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In Defiance Of The Judaic-Dajjalic War On Christ (A.S.), We Say Merry Christmas To Our Orthodox Christian Family

by Jonathan Azaziah

A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas to all our Orthodox Christian brethren around the world celebrating the miracle of Isa al-Masih’s birth (A.S.) today. Because of the two-headed monster of Zio-Orientalism and Russophobia, too often, the joys, observances and commemorations of the Eastern (read: true) Christians are cast aside to the point of nonexistence. We stand against this marginalization, oppression and erasure. We declare full Striking Star Solidarity with our fellow lovers of Christ (A.S.), those who are closest to us in brotherhood as the Holy Qur’an says. And we resolutely and resoundingly oppose any attempt by any “cleric” fallaciously speaking in the name of Islam which seeks to drive a wedge between us. Muslim-Christian unity is the bedrock of resistance against the Judaic-Dajjalic New World Order, the irreversible EMP that can – and WILL insha’ALLAH – permanently short circuit the machine. Whomever is out to undermine or undo this truth is to be treated with as much hostility as the anti-Christ Zionist overlords themselves.

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Crushing Blow To The “Syrian Revolution” Narrative: ‘Israel’ Rescues Al-Qaeda-Linked White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! THE WHITE HELMETS AND ‘ISRAEL’ ARE COZIER THAN COCKROACHES IN A STATEN ISLAND GARAGE PACKED TO THE BRIM WITH TRASH. Yes, Zionist media outlets worldwide have been confirming left and right that the usurping Zionist entity has evacuated 800 Al-Qaeda-connected “humanitarians” from the White Helmets in southern Syria… through occupied Palestine… then into Jordan, where they will be repatriated to Britain, Canada and Germany. It’s hard not to derive the utmost joy from such news because it is truly a gigantic dagger in the very heart of the somehow-still-breathing “Syrian revolution” narrative. When we bellowed that the White Helmets are receiving money from the US and UK ZOGs, the “Syrian revolution” activists scoffed at us, saying it doesn’t mean a thing and all types of people take money from all types of sources –idiotic, no doubt, but this was their argument nevertheless. When we thundered that Zionist Jew George Soros–yes, ignore the fake spat between Netanyahu and Soros in the media, the latter is indeed a Zionist whose bloody money can be found massively infused into the budgets of J-Street, Chabad, the United Jewish Appeal and more–was funding the White Helmets too, the “Syrian revolution” activists thumbed their noses at us, calling us “anti-Semitic” and “far-right-wing”. When we exposed the intimate links between the White Helmets and the CIA-backed Takfiri group Noureddine al-Zinki, which cut off the head of Palestinian boy Abdallah al-Issa in Aleppo’s Handarat Camp two summers ago, they covered it up like it didn’t even happen. When we unveiled that many of the White Helmets were actual terrorists themselves merely moonlighting as “human rights” campaigners, the “Syrian revolution” activists ignored us. And when Jewish Hollywood, the pinnacle of establishment depravity and the very antithesis of revolution and resistance, nominated the White Helmets for an Oscar and Zionist tool George Clooney said he’d follow it up with a film about them, the “Syrian revolution” activists were proud of it. Continue reading Crushing Blow To The “Syrian Revolution” Narrative: ‘Israel’ Rescues Al-Qaeda-Linked White Helmets

Don’t Be Surprised That Zionist, Pedophile Hollywood Gave An Oscar To The Terrorist White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

Considering that Hollywood is owned and run by Zionist Jews, it shouldn’t come as a surprise or an outrage that the proxies of the Zionist Jews in the criminal war on Syria–i.e. the White Helmets aka Al-Qaeda aka Jabhat al-Nusra–won the Oscar for “Best Documentary”. Zio-Hollywood has long played a role in the destabilization of the Syrian Arab Republic, including as recently as the distortion of events in now-liberated Aleppo, and the White Helmets’ “victory” is merely an extension of this filthy institution’s ongoing complicity in the conspiracy against the Resistance Axis.

Moreover, if we’re really getting down to brass tacks here… Is it really SO shocking that these US-UK-Soros-backed terrorists won an Oscar when just 15 years ago the notorious Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski took home the Academy Award for “Best Director”? The degeneracy in the air is so thick that you could cut it with a plastic butter knife. Come on people!

