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Palestine’s Al-Araqib: Demolished By ‘Israel’ For The 133rd Time But Undeterred And Still Resisting

by Jonathan Azaziah

Both the English and Arabic thesauruses and dictionaries are going to need to be adjusted so “steadfastness” and “sumoud” have Al-Araqib as synonyms and alternative definitions. The Bedouin Palestinian village in occupied Al-Naqab–referred to by the terrorist ‘Israelis’ as “the Negev”–has just been demolished by the Zionist occupation for the 133rd time. The 132nd demolition was just three weeks ago on August 16th. It’s just about unfathomable to the human mind that anyone, especially a people as besieged, oppressed, colonized and brutalized as Palestinians, can still find the heart and soul just to wake up in the morning–let alone resist–after your livelihood has been ripped out from underneath your feet. Or better yet… Bulldozed. But somehow, that is exactly what the indigenous of Al-Araqib continue to do. 133 atrocities but they remain undeterred. They keep defying; keep fighting; keep living. Continue reading Palestine’s Al-Araqib: Demolished By ‘Israel’ For The 133rd Time But Undeterred And Still Resisting

Al-’Araqib Bedouin Village Demolished For 82nd Time

by The International Middle East Media Center

Israeli police officers demolished, on Monday morning, the al-‘Araqib Bedouin village in the Naqab, for the 82nd consecutive time, rendering the families homeless again. Continue reading Al-’Araqib Bedouin Village Demolished For 82nd Time

Sumud Personified: Palestinian man has defied Israeli forces for 20 years

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – Despite the continuous harassment to him and his family by Israeli soldiers for more than 20 years, and despite the continuous demolition of his humble tin-roofed house near Israel’s separation wall, 60-year-old Ali Salim Mousa from the town of al-Khadr south of Bethlehem remains firm on his land.

Speaking to Ma’an on Sunday, Mousa said his house had been demolished by Israeli forces four times, and “the fifth demolition is on the way.”

His sons, who decided to build a similar houses in the same area, have started to face the same fate. Mousa lives in this house with 38 children and grandchildren. Continue reading Sumud Personified: Palestinian man has defied Israeli forces for 20 years

Family of Al-Quds martyr proud despite Israeli occupation’s vengeful operations

by Mohammed Abdel Fattah, Al-Akhbar English

A feeling of deep loss mitigated only by their pride in their son’s martyrdom, that is how one can describe the state of martyr Abdel Rahman Shaloudi’s family. They believe happiness is a duty following their son’s martyrdom in defense of holy sites, even if the price they have to pay is Israel blowing up their family home.

Jerusalem – “Only losing our beloved son matters… losing the house means nothing in comparison.” Their son’s body was riddled with a hail of bullets that hurled him flat on the ground except for his forefinger, which remained upright as he recited the testimony (the creed declaring belief in the oneness of God and acceptance of Mohammad as His prophet) before he drew his last breath. For this reason, it would be incomprehensible for the family to cry over their house that was blown up by the Israeli occupation. Continue reading Family of Al-Quds martyr proud despite Israeli occupation’s vengeful operations

Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the genocidal Jewish gangster regime continues its war on the very existence of the Palestinian people, notice that the leftists, liberals, Marxists, socialists, communists, anarchists and other like-minded “activists” and “revolutionaries” who have been waxing lyrical about the heroism and steadfastness of Kurdish female fighters in the northern Syrian town of Kobani, known also as ‘Ayn al-Arab — the same Kurdish female fighters mind you that have been joined by “Israeli” criminals, casting extreme doubt on the genuineness of their “struggle” against ISIS and raising questions about what is *really* going on in that particular territory — have either gone utterly silent about the heroic Resistance operation carried out by PFLP martyrs Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal in occupied Al-Quds two days ago, or condemned it in the harshest possible terms as an act of unacceptable barbarity. Not only does this represent the encapsulation of why “The Left” is nothing but the regurgitator of the enemy’s discourse, as it cannot and will not ever catch itself praising the Palestinian Resistance so not to offend Jews and Jewish sensitivities, but this also exposes the deep-rooted Orientalism rotting the core of “The Left”, as it views the besieged, ethnically cleansed, usurped Palestinian people wielding meat cleavers against their supremacist colonizers  as “savage”, whereas the disintegration of Palestinian grandmothers and decapitation of Palestinian babies in Gaza by bombs from “Israeli” F-16s or IOF’s maiming and disfiguring of Palestinian teenagers in the West Bank and Al-Quds with various kinds of bullets display what? Some kind of military modernity? The sophistication of a warring “state”? Well, we hate to disillusion you scoundrels, but “Israel” is not a state, it is not sovereign and it does not have a “society”; “Israel” is a cancer, a colonizing collective of Jewish supremacist psychopaths and a base for the criminal operations of World Jewry. The very existence of this entity defiles humanity and is illegitimate and thus, every action it engages in merely increases its illegitimacy. Allow us to clarify what the position of Mouqawamah Music is when it comes to those who would assail the Palestinian Resistance while defending “Israel” and its continuing putrefaction of the Arab-Islamic world: Goddamn these disgusting, two-faced cowards; Goddamn them straight to Al-Nar. You either stand with the oppressed or stand with the oppressor, and due to the Palestinian people being actively disarmed of “atypical” weaponry by the collaborationist regime of Mahmoud Abbas, they must therefore resort to whatever the hell is at their disposal — whether it’s a knife, an axe, a stone, their fists or a damn kitchen sink — to fight against the militarized, occupying Zionist Jews who have stolen every inch of the Holy Land. Every last Zionist is an illegal squatter and wherever as well as however Palestinians choose to resist them is entirely their business. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t just a phony ally of the Palestinian cause but an agent — witting or unwitting — of the murderous, usurping Jewish entity. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers