradigm-shifting battle that raged for 34 days, the Syrian Arab Republic now has a triumph of its own to celebrate: THE CITY OF DARAA HAS BEEN LIBERATED! Masha’ALLAH. Alhamdulillah. ALLAHU Akbar. And considering the war on Syria is a continuation of the 2006 Aggression, this makes the win that much sweeter; that much more spectacular. After 7 years of ‘Israeli’-spearheaded, US-UK-French-Saudi-Turkish-backed Takfiri occupation, the strategic southern city is OFFICIALLY TERRORISM-FREE after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Russia and their allies entered the Daraa al-Balad area, forcing World Zionism’s Wahhabi proxies to give up their weapons. Engineering units of the SAA have already made their way into the center of Daraa’s provincial capital to set up shop for de-mining operations, infrastructure clean-up and restoration of basic services like electricity and sanitation. It is in Daraa where the first martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army fell to the Takfiri terrorists on March 15, 2011. To see it finally cleansed of this scourge which has its roots not in the pluralistic essence of Bilad al-Sham, but the fanatical, hateful and inhuman darkness of Al-Saud’s palaces and Zion’s intelligence bunkers, is a joy that is just about indescribable. The bigoted, sectarian head-choppers burned Syrian, Iranian, Hizbullah and Russian flags from the jump, chanting “Death to the Shi’a” as well as “Christians to Beirut” and “Alawis to the coffins” as they smiled at the flames. Now it is their plot that has tasted death and is buried six feet deep. Continue reading Syria’s Daraa Is Officially Liberated! ‘Israel’, America And Saudi Arabia Can Eat Their Hearts Out!

Trump Regime Bombs Syrian Arab Army Again, This Time At Al-Tanf, In Yet Another Act Of Aggression

by Jonathan Azaziah

The deplorable regime of the Tangerine Terrorist Donald Trump has just bombed a Syrian Arab Army convoy at Al-Tanf right on the Syrian-Jordanian border. There are at least 6 confirmed martyrs, at least 3 others wounded, and 2 advanced tanks destroyed by the unprovoked, criminal aggression–the second direct attack on the SAA that the Supercilious Orange presidency has launched. This assault however may be even more detrimental to the arrogant US ZOG than its previous, Zionist-motivated tomahawk-bombardment of Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs because it wasn’t only Syrian soldiers who were in this grouping, nor only Syrian soldiers who are among the dead. The NDF, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah and Iraq’s Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade were also present and if Trump and his team think that such a cowardly act will go unanswered, whether in the Syrian or Iraqi arena, they are fools. Martyrs’ blood has never been cheap to the Resistance Axis and let it not be forgotten for a moment that the Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade is commandeered by Abou Azrael, who fought US-British occupation forces in southern Iraq long before he became our precious motherland’s most famous Takfiri-slayer. Continue reading Trump Regime Bombs Syrian Arab Army Again, This Time At Al-Tanf, In Yet Another Act Of Aggression

Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Traitorous Statement On President Assad Does Not Represent Iraq or Iraqis

by Jonathan Azaziah

As an Iraqi whose family comes from Kufa, and on behalf of all Iraqis who not only stand with Syria in word but also in deed and blood, I would like to sincerely and deeply apologize to all my Syrian brothers and sisters for the absolutely despicable new statement of Muqtada al-Sadr. What actually came out of his mouth is shocking… Simply shocking: “I think it would be fair for President Bashar al-Assad to offer his resignation and step down in love for Syria, to spare it the woes of war and terrorism and take a historic, heroic decision before it’s too late.” Not only is this asinine and traitorous, it is also patently false. Continue reading Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Traitorous Statement On President Assad Does Not Represent Iraq or Iraqis

After Trump’s Criminal Attack On Al-Shayrat Airbase, Syrian Morale Remains Mountain-High!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just got off the horn with a beloved brother of mine who has family in both the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF. He said while soldiers are angry about the cowardly nature of the American regime’s criminal attack on Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs, morale remains ultra-high and the Syrian resolve to continue this struggle until there isn’t a trace of the Wahhabi current left in Bilad al-Sham is also at its peak.

The Washington ZOG’s proxies didn’t bring Syria to its knees and the Tangerine Terrorist known as Trump ain’t gonna be able to do it either. Tomahawks or Takfiris, the Syrian Arab Republic’s armor shall not shatter! “Greater Israel” will not be resurrected atop Syria’s ruins… It will be Syria, greater than ever before, that will rise atop the ashes of the Zionist project. Believe that. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveAssad #LongLiveTheSAA

Syrian Women’s Sports Team In Mhardeh, Hama Fights Takfiri Barbarism By Continuing To Play And Continuing To Live

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you asked Syrians 6 years ago if they thought that playing sports would one day be considered an act of resistance key to overthrowing a Zionist project targeting our region, they would’ve laughed in your face. Hysterically. But, as odd and upsetting as it may sound, that is exactly the case at this current time. Say salaam to the Women’s Sports Team of Mhardeh in the Hama countryside. By doing what they do–playing volleyball, basketball and handball–and taking such photos, these courageous women are taking their lives in their hands. Why, you inquire? Why would gorgeous and gifted athletes like these have their very existence put at risk by virtue of their profession? Because their beautiful, picturesque Orontes River town is currently being besieged by Takfiri terrorist gangs, among them a particularly vile FSA brigade known as Jaysh al-Izza, which has received money, training and anti-tank missiles from the US ZOG. The residents of Mhardeh are predominantly Christian and have lived side by side with their Muslim neighbors in communal harmony for hundreds of years. Zio-NATO’s mercenaries want to destroy the town, burn the churches, convert the mosques into Wahhabi bases and wipe out all aspects of the Syrian way of life–ESPECIALLY women’s sports and everything else pertaining to the equal status that women have in the Syrian Arab Republic. Continue reading Syrian Women’s Sports Team In Mhardeh, Hama Fights Takfiri Barbarism By Continuing To Play And Continuing To Live

From Deir Ezzor To Aleppo To Damascus, Pluralistic Syria’s Communities Fight Zio-Imperialism Together

by Jonathan Azaziah

One of the greatest lies of the entire conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic, if not the single most ubiquitous and oft-repeated lie of all, is that the Syrian Arab Army is a predominantly Alawi force and that it really operates more like a “sectarian militia” or a “gang of shabiha” than a national military. And whilst anyone who considers himself or herself pro-Syria has debunked this falsehood with such repetition that it has become a central talking point for putting sleeping lemmings through the class of “Understanding The Conspiracy Against Syria 101”, we nevertheless continue to say it over and over again that the SAA is not sectarian, nor is it minoritarian. The SAA is in fact mostly Sunni, as Syria itself is mostly Sunni, as well as multi-communal, with all types of Syrians from all walks of life comprising the lower and upper ranks of the righteous institution, as Syria is the most pluralistic country in our region. This truth shines particularly bright in the wake of the massacre that the American regime committed against Syrian soldiers in Deir Ezzor. There were Sunnis, Shi’a, Alawis, Druze and Christians among those martyred and wounded, and their origins can be traced back to every corner of Syria, from the smallest villages to the grandiose lights of the provincial capitals. Continue reading From Deir Ezzor To Aleppo To Damascus, Pluralistic Syria’s Communities Fight Zio-Imperialism Together

Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak To The Suffering But Steadfast Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a And Kefraya

by Jonathan Azaziah

Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak to all the lovers of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), no matter if you are Shi’a, Sunnis, any other Islamic school of thought, or even non-Muslims who simply have a heartfelt adoration for Imam Ali (A.S.) and his grace, intelligence, wisdom, eloquence, military genius, strength, poetic prowess, diplomatic skill, knowledge, lionheartedness and all-around lofty aura. And a special Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak goes out to the suffering Syrian Shi’a of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya, two villages in Idleb’s outskirts that have been barbarically besieged by the Takfiri terrorist maniacs–chiefly Jabhat al-Nusra and “moderate” Ahrar al-Sham–since March 2015. These people, whose dauntlessness is of an unparalleled status, are enduring starvation, malnourishment, the rapid spread of too many infectious diseases to count, medicine shortages and near-daily shellings with all sorts of Western-provided weaponry. All of which is happening with ZERO mainstream media coverage and very little alternative press reportage either.