Zionists, Pedophiles and Terrorists are the unholy trinity of American Liberal “Culture”. And Hollywood is the very nexus point where they all meet and plot to erode humanity’s moral compass further and further ’till nothing but their warped Weltanschauung remains.

#FakeNews Onslaught Against Syria Continues: Zionist Hollywood Trots Out A Celebrity Army To Lie About Aleppo

by Jonathan Azaziah

As it is well-known and well-despised at this point, there has been a tsunami of #FakeNews on Aleppo ever since the Syrian Arab Army announced the ancient city’s official liberation. But since this hasbara campaign has thankfully gone to hell in a handbasket, World Zionism has pulled the last rabbit out of its lice-ridden black hat in a farfetched attempt to change the tide of its increasingly large defeat: Hollywood celebrities! These are personalities who command attention and wield influence in spite of the fact that they know as much about Syria and the geopolitics surrounding it as they know about how to successfully treat Stage V nephroblastoma.

Why celebrities? Because after dumbing down the masses into “Goyim” over the last century, the Mainstream Media Monopoly has converted the population’s brains into the size of peas who respond viscerally to anything with a celebrity’s face plastered on it. As the Tinseltown-running Jewish executives’ saying goes, “What celebs do, the plebs do.” And upon the solidification of Halab’s freedom, a flurry of “do-gooder-do-something”, narcissistic, ultra-liberal Hollywood stalwarts crawled out from their paparazzi-proof fortresses to open up their uninformed yaps about a “genocide” in eastern Aleppo that was (and is) only unfolding in the warped minds of Western “journalists”, NATO regimes and GCC monarchies. Continue reading #FakeNews Onslaught Against Syria Continues: Zionist Hollywood Trots Out A Celebrity Army To Lie About Aleppo

Donald Trump Defeats Zio-Killary Clinton: An American Brexit, Sweet Liberal Tears And A Potential New Era Of Isolationism

by Jonathan Azaziah

LOL! How about that? Donald J. Trump is the new president of the United Snakes of IsraHELL. Kudos to the big-mouth, narcissistic, horrifically spray-tanned billionaire for somehow prevailing over the greatest media demonization campaign in American political history and defeating the most satanic candidate, i.e. Zio-Killary Clinton, to come along in recent memory. Before we get to the analysis of how this massive upset happened and why, not to mention what the future holds, particularly for The Donald himself as he has made a whole host of enemies from every sector of the US power spectrum you can think of, a word for the liberals: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Watching you putrid pansies shed literal monsoons of weakling tears over the loss of your war criminal witch-queen-from-hell has been nothing short of the greatest glory imaginable apart from vanquishing ‘Israel’ and liberating Al-Quds. Okay, so that’s assuredly stretching it just a tad but yo! Seeing all y’all Clinton worshipers squirm like the worms you are is too grand not to have a laugh or ten! Continue reading Donald Trump Defeats Zio-Killary Clinton: An American Brexit, Sweet Liberal Tears And A Potential New Era Of Isolationism

Manbij “Liberation” To Omran Daqneesh The Orange Seat Boy: Zionist Media War On Syria Never Stops

by Jonathan Azaziah

First the “liberation” of Manbij. Now the manufactured worldwide outrage over 5-year old Omran Daqneesh aka “The Orange Seat Boy”, aka “The Aleppo Ambulance Boy”, aka “The Miracle Boy Who Survived A Russian (or was it a ‘regime’?) Air Strike”. So many lies to debunk against the Syrian Arab Republic, so little time. Let’s get on with it though, shall we?

Manbij wasn’t “liberated” as liberation can only come at the hands of Syrians who fight in the name of preserving Syrian sovereignty and pluralism, not Imperialists and traitors who fight in the name of ethnic chauvinism and an American-‘Israeli’ destabilization agenda. All that took place in Manbij was one covert US-Zionist proxy–ISIS–happened to get replaced with an overt US-Zionist proxy–the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the treacherous PYD/YPG. Let us also not forget to note that it was the American regime and its French colonialist pals that have slaughtered hundreds of Syrian civilians in and around Manbij over the last several weeks with zero, yes, ZERO international outcry. But the murderers, invaders and terrorists are liberators now?! Enough! What this really is, on the surface level, is a move orchestrated to give the US-founded fake “anti-ISIS” coalition a public relations “victory” and make it appear as if a “fight against terrorism” is actually being carried out. And on a subterranean level, the “liberation” of Manbij took place to give collaborationist Kurdish forces a strong foothold in a key northern Syrian area so they can push forward with their ‘Israeli’-birthed Federalization/”Rojava”/Partition agenda. This is confirmed by the latest PYD/YPG aggression–launched because the Kurds felt emboldened by their “success” on the Manbij front–in Hasakah City that was thankfully repelled by the Syrian Arab Army. Continue reading Manbij “Liberation” To Omran Daqneesh The Orange Seat Boy: Zionist Media War On Syria Never Stops

“Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saw “Spotlight” over the weekend with my little brother. Well-done film, from the acting to the direction to the story. But there was an 800-pound gorilla with a six-pointed star tattooed on its head pounding its chest in the back and front of my mind the entire time I was watching: Would Martin Baron, the Jewish editor of the Boston Globe at the time, have shown so much vigor and dedicated so much time and effort along with so many resources to exposing the systemic horror of rabbis raping children in the Jewish community? Not in this life or the Hereafter. There are rabbinical predators harming kids in every major city in the US, every major city in Canada, every major city in Europe, every major city in Australia and New Zealand, in South Africa and yes, even inside the disgusting Zionist entity itself. The biggest monsters off the top of my head? Avrohom Mondrowitz, Israel Weingarten and Solomon Hafner. Unspeakable what this spawn of Satan did to hundreds upon hundreds of innocents and barely anybody outside the Jewish community even knows who they are. Continue reading “Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

Russia and Serbia need cultural de-colonization, Emir Kusturica says

DRVENGRAD, Western Serbia, January 26 /TASS/. Well-known Serbian film director, Emir Kusturica, said on Monday that Russian and Serbian film industries needed to undergo “cultural de-colonization” and get rid of Hollywood influence.

“Russia has never been anybody’s colony but Hollywood has managed to colonize it. Colonization is a dangerous thing. When a Russian film starts looking like an American picture, it’s really funny because it stops being Russia but it never becomes American,” Kusturica said in an interview with TASS given on the sidelines of the 8th International Film Festival “Kustendorf” which Kusturica has founded. Continue reading Russia and Serbia need cultural de-colonization, Emir Kusturica says

‘Wanna kill Kim?’ DPRK isn’t denying hack in revenge for Sony hasbara flick

Pyongyang refused to kowtow when asked if it was behind a massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures, telling the world to “wait and see.” The hack came a month before Sony releases a comedy film centered on an attempted assassination of Kim Jong-un.

“The hostile forces are relating everything to the DPRK (North Korea). I kindly advise you to just wait and see,” a spokesman for North Korea’s UN mission told Reuters when asked about a cyberattack against the studio’s computer network.

Pyongyang frequently refers to the United States and South Korea as “hostile forces,” the agency reports. Continue reading ‘Wanna kill Kim?’ DPRK isn’t denying hack in revenge for Sony hasbara flick

The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews

by Deric Muhammad, The Final Call

Hip-hop as an art form and a culture is hands down one of the most powerful international social forces in the history of the world. There is no nation on Earth where its footprints cannot be found. Rap artists who create the soundtrack that fuels hip-hop culture become equally influential. They determine trends and the general course of youth culture globally. Yet while it appears these artists who often peddle images of invincibility are in control of hip-hop, we must look deeper to see who may be in control of them.

Rap artist, Jay-Z and his business partner Damon Dash built a hip-hop powerhouse called Roc-a-fella Records. It was a Black-owned Record label that produced millions in sales. As is often the case, these two brothers reportedly had personal and business disagreements and decided to part ways. Legend has it that a Def Jam Records executive by the name of Lyor Cohen played the role of instigator, negotiator and “clean-up” businessman. What is clear is that Roc-a-Fella Records, once known as “The Dynasty”, is now owned by Def Jam. Cohen happens to be Jewish. Continue reading The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews