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Nail In The Collaborator’s Coffin: Linda Sarsour Told Jewish Groups She’d Silence Talk Of Palestine At The #WomensMarch

by Jonathan Azaziah

And the sickening Sarsour saga continues. Anyone defending her, anyone feeling even a drop of sympathy for her, really needs to step the hell back and take a look at the full 360-degree picture. After this, there cannot be anymore excuses. She’s trash. She’s poison. She’s filth and her obnoxious personal ambition to emerge as Organized Jewish Interests’ top token “revolutionary Arab-Muslim activist” has dangerously led her into the heart of the Anti-Zionist struggle. She ain’t here for liberation though, nor justice of any kind but to co-opt our narrative and force the ultra-liberal, regime-change-laced agenda of her masters down our throats. Let’s get to it. Here’s the nail in this collaborationist, opportunistic hypocrite’s coffin: Lies On Loop Linda gave an interview to the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime newspaper Haaretz, a violation of even the most basic boycott guidelines–not the guidelines of the mainstream, liberal, Judaized “BDS” movement which has long been toothless and pathetic, but the Arab-Islamic boycott that has been in place against the entity since the Nakba– as it recognizes the occupation regime and its mouthpieces as legitimate, and told these “journalists” (who squat on land which doesn’t belong to them) that she assured Jewish leaders that she would keep Palestine out of the Soros-funded abomination known as the #WomensMarch. Continue reading Nail In The Collaborator’s Coffin: Linda Sarsour Told Jewish Groups She’d Silence Talk Of Palestine At The #WomensMarch

Holocaust Hasbara Hits A New Low: How the world’s most wanted ‘Nazi’ evaded justice for more than 60 years

(EDITOR’S NOTE: You know that World Zionism is seriously grasping at straws when its propagandists churn out weak, pathetic, clownish, borderline hilarious hasbara like this. Not even exaggerating, this bullshit — and yes, bullshit is the only applicable word here — rivals the perfidious “incubator babies” and “Saddam has gas chambers for the Jews” stories which the Zionists were spreading to create an atmosphere of support-based-on-hysteria for their first genocidal war on Iraq. With world opinion shifting against Organized Jewish Interests and their conspiracy against Syria, including within the capitals of their usually reliable marionettes in the West and the Gulf, and world powers starting to see that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s departure from the leadership reins in Damascus would be an irrevocably bad idea, what seems to currently be at play is Jewish desperation at its finest. It would’ve been bad enough if the hasbaraniks simply said that Alois Brunner was hiding in the Syrian Arab Republic, a transparent attempt to link the government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad to the “Nazi” boogeyman and thus cast a shadow of everlasting, ever-damnable evil upon it, but no, they had to go one step further and actually say that Brunner taught torture techniques to the government of Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father and presidential predecessor, and that Brunner was involved in persecuting Syria’s Jews, arguably the least-persecuted Jewish community in the Arab-Islamic world and maybe even all the world. Ridiculous? Yes. Silly even? Undoubtedly. An utter insult to the intelligence of free-thinking humans everywhere? Absolutely. However, there is something far more crucial and hazardous lying beneath this atrociously risible hasbara, as once again, we see the Jews’ most effective and devastating weapon, the Holocaust® narrative aka the Jewish exceptionalist persecution bludgeon, being used as psychological warfare to demonize and weaken one of their enemies. What this Brunner story represents is a manifestation of “Holocaust® consciousness”, the historically twisted Jewish-Zionist ideology that drives rightist and leftist Jews alike to campaign and incite on behalf of World Zionism. And yet, you will not see “solidarity activists” come near this quasi-religion with a ten-foot pole because they are afraid of offending Jews, despite the fact that the Holocaust® narrative is a real-life, real-time aggression against Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghans, Lebanese, Syrians and all other resistant peoples of the globe, and it needs to be understood, analyzed and counteracted so it ceases being the go-to lever that the monsters pull when they find themselves in a geopolitical jam after their schemes fail. It’s time to stop kowtowing to this self-proclaimed “chosenite” oppressor-class and declare that the Holocaust® is as fake as the anti-Zionist Zionists’ opposition to the usurping Jewish entity. The fate of the entire world depends on such a stance. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)
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Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the genocidal Jewish gangster regime continues its war on the very existence of the Palestinian people, notice that the leftists, liberals, Marxists, socialists, communists, anarchists and other like-minded “activists” and “revolutionaries” who have been waxing lyrical about the heroism and steadfastness of Kurdish female fighters in the northern Syrian town of Kobani, known also as ‘Ayn al-Arab — the same Kurdish female fighters mind you that have been joined by “Israeli” criminals, casting extreme doubt on the genuineness of their “struggle” against ISIS and raising questions about what is *really* going on in that particular territory — have either gone utterly silent about the heroic Resistance operation carried out by PFLP martyrs Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal in occupied Al-Quds two days ago, or condemned it in the harshest possible terms as an act of unacceptable barbarity. Not only does this represent the encapsulation of why “The Left” is nothing but the regurgitator of the enemy’s discourse, as it cannot and will not ever catch itself praising the Palestinian Resistance so not to offend Jews and Jewish sensitivities, but this also exposes the deep-rooted Orientalism rotting the core of “The Left”, as it views the besieged, ethnically cleansed, usurped Palestinian people wielding meat cleavers against their supremacist colonizers  as “savage”, whereas the disintegration of Palestinian grandmothers and decapitation of Palestinian babies in Gaza by bombs from “Israeli” F-16s or IOF’s maiming and disfiguring of Palestinian teenagers in the West Bank and Al-Quds with various kinds of bullets display what? Some kind of military modernity? The sophistication of a warring “state”? Well, we hate to disillusion you scoundrels, but “Israel” is not a state, it is not sovereign and it does not have a “society”; “Israel” is a cancer, a colonizing collective of Jewish supremacist psychopaths and a base for the criminal operations of World Jewry. The very existence of this entity defiles humanity and is illegitimate and thus, every action it engages in merely increases its illegitimacy. Allow us to clarify what the position of Mouqawamah Music is when it comes to those who would assail the Palestinian Resistance while defending “Israel” and its continuing putrefaction of the Arab-Islamic world: Goddamn these disgusting, two-faced cowards; Goddamn them straight to Al-Nar. You either stand with the oppressed or stand with the oppressor, and due to the Palestinian people being actively disarmed of “atypical” weaponry by the collaborationist regime of Mahmoud Abbas, they must therefore resort to whatever the hell is at their disposal — whether it’s a knife, an axe, a stone, their fists or a damn kitchen sink — to fight against the militarized, occupying Zionist Jews who have stolen every inch of the Holy Land. Every last Zionist is an illegal squatter and wherever as well as however Palestinians choose to resist them is entirely their business. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t just a phony ally of the Palestinian cause but an agent — witting or unwitting — of the murderous, usurping Jewish entity. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers

The Case against pro-Palestinian Activists Pandering to “Progressive Jews”

by Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice

Between 10-12 May 2013, a group of Arab, Western, and Jewish activists and writers will convene in Stuttgart, Germany, under the auspices of the so-called “Anti-imperialist Camp” to promote a platform of “One Democratic State for all its citizens in historical Palestine”, as the invitation called it.

Besides mutilating a struggle of national liberation into a globalist liberal-type campaign for “democracy” and “human rights”, circumventing the core issue of the conflict, which is the Arab identity of Palestine from the river to the sea, and transgressing over the main precepts and guidelines set by the (un-amended) Palestinian National Charter, this conference and its message represent an exercise in “soft” normalization with colonialist invaders, both politically and intellectually.

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