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‘Israeli’-Backed Hindu Supremacist Thug Modi Sees His Bollywood War Theater Against Pakistan Blow Up In His Face

by Jonathan Azaziah

Pakistan Zindabad! Death to the cow-piss-drinking terrorists of the Hindutvadi regime!

No seriously, the consumption of bovine urine in India is a massive industry, with the Modi government spending nearly 100 million dollars on industries that make “health” products from cow waste. It’s a more enormous business than selling milk. Hindu extremism at its most disgusting.

And with equal seriousness, we say that Modi the Murderer, also known as Modi the Maniac, should now be known as Modi the Misfit too. Because he launched an aggression against Pakistan in hopes of boosting his popularity in the lead-up to India’s imminent elections, but instead watched the entire Bollywood War Theater blow up in his face. His first attack on the Pakistani town of Jaba, about 100 km north of Islamabad, was said to have killed 300-400 some odd “terrorists”. Turns out no “terrorists” were hit. Nor were any actual, physical human beings. It was a glorious victory for “Akhand Bharat” [Hindutva’s faux, bigoted conceptualization of “Undivided India”] over Pakistan’s… Pine trees. And rocks. Hospital officials and Jaba residents confirmed there wasn’t a single casualty. Yeah. Militarily speaking, it gets no lamer. Pakistan’s Air Force responded proportionately with half a dozen raids on Indian military positions inside occupied Kashmir, landing precise and causing massive damage. India hit back, directly engaging Pakistan’s aces in aerial combat above the Vale’s skies–a foolish, FOOLISH maneuver. Two Hindutvadi regime warplanes were shot down and Pakistan captured a pilot following its decisive thrashing of the invaders.

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Did You Know Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) Visited Occupied Kashmir And Cosigned Its Struggle?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Did you know that Imam Khamenei and martyred Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) both visited occupied Kashmir in the 1980s? The second chief of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance traveled to the Bleeding Paradise to offer his solidarity and support to Kashmiri fighters and protesters brutalized by the Hindutvadi occupation army. He prayed in Sunni mosques, Shi’a mosques and Sufi mosques and told all of the moujahideen and shabab that Hizbullah was with them. Pictures of the fiery Resistance pioneer are routinely seen at Kashmiri Azadi demonstrations to this day and much of the armed resistance draws its inspiration from Lebanon’s liberators. It is also a matter of intense speculation – partly because of the murderous Indian regime’s propaganda and partly due to the almost-mythical, righteous stature of the Party in which both enemies and admirers think it is everywhere and nowhere at once – as to whether or not he provided arms and know-how to the Vale’s revolutionary activists. Perhaps we’ll never know. Continue reading Did You Know Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) Visited Occupied Kashmir And Cosigned Its Struggle?

Indian Regime Thugs Are Harassing Kashmiri Students; Next Step Could Be Killing Them

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another atrocity against the Kashmiri people that you won’t hear about any damn place in the Western-Zionist media: Students originating from occupied Kashmir are being harassed, abused and attacked in their universities all throughout India from Jammu to Jodhpur, Hyderabad to Kolkata to Mumbai and elsewhere by the Hindutvadi-Zionist terrorist goons of the RSS, the VHP and its Bajrang Dal youth wing along with the BJP itself too. These innocents of the Vale are being beaten to a pulp, getting their dorms ransacked, having their property stolen and vandalized, and simply being outright discriminated against to the point many are considering leaving school.

There is no reason for this egregiousness apart from the fact that they are Kashmiris and the Hindutvadi thugs of the Modi regime simply cannot stand the fact these “Islamofascist untouchables” would dare set foot on “Hindu land”. Sound familiar? It should, because the behavior of the Hindu supremacists is just about identical to that of the Jewish supremacists who stole Palestine, all the way down to the near-universal societal hatred of the people each respective usurping devil is occupying and oppressing. There are no Indian Hindus standing up to condemn this basic bigotry, let alone the seven-decade occupation of Kashmir–just look at the way they lashed out and continue to lash out at Arundhati Roy–and if such persons do emerge, it will be toothless, a slap on the Indian state’s wrist, not a genuine cry for an end to the tyranny… No different than the ‘Israelis’ who didn’t just fail to condemn the genocidal assaults on Gaza, but actually set up beach chairs and baked popcorn to joyously watch the slaughter. And Jews generally speaking across the globe weren’t much better. Slamming of the war? Sure, as a matter of saving face. Calls to end the mass murder by removing the entity from our region like the cancer it is and sending its criminal settlers from every inch of the land back to their place of origin (Satanville, preferably)? Absolutely the hell not. Not even close. More toothlessness, slaps on the wrist and perpetuating the anti-Palestinian status quo.

Verily, despising of Kashmiris, and all non-Hindus really, is as widespread in India as the worldwide Jewish detestation of non-Jews, with Arabs and Muslims sitting atop this laundry list. It is this ideological bond between Hindutva and Judaism-Zionism that fuels the ever-increasing ties between “Tel Aviv” and New Delhi. Whereas in Judaism there is this ugly, ungodly divide between “God’s chosen” and “the goyim”, in Hinduism there is the wicked caste system that has sucked the life, progress and harmony out of much of India. It’s literally Southeast Asia Subcontinent Judaism. And it is this hatefulness that allows the Zionists and the Hindutvadis to inflict wanton violence on anyone they deem an enemy to their expansionist projects. As Kashmiri Resistance leader Syed Ali Geelani declared, “Kashmiris are neither safe in their houses nor any part of India. The Indian regime and its intelligentsia have waged war on Kashmiris in practical terms and our people are being harassed everywhere on one pretext or another.”

Again, the question is asked: Sound familiar? It should, because the targeting of Kashmiris from their occupied homeland to their universities in Hindustan brings back memories of Palestinian Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi assassinated in Malta, gifted cartoonist Naji al-Ali killed in London, Rasmea Odeh continuing to be tormented in America, Ghassan Kanafani and Kamal Nasser both taken out in Beirut, PLF founder Muhammad Abbas tortured to death by American ZOG occupation forces in Iraq, PFLP legend Omar Nayef Zayed murdered recently by Mossad in Bulgaria, and the list goes on and on. This is not being brought up for dramatic effect. Considering how close ‘Israeli’-Indian military-intelligence cooperation is, assassinations and lynchings of Kashmiris will undoubtedly be the next step if the word doesn’t get out.

The BJP-RSS-VHP hooligans will take the collective Indian silence as approval for their criminal activities and will then take it to the next level. Don’t think so? Look no further than the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition, the 1993 Bombay bombings, the July 11th train bombings in Mumbai and the September 8th blasts at a Malegaon Muslim cemetery in 2006 and of course, the massive false flag event also in Mumbai on 11-26-08. The Hindu supremacists, fully backed by ‘Israel’, can and will spill blood if nothing is done. Thus, it is up to us to defend the Kashmiri people, bring their plight to light and refuse to be bullied by the Hindutvadi-Zionist propaganda machine that will attempt to foil our efforts every step of the way. For Kashmir, steadfastness is indeed the name of the game. #WeAreKashmir #StopHindutvadiTerror