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Review of Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble’s “The Whistle Blower”

by Trevor LaBonte, The Ugly Truth

Musician/author Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble have returned with their eighth album to date, a delightful offering entitled “The Whistle Blower.”


Atzmon is a former Israeli, former Jew, who underwent a spiritual awakening as a result of hearing the great bebop masters. He was taught his whole life as an Israeli Jew that Jewish artists and thinkers are superior to all else, but he knew he had been lied to, by virtue of the fact that Charlie Parker and many other great jazz artists were black and not Jewish.

Atzmon cut all ties with the Jewish state over twenty years ago, expatriated to London and completed a Master’s degree in Philosophy there. His solidarity to the Palestinian cause is evidenced by his choice to name his band after the Palestine Liberation Organizations former headquarters in Jerusalem, called, “Orient House.”

His criticisms of his own former Jewish ideological collective are brutally honest and hard-hitting. Let it suffice to say that his mission to liberate the discourse has led him far, far from the world of “political correctness,” yet he somehow balances all this with a successful career in jazz. Continue reading Review of Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble’s “The Whistle Blower”

The Perpetuity of Zionist Lies: Iconic Mideast Photo Is a Fake

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  Even in the midst of supposedly exposing a deception, another deception is engaged in simultaneously. Such is the schizophrenic nature of Jewishness. Instead of sticking to journalistic professionalism and focusing squarely on the fact that one of the most popular photos in the history of the criminal Zionist usurpation of Palestine is a gargantuan fraud, the piece below too often wades into what is tantamount to a nostalgic eulogy for the prospects of “peace” and a Jewish-Palestinian regime of friendship and coexistence governed by “Liberal” Zionism, which, for the record, never existed to begin with, as the most murderous, expansionist “Israeli” regimes came from “The Left”. A fantastical scenario in which Palestinians and “Israeli” occupiers sit around a campfire and sing songs of brotherhood, espoused by “Liberal” Zionists and their ilk to this moment, isn’t the only thing laid to rest with the following revelation, it is also the solutions of those seemingly good-intentioned  “solidarity activists” who just can’t shut up about a “one state” or “two states”. Jewish-Zionist usurpers and indigenous Palestinians cannot coexist;  the very suggestion of it is an affront to justice. Why should the aboriginal people of Palestine, ethnically cleansed from their homeland in the Nakba and Jewish colonial purges before it going all the way back to the 1880s, have to throw away the keys to their homes they’ve been holding for decades and share their homes with squatting Jewish thieves? Why should the aboriginal people of Palestine, made refugees by deranged Jewish terrorists decades ago, return to their homeland and be inconvenienced with the criminal, shaytanic presence of their tormentors? Because colonized Arab “solidarity activists” in the West are scared stiff of the vengeful replies of their Jewish “allies” who are more concerned with Jewish matters than the Palestinian cause they claim to be fighting for? No. Absolutely not. What this story shows is that the liberation of Palestine isn’t going to come from scores of cutesy-wootsy photographs coupled with ultra-liberal tweets. Al-Aqsa, Qoubbat al-Sakhrah and Holy Al-Quds as a whole aren’t going to be cleansed of colonizer filth through “solidarity” events with Jews who really haven’t disconnected their identities from the supremacy of their decadent culture. Al-Jalil isn’t going to be made pure again through write-ups on the “peace” and “security” that could commence via the implementation of a “one state solution” that sees Zionists maintaining their Jewish privilege as inhabitants of the Holy Land but insists they will be “sharing” it with Palestinians, the actual natives. Palestine will only be liberated through the righteousness of the Palestinian Resistance’s arms, and it is our job on the outside, especially those of us who have direct ethnic, national and religious ties to the Arab-Islamic region, to back this righteousness, and do all we can in the mean time to expose the Jewish Power Configuration in all its manifestations, whether it is presenting itself as a genocidal neocon, or, more subversively, a Jewish “anti-Zionist” activist. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading The Perpetuity of Zionist Lies: Iconic Mideast Photo Is a Fake

Sleeping With Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

by Gilad Atzmon, Whatsupic

In a superb video (attached below), Dr. Daniela Reich, an Israeli academic who specialises in ‘Israeli studies’ elaborates on her research into ‘Jewess / Goyim’ relationships within the context of pre 1948 Palestine.

