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Ansarullah’s Rocketry Lights Up Historically Yemeni Regions And Sends An ‘Israeli’ Agent And Many Saudi Usurpers To Hell

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the daily carnage of the US-UK-‘Israeli’-Saudi war on Yemen, like yesterday’s horrific massacre of a dozen Yemeni fishermen off the coast of Hudaydah, battlefield achievements of Ansarullah’s Mighty Moujahideen sometimes get lost in the shuffle. It’s unacceptable. While ripping Al-Saud, its backers and its cronies limb from limb for their crimes against the Yemeni nation, we mustn’t ever lose sight of just how much beautiful damage that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its Yemeni Army allies inflict on the Saudi-UAE coalition of cowards daily. Today was a glorious occasion as the historically Yemeni lands of Najran, Jizan and Asir–occupied by Al-Saud after the Rothschild-financed British Empire drew lines in the sand and declared them Saudi over 80 years ago–lit up with the righteous rocketry of the Houthiyeen who defend Yemenis of all tribes and Islamic schools of thought from the hideous devils of Najd. Continue reading Ansarullah’s Rocketry Lights Up Historically Yemeni Regions And Sends An ‘Israeli’ Agent And Many Saudi Usurpers To Hell

Long Live Yemen: Ansarullah Avenges Al-Thawra Hospital Massacre In Hudaydah, Hits Saudi Invaders In Jizan and Al-Bayda

by Jonathan Azaziah

Right on schedule, Ansarullah strikes back! Vengeance for the Martyrs! Run for shelter, Saudi filth!

In response to the US-UK-Zionist-backed, Wahhabi-executed massacre yesterday of 56 men, women and children at Al-Thawra Hospital and a fish market nearby in besieged Hudaydah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance has RAINED missiles down upon the Saudi and Emirati invaders in Jizan as well as Al-Bayda. The counterattack started last night and continued on into this morning. Striking Stars, Zelzal-1s, Zelzal-3s, Burqan H-1s and Burqan H-2s slammed into the usurping, occupying, weak, cowardly, Riyadh-led child-killers in the Doud Mount, Malhamah and Majazah areas of Jizan as well as the Natiyyah junction in Al-Bayda. It was like a beautiful, explosive medley of rocketry! At least 100 occupiers were sent to hell between all of the Saba Moquawamah’s operations, among them Saudi, Emirati, Senegalese, Sudanese, Colombian and Zionist-Jew-Steven-Feinberg-owned Dyncorp casualties. We’ve only said it an infinite number of times: ANSARULLAH. DOES. NOT. LET. ANY. SAUDI. WAR. CRIME. GO. UNPUNISHED. PERIOD! Continue reading Long Live Yemen: Ansarullah Avenges Al-Thawra Hospital Massacre In Hudaydah, Hits Saudi Invaders In Jizan and Al-Bayda

Fireworks In Jizan and Asir: Ansarullah Lights Up The Saudi-Wahhabi Usurpers On Madd Cold’s Birthday

by Jonathan Azaziah

ALLAHU Akbar. Earlier on, Ansarullah fired a Badr-1 ballistic missile at a Saudi “security” forces outpost in Jizan Industrial City. Casualty numbers remain unknown at the moment but reports indicate a direct hit, so no doubt it’s a rather high number of parasitical Zio-Wahhabi occupiers sent to the hellfire. Also, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance launched a massive assault on Saudi Arabia’s army of usurpers in Asir, swiftly taking a large swathe of territory and scorching dozens of enemy aggressors. Do take note please that both Jizan and Asir, along with Najran, are not “Saudi” but Yemeni, going back a few thousand years, and only because of the Rothschild-controlled British colonialists drawing a fake line on a fake map some eight decades ago are these regions even known as “Saudi” today. Needless to say, mighty and Godwary Ansarullah’s performance on the battlefield continues to impress and galvanize with each passing millisecond.

Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. #LongLiveAnsarullah #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #FeelinLikeAHouthi

Disgraceful: Traitorous Miscreants Sharif and Bajwa Bow To Al-Saud And Send Pakistani Forces To Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to the Pakistani regime. Nawaz Sharif and his merry band of misfit cronies in both the political and military spheres are such servile traitors that there aren’t enough adjectives in either English or Urdu to denote their hideousness. Nearly two years after the Pakistani Parliament took a courageous stance in rejecting Saudi pressures to deploy forces into the Yemeni fray, new chief of the Pakistani Army (and close Sharif ally) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has deployed a brigade of combat troops to the “Saudi” border regions to aid Al-Saud’s genocidal aggression in such Yemeni provinces as Saada and Hajjah. It was the Saudi regime which gave Nawaz the blessing to replace General Raheel Sharif with Bajwa, who traveled to the Kingdom of Darkness a mere two weeks after his promotion to promise “King” Salman increased Pakistani-Saudi military cooperation. Now we know exactly what that meant. Continue reading Disgraceful: Traitorous Miscreants Sharif and Bajwa Bow To Al-Saud And Send Pakistani Forces To Yemen

If Al-Saud Doesn’t End Its War On Yemen, Riyadh Could Be Ansarullah’s Next Stop

by Jonathan Azaziah

When Triumph and Fall Of The Tyrants Day is declared after the aggression against Yemen is finally over, Ansarullah is going to be instituted as the newest Wonder of the World. Steadfast and badass just don’t mean the same thing anymore if they ain’t mentioned or written as descriptions of these legendary warriors. As I pen this, the Houthis are rapidly advancing wherever you point your finger on the Yemeni map. On the Saudi–or more appropriately and accurately, historically Yemeni–side of the border in Najran, Jizan and Asir, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance is liberating kilometer after kilometer of territory, leaving hundreds of Saudi occupiers roasted along the way, with the biggest achievement coming last week when an Ansarullahi Zelzal-3 ballistic missile wiped out more than 200 Saudi soldiers at a Najran military base. On the Yemeni side of border, our DTI(Death To ‘Israel’)-chanting, AK-47-toting, sandal-rockin’ heroes are blasting through scores of enemy forces and recapturing lands in Ma’rib, Ta’iz, Jawf and Lahij, where major strategic gains have been made in particular. Massacres and mayhem, death and destruction, this is all Al-Saud can throw at Ansarullah and NONE OF IT is having any effect. The Houthis haven’t merely given Dönmeh Al-Saud a beating that the despots won’t soon forget, they’ve laid down the groundwork for the very demise of the Saudi regime. First up Najran, Jizan and Asir. Next up Riyadh itself?! If “King” Salman and his devilish son don’t stop their foolish adventurism, the fall of their Wahhabi Dark Kingdom’s capital may well indeed be coming up. And just as the case is now, there won’t be a damn thing that ‘Israel’, the US, the UK and France will be able to do to stop the Ansarullah lions’ fierce forward march. One can certainly dream, can’t one? Yallah ya Houthiyeen! Keep making your nation, your comrades, your supporters and most importantly ALLAH (SWT) prouder than proud can be. ‪#‎LongLiveAnsarullah‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬ ‪#‎YemenIsVictorious‬