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Portrait Of Virgin Mother Maryam (A.S.) Shines Bright In Iraq’s Liberated Qaraqosh

by Jonathan Azaziah

ALLAHU Akbar! Portrait of the Virgin Mother Maryam (A.S.) still stands luminously in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Iraq’s Qaraqosh despite being nearly burnt to ash by Daesh. Looks like the Talmudic, Christ-hating terrorists couldn’t destroy everything, could they? Striking Star Salute to the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), most especially Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba and Kata’ib Hizbullah who spearheaded the offensive, for liberating Qaraqosh and preserving its sanctities. The commitment that the people, resistance movements and soldiers of Iraq have to upholding Islamic-Christian unity is, in and of itself, a dagger and a half, nay, TWO daggers right in both eyes of the Zionist New World Order. Continue reading Portrait Of Virgin Mother Maryam (A.S.) Shines Bright In Iraq’s Liberated Qaraqosh

Welcome To Iraq’s Liberated Bartella: Assyrian Priest Kisses Shi’a Muslim Soldier In Thanks

by Jonathan Azaziah

Following two years of horrific rule at the hands of US-Zionist-GCC-birthed ISIS, the Iraqi-Assyrian Christian town of Bartella is finally free. The gorgeous, rhythmic sound of church bells can be heard ringing throughout the streets for the first time since Daesh took over the area. Liberation is so prevalent in the air that the taste is as tangy as a fresh pomegranate from the once-lush Southern Iraqi Marshlands. On the grounds of one Bartella church, after Iraqi soldiers had declared it an ISIS-free zone, an Assyrian priest pulled a Shi’a Muslim soldier aside and kissed his forehead, thanking him for his remarkable heroism. “We Are One Hand!” personified. Continue reading Welcome To Iraq’s Liberated Bartella: Assyrian Priest Kisses Shi’a Muslim Soldier In Thanks

Mosul’s Murky Maze: Walking The Line Between Iraqi Liberation And American Political Theater

by Jonathan Azaziah

What is underway in the Iraqi city of Mosul is far, and I do mean light-years-type far, from black and white. And the overwhelming majority of geopolitical analysts and commentators on both sides of the divide, mainstream and alternative, are getting it so miserably wrong that it would be comedic if it wasn’t so detrimental to the “Resistance Vs. Hegemony” narrative that all of us dedicate our lives to upholding. On the one hand, American exceptionalist warmongers are elated with delusional glee over US warplanes “paving the way” for Iraqi forces and falsely claiming something to the effect of not even a single bullet could have been fired without American approval. They’re also despicably framing the Mosul battle in obscene sectarian terms that reek of baselessness and Zionism.

Then on the other hand, “Anti-Imperialists” are brushing off all the Iraqi participants in the fight for Mosul as nothing but mere Amreeki pawns for an elaborate ruse to move terrorists into Syria, not to mention that the fight for Mosul itself is nothing but some grandiose manifestation of Amreeki political theater to give Obama and Zio-Killary a “win” for the upcoming US presidential election. And of course, the role of ‘Israel’, which lurks in the background of every Arab military arena from Iraq to Syria to Yemen, has also been entirely left out of the discussion– a reflection of woeful ignorance and/or ulterior motives on the parts of the aforementioned observers. So let’s navigate through the murky, maddening maze that is the Mosul operation and find some much-needed clarity on all fronts. Continue reading Mosul’s Murky Maze: Walking The Line Between Iraqi Liberation And American Political Theater

RIP Nahed Hattar: Defender Of Syria, Opponent Of Takfirism And Champion Of Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

It is all types of despicable that the Zionist media has hijacked the martyrdom of Jordanian Mouqawamist writer, journalist and thinker Nahed Hattar in an attempt to spread fitnah between Muslims and Christians. The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, The Telegraph, Al-Jazeera and numerous other mainstream outlets have all made it a point in their reportage of Nahed’s killing to repeatedly highlight–in the fashion of typical psychological warfare and hasbara operations–his Christian background against a backdrop of rampaging, bloodthirsty, ever-advancing, basically-sentient “Islamic extremism” which is consuming every non-Muslim voice of “moderation” and “tolerance” in our region. There is no nuance. There is no political or geopolitical analysis. There is no notation of the social and religious peripheries, particularly in Jordan. Nor is there any historical context whatsoever. The Parasites’ Press simply wants everyone to follow Hattar’s murder strictly through the lens of the lone event which Zion says is the reason he was killed: His Facebooking of a cartoon that led to him being put on trial for “insulting Islam”. And then on the day of that trial commencing, an “Islamic extremist” gunned him down in front of an Amman courthouse for that very cartoon. The Parasites’ Press however, as if this really even needed to be articulated, is lying through its corroded teeth. Continue reading RIP Nahed Hattar: Defender Of Syria, Opponent Of Takfirism And Champion Of Palestine

We Are One Hand: Sunni, Shi’a and Christian Iraqi Soldiers Pray, Live Together

by Jonathan Azaziah

Told y’all that We Are One Hand! Pictured here are Sunni, Shi’a and Christian Iraqi soldiers praying and living together in an army barracks, defying all attempts by Daesh and its Mossad-CIA-Saudi overlords to divide us. There is so much sectarian propaganda about Iraq, its people, its army and its Mouqawamah throughout the Zionist mass media that one could suffocate from it. “Sunni and Shi’a” this, “Christian, Yazidi and Shabak” that, you are literally made to believe that Iraq is nothing but a confederation of pocket universes barely being held together by a string that is set to burst in a communal conflagration at any second. This is by design, ‘Israeli’ design that is, intended to pave the way for the world–read: lemmings, sheep and “Goyim”–to accept the balkanization of Iraq on ethno-sectarian lines as per Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”. So when the average person sees this kind of photo, it’s like sensory overload because never have they come across such a sight before. It’s why this kind of photo is necessary. The hasbara about Iraqis warring with each other strictly over our different faiths and sects MUST be dismissed and exposed for the pernicious, Zionist-Khaleeji-concocted myth that it is. There is no “Sunni-Shi’a conflict” in Iraq, nor is there a “Muslim-Christian conflict”. From the illegal overthrow of Abdul Karim Qassem in 1963 to all the corrupt, Imperialist-backed dictatorships that took power thereafter, the Gulf War to the US-UN-AIPAC sanctions regime, the 2003 invasion to ISIS, there has only been one conflict: Iraqis of EVERY background vs. Zio-Imperialism. I’ve said it here, as well as for the last several years and will continue saying it: WE ARE ONE HAND! And Iraq, despite all the machinations perpetually vomited out of Washington, “Tel Aviv” and Riyadh, will not be partitioned, nor will our dauntless, UNITED people ever succumb to the fitnah. We will continue to live, die, pray, fight, struggle, sustain wounds and achieve victory AS ONE. #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

Iraqi Unity

RIP To Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist Legend Michael Collins Piper

by Jonathan Azaziah

The man, the giant, the legend Michael Collins Piper would have turned 56 yesterday. He was my friend, my teacher, my brother, my mentor, and, hands down, the greatest, most prolific Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist writer in American history. His catalogue is, by far, bar none, unparalleled in the field and his writings were both jam-packed with information that you wouldn’t be (and still aren’t) able to find anywhere else as well as entertaining as all hell. He went places no writer and/or journalist would go, said things that they’d never be caught dead saying and challenged the Yahoudling power structure like no other. From his exposé of the neocons long before Mearsheimer and Walt, to his breakdown of JFK’s murder being a Mossad op from soup to nuts, to his ruthless deconstruction of the Rothschilds’ stranglehold over the globe, to his masterful demolition of the very lexicon the Zionist Power Configuration uses to control the way we speak, MCP was a spring of Haqq that never, EVER stopped flowing and nourishing. Truly, his knowledge was a force no Jew dared reckon with, hence why they chose to smear him through their ADL and SPLC attack dogs instead. If you’ve never read him, well, simply put, you don’t know a damn thing about politics in the land run by the American ZOG or international affairs in general. You really don’t. Thus, if you want to know, get yourself acquainted with the man NOW. Continue reading RIP To Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist Legend Michael Collins Piper

The Armenian Genocide: Whose Fault?! The Jews Fault!

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Armenian Genocide: Whose fault?! THE JEWS’ FAULT!

It is one of history’s greatest deceptions that the Young Turks’ wanton slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915-1923 was a Muslim crime. This hideous lie is repeated with vomit-inducing frequency by Jewish-funded Islamophobes in an ill-fated attempt to show supposedly inherent Islamic enmity to Christians. Poppycock. ALLAH (SWT) says in the 82nd Ayah of the 5th Surah (Ma’idah) of the Holy Qur’an that the closest to Muslims in brotherhood are the Christians. Jesus Christ (A.S.) is quoted extensively throughout the Qur’an and his pure mother, Lady Maryam (A.S.), has an entire Surah in her name. There is in fact inherent LOVE for Christians and their Prophet-Messiah (who is also our Prophet-Messiah) in Islam. Continue reading The Armenian Genocide: Whose Fault?! The Jews Fault!

Sheikh Imran Hosein: Islam and Russia’s Tryst With Destiny

Iran’s Christians celebrate Christmas

by Maysam Bizar, Al-Monitor

As Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, the holiday season is also observed in Iran, a predominantly Muslim nation where Christians make up less than 1% of the country’s approximate population of 77.5 million.

Christmas trees decorated with red, green and gold gift boxes placed behind shop windows or at the entrances of different shopping malls and hotels can be seen, especially in the Christian neighborhoods of Tehran.

Decorated trees, along with Nativity scenes of the Virgin Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, can also be seen in shops along Mirza Shirazi Avenue and Ostaad Nejatollahi (Villa Avenue) and its surrounding neighborhoods in central Tehran, where many Iranian Christians reside. Continue reading Iran’s Christians celebrate Christmas

Muslims join Christians for Christmas celebrations in Gaza

by Asmaa al-Ghoul, Al-Monitor

Happily jumping around, Ilaa, 3, drops a couple of Christmas ornaments on the floor of Hadayana gift shop in Gaza’s al-Wahda neighborhood. Finally, she chooses the silver ornaments. Her mother, Bissan al-Qishawi, laughs at her daughter’s clumsiness as she helps her pick up the balls and Santa’s chocolates that scattered on the floor.

“We have a Christmas tree that I bought years back. We are buying new ornaments. All I wish for is to raise my daughter to be loving and tolerant. This is why we are celebrating the occasion with Christians,” Qishawi, a Muslim, told Al-Monitor on Christmas eve. Continue reading Muslims join Christians for Christmas celebrations in Gaza