The video points at two conflicting factors within the emerging pre-Israeli Hebraic society:

1.      The Formal and conscious institutionalized utilization of young Jewish women to ‘befriend’ British Mandatory forces to promote the Zionist project and to collect intelligence.

2.     A brutal harassment campaign against young women caught dating British mandatory soldiers and officers.

As usual, the Jewish anti Zionist ‘dissidents’ are very effective in providing juicy historical and factual anecdotes; yet, the nature of the culture that drives such phenomenon is left untouched and even concealed. Within the idiom of Jewish Left anti Zionist discourse, we are asked to condemn the symptoms but never to examine the disease. In this invaluable video, made by Israeli peace activist David Sheen, the Jewish culture and heritage that provoked such horrendous behavior toward women is left untouched. Interestingly, the video stops abruptly as soon as Dr Reich mentions the ‘J’ word. Continue reading Sleeping With Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

The Pathological Dementedness of Zionism: Israelis raise funds for Syrian children

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Ladies and  gentlemen, I give you the utter madness of the Jewish culture and religion. Despite the fact that their criminal Talmudic enclave is providing every form of support imaginable to the Takfiri fanatics ravaging Syria and Iraq, a group of “Israeli” activists of the “leftist” persuasion along with a few House Arabs decided to have a get-together to raise money for Syrian children. Cynical and sickening, while apt, would not even begin to describe this skullduggery. The usurping Zionist entity is the very reason why Syrian children are suffering now, and going back to the time of al-Naksa when the genocidal IOF ethnically cleansed over 124,000 Syrians from their homes and destroyed 134 villages in the Golan Heights, the usurping Zionist entity is the very reason why Syrian children and Syrians in general have always suffered. The piece below is almost like a parody; collaborationist, colonized Palestinians saying that Arabs and Jews should work together for a humanitarian cause despite the fact that Jews are occupying their land and destroying neighboring Syria; neocon “Israelis” openly questioning what in the world these “leftist” Jews are even wasting their time on “goyim” for, completing blowing the cover of their “liberal” clannish brethren who are attempting to maintain the illegitimate Jewish gangster regime’s fig leaf of “democracy”; and most insulting and eyebrow-raising of all, veteran “peace activist” Uri Avnery, longtime libeler of the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance and “ex”-Jewish terrorist who murdered Arab women and children during the Nakba, actually having the gall to declare that “We are all Syrians”, when this disgraceful human being gleefully called for the repeat of the genocidal Libyan scenario led by the mass murder machine known as NATO in Syria. Again, ladies and  gentlemen, I give you the utter madness of the Jewish culture and religion. If it wasn’t so sad that certain foolish Arabs partook in this Judaic debauchery, and if Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis weren’t suffering so horrifically at the hands of these Zionist lunatics, I would laugh… because if this isn’t comedy — albeit tragical comedy — then what the hell is? ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading The Pathological Dementedness of Zionism: Israelis raise funds for Syrian children

‘Wanna kill Kim?’ DPRK isn’t denying hack in revenge for Sony hasbara flick

Pyongyang refused to kowtow when asked if it was behind a massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures, telling the world to “wait and see.” The hack came a month before Sony releases a comedy film centered on an attempted assassination of Kim Jong-un.

“The hostile forces are relating everything to the DPRK (North Korea). I kindly advise you to just wait and see,” a spokesman for North Korea’s UN mission told Reuters when asked about a cyberattack against the studio’s computer network.

Pyongyang frequently refers to the United States and South Korea as “hostile forces,” the agency reports. Continue reading ‘Wanna kill Kim?’ DPRK isn’t denying hack in revenge for Sony hasbara flick