The martyr count is in the hundreds since the blockade began and the wounded count is in the thousands. Children, including infants, are among the dead and the injured. And if it wasn’t for the Hizbullah-trained NDF fighters from among the people and the handful of moujahideen from Iraq’s Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba defending the twin towns, the Takfiris would have already descended upon them and, in their rabid anti-Shi’a bloodthirstiness, carried out a genocide. Imam Ali (A.S.) once said “Anyone who loves we Ahlul Bayt must be ready to face a life of hardship.” Our Mawla (master) must have been talking about Al-Foua’a and Kefraya because their struggle embodies this saying to a frightening letter. Continue reading Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak To The Suffering But Steadfast Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a And Kefraya

Iraq Café Massacre: Another Crime Committed By Takfiris For ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

Not that the hasbara-spreading “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and “human rights activist” charlatans with the red Facebook profile pics give a damn, but there was another savage massacre in Iraq 48 hours ago. Three terrorist gunmen from ISIS, aka MossadDaesh, marched into the Fourat Café in the predominantly Shi’a Muslim town of Balad and opened fire on a gathering of Iraqi football (soccer) fans from the local chapter of the Real Madrid Union. At least 14 innocents were slaughtered and more than 28 others were wounded in the cowardly attack, including a young man named Qais who had recently got engaged and was planning his wedding. After the monstrous shooting, one of the Wahhabi maniacs ran off and detonated a suicide vest at a vegetable market, murdering four Iraqi Mouqawamah fighters who were pursuing him. The barbarity is difficult to deal with but it is by no means astounding. This atrocity is part of a terrorist offensive across our region to make up for the losses that the Takfiris have been handed by Resistance Axis forces and to please their Jewish supremacist overlords in ‘Tel Aviv’.

The Takfiris who killed Hizbullah Commander Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine, did so on behalf of ‘Israel’; the Takfiris who executed 20 men from the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF at Al-Assad Hospital in Deir Ez-Zor today and slaughtered dozens of Alawi civilians in the southern Hama countryside town of Al-Zara two days ago, did so on behalf of ‘Israel’; and the Takfiri terrorists who murdered those youthful Iraqi souls in Fourat Café, also did so on behalf of ‘Israel’. Takfirism is the vehicle which the Zionist enemy is driving to steamroll the peoples, governments and armies of our region. Indeed, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-“Islam”, Al-Qaeda and their ilk are the collective face of the artificial, genocidal ‘Israeli’ regime’s Takfiri ‘Goy’ Golem–seemingly big and strong, but with nothing other than a word from its Judaic controllers, it ceases to exist. Expose Takfirism and its Saudi-inspired adherents. It must be done, certainly and obviously. But never forget who these un-Islamic barbarians work for, nor lose sight of the fact that the destruction of Iraq, Syria and all other states in the Arab-Islamic world is what the scheming, usurping, terrorizing, ever-malevolent Zionist entity desires and strives to bring to fruition above everything else.

Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards), Off 2015’s Son Of Kufa Vol. 1, Is Now Out

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

With the betrayers and haters of Syria continuing to vomit their hasbaranik lies a mile a minute, the time seriously couldn’t be more appropriate to let my joint “Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards)”, off my 2015 album Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly, rock as a single. No doubt the song is a bit of an epic, clocking in at 6 verses across 8 MADD COLD minutes and 59 seconds of pure freezer burn, but the meaning behind it–Long Live Syria in the face of an onslaught of ultra-Talmudic propaganda–is too powerful not to share. I actually wrote this joint during the Zionist-Turkish-Saudi chemical weapons false flag in Eastern Ghouta in August 2013 when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the “Palestine Solidarity” and “antiwar” movements were begging Zio-NATO for intervention on Syrian soil to implement “regime change”. I was astounded by their mental failure to peep the okey doke and see what ‘Israel’ was attempting to do as a means of changing the map of our whole region. It was like these “activists” didn’t learn a thing from Libya; like they didn’t learn a thing from Iraq; like they ain’t learn a damn thing from Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc. Their refusal to see the deception being perpetrated by the Jewish-Zionist media and the sheer hatefulness they expressed towards the Syrian Arab Army filled me with so, so, SO much fury. So much. And I took out all that rage on every bar I penned as I tore into the maggot hypocrites who claimed to care about Syria bit by bit. Upon completing the joint, there was enough frantic Mouqawamism and militantly volcanic vexation meshed together to fill up the Milky Way, wallahi. So for my Syrian brothers and sisters, for all the people of Bilad al-Sham, and for any brave, truthful soul who has defended Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the people and the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah online and offline from the get-go, LET IT KNOCK! “This is like that General Issam Zahreddine music, that Colonel Suheil Hassan music, you nah mean?! Long Live Syria, down with the rebels!”