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Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.) Was An Islamic Revolutionary And A Fierce Defender Of Wilayet al-Faqih, Don’t Let Liberals Appropriate Him

by Jonathan Azaziah

When the anachronistic, atrocious, abysmal, abominable Saudi regime barbarically crucified and chopped off the head of Qatifi lion Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr (R.A.) on this day three years ago, it sent shockwaves and sonic booms all across the Ummah. Beginning right on the streets of Qatif and the whole of the Saudi-occupied Eastern Province, protests erupted and stretched worldwide in fury against the House of Saud’s egregious crime. Tehran, Qom and Mashhad in Iran. All over Iraq’s south up into Baghdad and Samarra. Multiple cities in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Back around to Afghanistan, Pakistan and occupied Kashmir, where the ever-steadfast Kashmiri people displayed their outrage against Al-Saud with thunder. The speeches of Sayyed Nasrallah, Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Hashim al-Haidari were planet-obliterating. Chicago, Toronto, NYC, Los Angeles, Australia’s Canberra, Washington DC and even Athens in Greece all saw demonstrations too.

In the midst of this outpouring of Striking Star Solidarity and as a cacophony of “Death to Saud!” chants rang out in each of the Earth’s four corners, support for Ayatollah Nimr (R.A.) and condemnation of his killing vociferously echoed from a severely unlikely source: Liberals. Yes, many a liberal came to the defense of the Hijazi Shahid, from Sorosite Human Rights Watch, including its loathsome Executive Director Kenneth Roth, Sorosite Amnesty International, a terribly long string of personalities affiliated with the sophisticated Zionist-Amreeki PSYOP known as the “Arab Spring”, more than a few Western politicians, several celebrity “activists” and a gaggle of House Muslims whose politics are always perfectly aligned with the Yahoudling-bankrolled-and-owned Democratic Party. They shockingly spoke quite highly of the fire-breathing dissident, praising him lavishly and depicting him as a man committed to the struggle for equal rights, peaceful protesting and democracy in the Dark Kingdom of Terrorism known as Saudi Arabia.

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Shimon Peres Is Dead, But His Legacy Of Genocide And Deception Is Alive And Well

by Jonathan Azaziah

I understand the visceral need to rejoice over certified demon Shimon Peres finally kicking the bucket, especially our Lebanese and Palestinian brethren whose families have suffered the most unspeakable things at his hands of ruination. I truly do. And admittedly, I smiled ear-to-ear when I read the breaking news. Rejoicing in delirium however is not only counterproductive and out of place but completely out of touch with reality. Peres, or, as he should be called, Szymon Perski (his Ashkenazi birth name), may indeed be dead but his legacy of genocide and deception is alive and well, just as the case was (and remains) with Ariel Sharon’s (real name: Scheinermann) legacy of genocide and barbarism. There can be no rest even for a second because there are still 6-7 million usurping, occupying Jews roaming around illegally in Palestine, which means there are still 6-7 million potential Syzmon Perskis roaming around illegally in Palestine too. And make no mistake, while Sharon was a warmongering maniac who didn’t give a damn if the “Goyim” saw him drink blood in public, it is the cunning of Peres that makes him infinitely more dangerous and destructive. Continue reading Shimon Peres Is Dead, But His Legacy Of Genocide And Deception Is Alive And Well

No Friend Of Muhammad Ali Or Palestine: Rabbi Lerner, Like All Zionists, Is A Stain On Humanity

by Jonathan Azaziah

Question for all my Muslim brothers and sisters: Have all of you lost your goddamn ability to think? Have you? Clearly you have. You MUST have. Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be drooling and tripping over yourselves to praise this dirty, devilish, Zionist pig of pigs Michael Lerner over his speech at Muhammad Ali’s funeral procession, which was, for all intents and purposes, a total sideshow based solely on the presence of this corroded rabbi, the neocon Mormon Orrin Hatch and the Imperialist-In-Chief and slaughterer of Iraqis, Sudanese and Yugoslavs Bill Clinton. Did y’all even hear what this filthy rabbinical subverter actually said? Because it damn sure wasn’t “LIBERATE PALESTINE FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!” or “All Zionists Out!” or “DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL!'” No! What Rabbi Lerner toothlessly declared was, “We call on the United States to stand up to the part of the ‘Israeli’ government that is oppressing Palestinians”. Continue reading No Friend Of Muhammad Ali Or Palestine: Rabbi Lerner, Like All Zionists, Is A Stain On Humanity

The Perpetuity of Zionist Lies: Iconic Mideast Photo Is a Fake

(EDITOR’S NOTE:¬† Even in the midst of supposedly exposing a deception, another deception is engaged in simultaneously. Such is the schizophrenic nature of Jewishness. Instead of sticking to journalistic professionalism and focusing squarely on the fact that one of the most popular photos in the history of the criminal Zionist usurpation of Palestine is a gargantuan fraud, the piece below too often wades into what is tantamount to a nostalgic eulogy for the prospects of “peace” and a Jewish-Palestinian regime of friendship and coexistence governed by “Liberal” Zionism, which, for the record, never existed to begin with, as the most murderous, expansionist “Israeli” regimes came from “The Left”. A fantastical scenario in which Palestinians and “Israeli” occupiers sit around a campfire and sing songs of brotherhood, espoused by “Liberal” Zionists and their ilk to this moment, isn’t the only thing laid to rest with the following revelation, it is also the solutions of those seemingly good-intentioned¬† “solidarity activists” who just can’t shut up about a “one state” or “two states”. Jewish-Zionist usurpers and indigenous Palestinians cannot coexist;¬† the very suggestion of it is an affront to justice. Why should the aboriginal people of Palestine, ethnically cleansed from their homeland in the Nakba and Jewish colonial purges before it going all the way back to the 1880s, have to throw away the keys to their homes they’ve been holding for decades and share their homes with squatting Jewish thieves? Why should the aboriginal people of Palestine, made refugees by deranged Jewish terrorists decades ago, return to their homeland and be inconvenienced with the criminal, shaytanic presence of their tormentors? Because colonized Arab “solidarity activists” in the West are scared stiff of the vengeful replies of their Jewish “allies” who are more concerned with Jewish matters than the Palestinian cause they claim to be fighting for? No. Absolutely not. What this story shows is that the liberation of Palestine isn’t going to come from scores of cutesy-wootsy photographs coupled with ultra-liberal tweets. Al-Aqsa, Qoubbat al-Sakhrah and Holy Al-Quds as a whole aren’t going to be cleansed of colonizer filth through “solidarity” events with Jews who really haven’t disconnected their identities from the supremacy of their decadent culture. Al-Jalil isn’t going to be made pure again through write-ups on the “peace” and “security” that could commence via the implementation of a “one state solution” that sees Zionists maintaining their Jewish privilege as inhabitants of the Holy Land but insists they will be “sharing” it with Palestinians, the actual natives. Palestine will only be liberated through the righteousness of the Palestinian Resistance’s arms, and it is our job on the outside, especially those of us who have direct ethnic, national and religious ties to the Arab-Islamic region, to back this righteousness, and do all we can in the mean time to expose the Jewish Power Configuration in all its manifestations, whether it is presenting itself as a genocidal neocon, or, more subversively, a Jewish “anti-Zionist” activist. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading The Perpetuity of Zionist Lies: Iconic Mideast Photo Is a Fake