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Iraq: Daesh Murders Shi’a Pilgrims With Ambulance Bombs Today As US Air Strikes In Mosul Keep Killing Civilians

by Jonathan Azaziah

The perversions inflicted on Iraq by Daesh never cease to horrify, do they? Earlier on today, suicide bombers from the Zionist-US-GCC-created Takfiri terrorist group rammed ambulances– vehicles normally used to save lives–into the city entrance of Tikrit as well as a car park in the holy city of Samarra, slaughtering at least 31 innocents and wounding dozens more. The martyrs, including ten Iranians, were Shi’a pilgrims on their way to the shrine of the eleventh Shi’a Imam, Hassan al-Askari (A.S.), as preparations are underway for Arbaeen, the ceremony held to mark the end of the 40-day mourning period over the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A.S.), not to mention the largest religious gathering in the world. Even as ISIS is being attacked from every side in Mosul, with the Iraqi army advancing on the eastern and western flanks of Iraq’s second city and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) clearing out the terrorist poison on the outskirts and in the strategic town of Tal Afar, the MossadDaeshis still manage to find time to torment civilians outside of the “conflict zone”–like their ‘Israeli’ masters across every inch of Palestine and their Saudi financiers in Yemen, it’s just what they’re programmed to do. Continue reading Iraq: Daesh Murders Shi’a Pilgrims With Ambulance Bombs Today As US Air Strikes In Mosul Keep Killing Civilians

Welcome To Iraq’s Liberated Bartella: Assyrian Priest Kisses Shi’a Muslim Soldier In Thanks

by Jonathan Azaziah

Following two years of horrific rule at the hands of US-Zionist-GCC-birthed ISIS, the Iraqi-Assyrian Christian town of Bartella is finally free. The gorgeous, rhythmic sound of church bells can be heard ringing throughout the streets for the first time since Daesh took over the area. Liberation is so prevalent in the air that the taste is as tangy as a fresh pomegranate from the once-lush Southern Iraqi Marshlands. On the grounds of one Bartella church, after Iraqi soldiers had declared it an ISIS-free zone, an Assyrian priest pulled a Shi’a Muslim soldier aside and kissed his forehead, thanking him for his remarkable heroism. “We Are One Hand!” personified. Continue reading Welcome To Iraq’s Liberated Bartella: Assyrian Priest Kisses Shi’a Muslim Soldier In Thanks

Mosul’s Murky Maze: Walking The Line Between Iraqi Liberation And American Political Theater

by Jonathan Azaziah

What is underway in the Iraqi city of Mosul is far, and I do mean light-years-type far, from black and white. And the overwhelming majority of geopolitical analysts and commentators on both sides of the divide, mainstream and alternative, are getting it so miserably wrong that it would be comedic if it wasn’t so detrimental to the “Resistance Vs. Hegemony” narrative that all of us dedicate our lives to upholding. On the one hand, American exceptionalist warmongers are elated with delusional glee over US warplanes “paving the way” for Iraqi forces and falsely claiming something to the effect of not even a single bullet could have been fired without American approval. They’re also despicably framing the Mosul battle in obscene sectarian terms that reek of baselessness and Zionism.

Then on the other hand, “Anti-Imperialists” are brushing off all the Iraqi participants in the fight for Mosul as nothing but mere Amreeki pawns for an elaborate ruse to move terrorists into Syria, not to mention that the fight for Mosul itself is nothing but some grandiose manifestation of Amreeki political theater to give Obama and Zio-Killary a “win” for the upcoming US presidential election. And of course, the role of ‘Israel’, which lurks in the background of every Arab military arena from Iraq to Syria to Yemen, has also been entirely left out of the discussion– a reflection of woeful ignorance and/or ulterior motives on the parts of the aforementioned observers. So let’s navigate through the murky, maddening maze that is the Mosul operation and find some much-needed clarity on all fronts. Continue reading Mosul’s Murky Maze: Walking The Line Between Iraqi Liberation And American Political Theater

We Are One Hand: Sunni, Shi’a and Christian Iraqi Soldiers Pray, Live Together

by Jonathan Azaziah

Told y’all that We Are One Hand! Pictured here are Sunni, Shi’a and Christian Iraqi soldiers praying and living together in an army barracks, defying all attempts by Daesh and its Mossad-CIA-Saudi overlords to divide us. There is so much sectarian propaganda about Iraq, its people, its army and its Mouqawamah throughout the Zionist mass media that one could suffocate from it. “Sunni and Shi’a” this, “Christian, Yazidi and Shabak” that, you are literally made to believe that Iraq is nothing but a confederation of pocket universes barely being held together by a string that is set to burst in a communal conflagration at any second. This is by design, ‘Israeli’ design that is, intended to pave the way for the world–read: lemmings, sheep and “Goyim”–to accept the balkanization of Iraq on ethno-sectarian lines as per Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”. So when the average person sees this kind of photo, it’s like sensory overload because never have they come across such a sight before. It’s why this kind of photo is necessary. The hasbara about Iraqis warring with each other strictly over our different faiths and sects MUST be dismissed and exposed for the pernicious, Zionist-Khaleeji-concocted myth that it is. There is no “Sunni-Shi’a conflict” in Iraq, nor is there a “Muslim-Christian conflict”. From the illegal overthrow of Abdul Karim Qassem in 1963 to all the corrupt, Imperialist-backed dictatorships that took power thereafter, the Gulf War to the US-UN-AIPAC sanctions regime, the 2003 invasion to ISIS, there has only been one conflict: Iraqis of EVERY background vs. Zio-Imperialism. I’ve said it here, as well as for the last several years and will continue saying it: WE ARE ONE HAND! And Iraq, despite all the machinations perpetually vomited out of Washington, “Tel Aviv” and Riyadh, will not be partitioned, nor will our dauntless, UNITED people ever succumb to the fitnah. We will continue to live, die, pray, fight, struggle, sustain wounds and achieve victory AS ONE. #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

Iraqi Unity

Suicide Attack In Kazimiyeh Today, But Iraq Will Not Be Disconnected From Its Resistant Identity

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you filled up the infinity of space with the cries and screams of the Iraqi people, the universe would prove to be too small and incapable of holding our agony; the jagged edges of our annihilated culture and devastated history would tear the masses of stardust asunder. More gut-wrenching suffering in the homeland today as one of Daesh’s maniacal terrorists carried out a suicide attack in the holy Shi’a city of Kazimiyeh, slaughtering at least 15 civilians and wounding over 30 others. The moment we exhale the toxic fumes that flare up in one explosion, our lungs are pierced with the poison of another and we temporarily forget that fresh air untainted by Zio-Wahhabi bloodthirstiness even exists. Continue reading Suicide Attack In Kazimiyeh Today, But Iraq Will Not Be Disconnected From Its Resistant Identity

Muslim Press Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About The Battle For Fallujah

by Jonathan Azaziah

With Iraqi forces advancing on all sides in Fallujah, ’tis a perfect time to share my interview with the Muslim Press, conducted via email on June 2nd and published on June 4th. A brother contacted me from the excellent site and asked me a series of questions about the battle for the strategic Al-Anbar city, which we tackled in full and then some! The military, political, spiritual, cultural and historical dimensions of the struggle are all discussed, as well as Iran’s righteous role and the false sectarian narrative playing out in the mainstream media. Useful for anyone tirelessly debunking the Zionist-Wahhabi hasbara about the ongoing fight of our heroes to drive the Takfiris of MossadDaesh back from whence they came. Below is the full text of the interview. Continue reading Muslim Press Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About The Battle For Fallujah

IRGC Commander: Chain of Resistance Stretching Across Region

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following statement from the IRGC’s lieutenant commander, while obviously lacking in detail, is still extraordinarily stunning and seems to confirm Mouqawamah Music’s analysis from October, “The Long Arm of the Resistance: From Yemen to Saudi and Back Again”, which theorized, using strong evidence, that Hizbullah and the IRGC are aiding the Houthis — aka Ansarullah — in Yemen against the US-“Israeli”-Saudi-backed regime in Sanaa. Brigadier General Salami’s words shouldn’t be seen as braggadocio but rather as a warning to the Judaic Power Configuration and its regional lackeys that despite their best efforts to subjugate, undermine and stifle mouqawamah, the Resistance Axis is not to be messed with as it has only prospered, increased steadfastness and added additional members. Inspiring doesn’t really seem to cut it… With the new year upon us, and a year of great victories but great sadness and terrible losses finally behind us, a much more appropriate word would be hopeful. Iran, Hizbullah, Syria and the Houthis are like a life-raft of hope and light in a pessimistic world drowning in darkness; may 2015 bring us more hope, exponentially, and may the “chain of resistance” spoken of by the IRGC second-in-command stretch out across the globe until World Zionism is choked into breathlessness. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Continue reading IRGC Commander: Chain of Resistance Stretching Across Region

Iraqi forces recapture Dhuluiyah from ISIS

Iraqi forces on Tuesday completed the recapture of the town of Dhuluiyah, parts of which had been held by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group for months, commanders said.

ISIS, which declared a “caliphate” over territory it seized in Iraq and Syria, seized the second city of Mosul and swept through the country’s heartland in June in matter of days.

Since then, Iraqi forces have been trying to halt the advance of the militants and taking back territories captured. Continue reading Iraqi forces recapture Dhuluiyah from ISIS

Iraqi Army Discovers Huge Depots of Israel-Made Weapons, Ammunition

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi army has discovered nearly a dozen depots of Israeli-made arms and ammunition in Diyala province, local officials disclosed on Monday.

“An Iraqi army unit has found around 10 weapons and munition depots where Israel-made weapons and explosives were kept in Hamrin mountains,” the Iraqi Al-Ansar news website quoted Sadeq Al-Moussavi, a member of Diyala provincial council, as saying.

Moussavi said that the depot contained a lot of explosives, weapons and bombs all made by Israel.

Continue reading Iraqi Army Discovers Huge Depots of Israel-Made Weapons, Ammunition

When The Plane Of Qassem Suleimani Landed

by Israa al-Fas; edited and translated by Mohamed Salami, Al-Alam/Al-Manar

ISIL lost around half of the territories it occupied since June 10, 2014. Since then till September 18, the day which preceded the first US-led coalition’s airstrikes, a number of political changes and battlefield developments occurred in Iraq.

ISIL’s image that was consecrated after the fall of Mosul as the “invincible monster” was altered by the army’s achievements.

Continue reading When The Plane Of Qassem Suleimani Landed