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Iraq’s Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes: Soldier of Suleimani (R.A.), Soldier of Islam, Protector of Syria, Champion Of Anti-Zionism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes (R.A.), chief of Kata’ib Hizbullah and second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi), loudly and proudly described himself as a “soldier of Hajj Qassem Suleimani”. The Quds Force Chief (R.A.), in turn, described himself as a “soldier of Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes”. They had been friends since the days they were side-by-side in the Imposed War. Not merely brothers-in-arms. More like Brotherly Soul Mates. Halves of the same whole, reunited through revolutionary commonality. That they were martyred together in the US-‘Israeli’ raid on Baghdad Airport isn’t just fitting… It’s a piece of poetry that could only have been scripted by The Divine Fashioner (SWT). Allahu Akbar!

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From Liberated Al-Qosh: Iraq’s Largest Cross Lights Up The Ninewa Skyline For Christmas

by Jonathan Azaziah

Christmas in the Cradle Of Civilization really is the best Christmas. Here in the liberated Assyrian Christian (Chaldean, specifically) town of Al-Qosh, the biggest cross in all of Iraq is decked out in lights and brightening the entire Ninewa Province skyline. It’s nestled in the mountainside right next to the Rabban Hormizd Monastery, a carved-out holy structure nearly 1,400 years old. Aramaic, the language of Messiah Jesus (A.S.), is still spoken in this ancient place, making it one of only a handful of areas left on Earth that holds such a distinction. The Zionist-CIA-Saudi-formed Takfiri terrorist group of ISIS occupied this land for over two years going back to June of 2014, ruling over it with intolerance and violence but were driven out last November by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU; Hashd al-Shaabi). Daesh left a trail of ruin behind, destroying a plethora of religious and ethnic heritage from a millennia ago, including cathedrals that have stood since the early 700s. The people of Al-Qosh are too resilient to be broken however and they have already started rebuilding. The illuminated cross is just the beginning. Continue reading From Liberated Al-Qosh: Iraq’s Largest Cross Lights Up The Ninewa Skyline For Christmas

100 Years Of Oppression Is Enough: Rothschild-Owned British Regime Must Leave Iraq

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to the Rothschild-owned British regime. These sanguinary Imperialist maggots are sending 250 more troops to Iraq under the false “anti-ISIS” pretext, bringing the total number of UK occupier devils to over 500. There is no grouping of words sufficient enough to accurately describe how much I viscerally abhor the British Empire–which really should be called the Yiddish Empire as it was and remains a debt-ridden, blood-drenched gang of inbreds, mass murderers and pedophiles posing as “royals” who are absolutely beholden to International Jewish Capital. Continue reading 100 Years Of Oppression Is Enough: Rothschild-Owned British Regime Must Leave Iraq

Abdul Karim Qassem’s July 14th Revolution 58 Years On: An Organic Model To Topple US-Zionist-Backed Tyranny

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the last 100 years, we Iraqis have not had a plethora of victories to revel in, instead drinking our tears as if they were water from the Tigris and eating our agony like it was the most remarkable Masgouf. But the July 14th, 1958 Revolution, which toppled the US-British-‘Israeli’-backed monarchy and restored dignity to our land and people (albeit for a short period of a little less than 5 years), was the one true bright spot in a dark modern history of misery, tragedy, heartbreak and genocide. Brigadier General Abdul Karim Qassem–a living embodiment of Iraqi unity who was born to Sunni Arab father and a Shi’a Kurdish mother in Baghdad and who fought to make Iraq an independent regional power until his dying day–led the revolutionary coup against King Faisal II, Prince Abdullah and Prime Minister Nuri Said on this day 58 years ago, deposing a brutal, collaborationist, debauched dictatorship that ruled over us since August 1921. Continue reading Abdul Karim Qassem’s July 14th Revolution 58 Years On: An Organic Model To Topple US-Zionist-Backed Tyranny

Defiance Personified: Iraqis Perform Eid Prayers At Mossad-Takfiri Blast Site In Karrada

by Jonathan Azaziah

Love my people! I present to you the living, breathing, physical, visual, literal personification of DEFIANCE. Just 72 hours after the Mossad-Takfiri blast in the Karrada district of Baghdad that claimed the lives of at least 250 innocents, Iraqis marched to the site of the murderous attack and performed prayers for Eid al-Fitr, telling ISIS and its masters in the most elucidated of terms: Your suicide bombs and your sectarian hate, along with your violence and your Oded Yinon plan are comparable to mere gnats pestering a pride of lions; we just swat it all down like it ain’t even a thing and keep rollin’. Iraq will never bow to the Zionist-Saudi fitnah. Iraqis will never let you chisel away at our unity and our brotherhood. We are the founders and builders of civilization; you are the ashes of empires underneath us. We are knowledge, mathematics, science, poetry and language; you are backwardness, billowing boorishness and barbarism. We are beauty, splendiferous, sublime, striking beauty; you are subhuman, ulcerous ugliness made flesh. We are the sanctified sands that are awash in the holy martyr blood of Imam Ali (A.S.), Imam Hussein (A.S.), Zayd (A.S.) and Al-Mukhtar (R.A.); you are the corrupted desert of scorpions and snakes that bears nothing but the footprints of Amreeki and Sahyouni occupiers. We are the Phoenix; you are the evil that is burned in our path of flight when we depart triumphantly from the white hot room. We are IRAQ. And there is no scheme that ‘Israel’, the American ZOG, Al-Saud and their Takfiri tools can ever execute that will make us forget our 10,000 years of glorious history, nor make us abandon our fierce, unbreakable will to love, fight, resist, defy and LIVE. #EidMubarak #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

Eid Prayers Karrada Today 2 Eid Prayers Karrada Today 3

We Are One Hand! Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Converge On Fallujah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Heart is skippin’ beats in these wee hours of the morn’ as the Iraqi Mouqawamah converges on Fallujah. According to Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, the stoic, ever-militant leader of Harakat al-Nujaba and one of our fiercest voices of truth, 13 groups of the Popular Mobilization Units are marching towards Al-Anbar’s most dangerous region and have besieged the desert city from 4 different directions. The Sheikh has elucidated that the moujahideen of the Resistance have established a security belt around the areas surrounding Al-Garmeh and have also asked Fallujah’s residents to depart the city as a means of granting a bit of ease to the coming assault. Typically, much of the Zionist-controlled MSM’s coverage on the battle in Al-Anbar, and Fallujah specifically, has centered around the false sectarian narrative of Sunnis being disturbed about Shi’a fighters entering “their” lands to fight MossadDaesh. This utterly despicable hasbara, fallacious and malicious in every way, (deliberately) negates the history of the Iraqi National Resistance’s battle with the US-UK-‘Israeli’ occupation. Continue reading We Are One Hand! Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Converge On Fallujah

Still No Fear Of ISIS: Millions In Karbala To Celebrate Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Birthday

by Jonathan Azaziah

Empire can’t keep the Iraqi people down! Millions upon MILLIONS are on the streets of the holy city of Karbala right now to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hussein (A.S.), as if Daesh, Yazid’s ideological successors, represented nothing more than a mere gnat-like annoyance! The fear level is ZERO among those whose hearts, souls, minds and bodies are Husseini! Invasions and sanctions ain’t break us. The Mossad-P2OG-birthed ‘dirty war’ ain’t make us kneel. And the NATO-backed, ‘Israeli’-armed, Saudi-fueled Takfiri terrorism of ISIS ain’t gonna cut the mustard either. There is nothing that the sons of apes and pigs and their Wahhabi proxy freaks can do to keep the faithful from their duty to honor the Prince of Martyrdom, the Chief of the Voiceless, the Obliterator of Oppression, the Destroyer of Depravity, the Upholder of the Upright, Hussein (A.S.), whenever and wherever he beckons. This kind of faith, which manifests into a defiance that is unlimited in scope, is nothing less than catastrophic for the enemies of Iraq and our entire region. Because he who cannot be bullied or pressured, he who cannot be bought and sold with petrodollars like a commodity on the Zionist-controlled global stock market or forced to salute artificial rulers, he who does not surrender, he whose knees don’t buckle when confronted with adversity, he who knows not what it is to be afraid of death, he who is HUSSEINI, is he who cannot be conquered. And it this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah that makes Hizbullah, Ansarullah, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps victorious in all their endeavors, no matter how overwhelming the odds. And it is this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah which gives Iraqis the seemingly superhuman strength to JUST KEEP GOING despite all the horrors they’ve endured. Happy birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.), and ALLAH’s (SWT) choicest blessings to the Iraqis and foreign pilgrims who made the trek to Karbala. You beautiful, dauntless people, you HEROES, are the reason this miserable, Dajjalic world of darkness still has some semblance of light.

Karbala hussein 2

Fury Over Iraq Today: ISIS Slaughters Pilgrims Marching For Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

My heart bleeds and breaks for the homeland today. At least 23 Iraqi pilgrims were murdered and nearly 40 other innocents were wounded in Baghdad this morning when an ISIS suicide bomber attacked them on a road as they made their way to Imam Moussa al-Kazim’s (A.S.) holy shrine in Kazimiyeh to commemorate his martyrdom 1,217 years ago. Yes, Ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq (A.S.) is the infallible 7th Imam to we Shi’a, but he is also a giant of Islamic scholarship, a saint of the highest order and a glowing embodiment of piety revered by all Muslims, so why would ISIS, ostensibly being an “Islamic” state, carry out such a shaytanic atrocity? Because these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are no more Muslim than their masters Gadi Eizenkot, Tamir Pardo and Herzl Halevi. Indeed, these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are the antithesis to Islam and are nothing more than tools of the Zionist entity, its Western ZOGs and the Dönmeh Saudi regime. Continue reading Fury Over Iraq Today: ISIS Slaughters Pilgrims Marching For Imam Kazim (A.S.)

The Great Israeli Theft of Iraqi Jewish Heritage

by Alaa al-Lami, Al-Akhbar English

Recently, Israel stole one of the symbols of Iraqi Jewish heritage, a rare ancient copy of the Torah. The incident went smoothly and quietly, with blatant collusion between Israel, the United States, the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq, and the Jordanian authorities, amid suspicious silence from the Iraqi federal authorities and the Iraqi cultural scene, save for a few objections.

The Torah manuscript in question, known as the Iraqi Old Testament Scroll, was written using concentrated pomegranate juice on deer-skin parchments. The manuscript was seized by US forces, among other Iraqi antiquities, which survived the systematic destruction by the illegal Anglo-American invasion and occupation. Continue reading The Great Israeli Theft of Iraqi Jewish Heritage