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Marmarita In Syria’s Valley Of The Christians Is Free And Celebratory Because Of The SAA And Hizbullah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Last week, the gorgeous, picturesque, predominantly Antiochian Orthodox town of Marmarita in Syria’s Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of the Christians) , was in full celebration mode for the Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Lady Day. Marmarita’s population usually stands at around 2,200 people give or take but when it comes to the holy occasion of what Christians believe to be Lady Maryam’s (A.S.) ascension into Heaven, it balloons into a major tourist attraction in which Christians from across Syria flock to. This year saw more than 20,000 citizens attending and the festivities were as immense as they were joyful and vibrant. It was the biggest gathering since the Zionist war on Syria began and the first time since 2011 that a true, uninterrupted calm prevailed in the town as all the neighboring regions on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese border were terrorism-free. Most pro-Syria commentators who covered the event rightly pointed out that Zionist media wasn’t merely scant but nonexistent and they also highlighted that had terrorists taken the city, this wouldn’t be possible. What they failed to disclose is WHY Marmarita is able to celebrate and WHO we should be thanking for it. Continue reading Marmarita In Syria’s Valley Of The Christians Is Free And Celebratory Because Of The SAA And Hizbullah

In Newest Showing Of Syrian Military Might, Another Zionist Warplane Gets Clipped Over T-4 In Homs

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Syrian Arab Republic! Just about 24 hours ago, the usurping Zionist cancer launched an aggression on the military positions of the Syrian Arab Army at T-4 Airbase in Homs. But the ‘Israelis’, in their ever-self-damning arrogance, didn’t expect the situation to unfold as it did. F-16s of the Jewish terrorist “state” fired a slew of missiles, which didn’t do any harm at all. No martyrs and no wounded from the Syrian side. Then, as the ‘Israeli’ occupation air force came back around for a second assault, Syria’s air defense systems anticipated the maneuver and blasted one of the illegitimate Zionist entity’s birds RIGHT OUTTA THE SKY and sent the rest of the invaders scurrying away in a cloud of rocketry. MABROUK, ya Souria! Typically, the artificial Halakhic-Talmudic regime told various wire services and “news” outlets, including Reuters, that it “doesn’t comment on foreign reports”–which, if you are fluent in the language of legerdemain that is “chosenoidese”, is an absolute confirmation that ‘Israel’ failed massively with this operation and the damage inflicted by Syria’s righteous and steadfast armed forces was very much severe. DTI! Continue reading In Newest Showing Of Syrian Military Might, Another Zionist Warplane Gets Clipped Over T-4 In Homs

Zionist Media Gushes Over Manchester But Typically Ignores Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Libya and Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

Since Manchester is the topic of conversation at the moment, let’s do a quick “who died today” tour around the nations resisting Zio-Imperialism, shall we? Just as a matter of perspective: In Syria, at least a dozen civilians were murdered and about four dozen others were wounded in mortar attacks and suicide bombings in Damascus, Daraa, Homs and Deir Ezzor. In Yemen, Saudi Arabia bombed the homes of numerous families in Jawf, Ma’rib and Saada, slaughtering and injuring scores of men, women and children, and more innocents died from cholera, which is proliferating not because it is an “outbreak” but a deliberate act of bio-warfare against the Yemeni people by the despotic Wahhabi regime. In Novorossiya, the US-EU-backed, Zionist-run, IOF-trained, CIA-installed Ukrainian junta’s militias continued their exterminationist war on the Russian and Russian-speaking population. In Libya, ISIS and ISIS-like gangs went on a Takfiri terrorist tear through Sabha and Sirte like they do daily, torturing and beheading anyone that dared resist the new NATO-Wahhabi order in the land once known as Green. And in the occupied West Bank, Jewish terrorists murdered 15-year-old Palestinian boy Raed Ahmad Radayda and shot 17-year-old Palestinian girl Tuqua Hammad in the stomach then prevented ambulances from reaching her. The British ZOG directly supports every single drop of this carnage. And the Zionist media, which is gushing over the dead British teenie-boppers in Manchester, is reporting approximately JACK-SQUAT about any of it. It’s far beyond selective humanity. This is direct complicity. The mainstream mass press is waging war on our people and our homelands through the negation of our existence just as much as the Western regimes doing all the killing directly and by proxy.

Case in point: If it ain’t We Are Syria, We Are Yemen, We Are Novorossiya, We Are Libya and We Are Palestine, ***AS WELL AS*** We Are Manchester, you can take that colonial-supremacist fuckery and choke on it.

Happy Easter To The Resilient, Remarkable And Mouqawamistic Christians Of Syria!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy Easter to all and the happiest of Happy Easters to the unbreakable Christians of Syria! For 2,000 years, you have elegantly existed, peacefully practiced, beautifully blossomed and steadfastly safeguarded the land of Sham and even after ‘Israel’, NATO and the GCC unleashed the Takfiri terrorist scourge on your Jasmine-scented ancestral birthplace, still you survive; still you thrive; still you show the Walking Dead that is Wahhabiism and its adherents what it means to be alive. The hordes of hatred demolished your churches but you rebuilt them. They burned the artwork of the Virgin Mary (A.S.) but you restored it. They tried to turn you against Dr. Bashar al-Assad but you stuck by your President. You are as resilient as Al-Masih (A.S.) was in the face of the Pharisaic vipers. To the Aramaic beauties of Maaloula and Saidnaya in the Damascus countryside. To the breathtaking Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of the Christians) in Homs. To the vibrant Armenian neighborhoods of liberated Aleppo City and the storybook Armenian town of Kessab in Latakia. To the gregarious Greeks nestled away in Tartous. To the sublime Assyrians of Hasakah. And so many more. Again I say HAPPY EASTER! The Syrian Arab Republic is the backbone of the Resistance Axis and you, o’ Christians, are the backbone of Syria’s pluralism. As Christ (A.S.) rose, you rise like him. And we, your brothers who love ‘Isa (A.S.) and Maryam (A.S.) with the same passion that burns in your hearts, will always be by your side celebrating with you, smiling with you, laughing with you and when the time comes that we must stare down oblivion, defend you with our very lives. The New Pharisees shall not divide us.

After Trump’s Criminal Attack On Al-Shayrat Airbase, Syrian Morale Remains Mountain-High!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just got off the horn with a beloved brother of mine who has family in both the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF. He said while soldiers are angry about the cowardly nature of the American regime’s criminal attack on Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs, morale remains ultra-high and the Syrian resolve to continue this struggle until there isn’t a trace of the Wahhabi current left in Bilad al-Sham is also at its peak.

The Washington ZOG’s proxies didn’t bring Syria to its knees and the Tangerine Terrorist known as Trump ain’t gonna be able to do it either. Tomahawks or Takfiris, the Syrian Arab Republic’s armor shall not shatter! “Greater Israel” will not be resurrected atop Syria’s ruins… It will be Syria, greater than ever before, that will rise atop the ashes of the Zionist project. Believe that. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveAssad #LongLiveTheSAA

The Damascus Water Crisis Is Now A Heat Crisis Too And The Zionist-NATO-GCC Alliance Is Responsible

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Syrians of Damascus are in the throes of an all-out humanitarian catastrophe. And the blame lies solely at the gnarled, spiked feet of NATO (led by the US and Turkey) the GCC (led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar) and the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity. Just prior to Aleppo’s complete liberation, Earth’s Most Evil activated Daesh in Eastern Homs and carried out a full-fledged assault on the ancient city of Palmyra. The terrorists retook the Pearl of the Desert and fierce fighting in and around the area continues up until this moment. But the monstrous, murderous individuals who run Empire Zionica weren’t content with this crime against humanity so they decided to outdo themselves and implement something far worse and far more destructive. Takfiri terrorist groups, with Jabhat al-Nusra spearheading the initiative, dumped diesel and other contaminants into Wadi Barada’s Ain al-Fija reservoir on December 23rd and the 5 million residents of Damascus have been without water ever since. Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his team, while providing water rations to as many people as they can, are pursuing a two-pronged strategy via diplomacy and military operations to try and dislodge the mercenaries from Wadi Barada and restore the flow of potable H2O. Reports have surfaced about a possible “peace” agreement and many terrorists have surrendered, but since it is the Washington ZOG pulling the strings and not the head-chopping death squads merely doing their masters’ bidding, the disaster is far from over. Continue reading The Damascus Water Crisis Is Now A Heat Crisis Too And The Zionist-NATO-GCC Alliance Is Responsible

The Anatomy Of A NATO Deflection Operation: ISIS Reoccupies Palmyra To Distract From Aleppo Victory

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the midst of the liberation of Aleppo, which to date is the biggest victory of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies over this felonious five-year conspiracy, a terrible tragedy occurred exactly one week ago in the Homs countryside. Tadmur aka Palmyra was reoccupied by the genocidal Wahahbi cult commonly called Daesh. While this dreadful turn of events took the Resistance Axis by surprise, it tellingly did not shake up Western capitals, nor the Zionist media, which remained relatively calm about the matter. It is this silence from the former and passivity from the latter that betrays the dirty hands of the Empire in the reborn Takfiri theft of Palmyra. Continue reading The Anatomy Of A NATO Deflection Operation: ISIS Reoccupies Palmyra To Distract From Aleppo Victory

The Silent Front: Syria’s Economy

by Z. Dimitrov, Al-Masdar News

In three months, or March 2015, Syria will enter the fourth year of its bitter internal conflict. Most Syrian provinces have suffered from the ongoing insurgency, seeing battles between the Syrian Arab Army and increasingly fundamentalist insurgents which have left extensive destruction in their wake. But while government troops have managed to turn the tide against the insurgency and are now on the offensive on all but one fronts, the sight of another battle looms on the horizon – the battle for the economy. Continue reading The Silent Front: Syria’s Economy

Iraqis prove that ISIS is a paper tiger

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As an Iraqi, it brings me joy beyond measure that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization has broken the barrier of fear created by ISIS and liberated the strategic town of Jaref al-Sakher. This victory has exposed the evil intentions and ineptitude of the Zionist-occupied American regime, prevented any potential Takfiri assault on Baghdad and stopped any Takfiri infiltration into Najaf, Karbala, Kufa and Basra. I also am humbled, in a way that words cannot describe, that the young heroes of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization had the privilege and honor of fighting alongside Iranian Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani — the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard —  who not only developed their battle plan but fought with them on the front line. Suleimani is one of the gems of the Ummah, masha’ALLAH wa ALLAH yehmi ya Rab; a man who has given his life, blood, heart and soul not only to his own nation, that of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the Muslim nation as a whole, and freedom fighters in Lebanon, occupied Palestine and now my precious homeland of Iraq owe much to him. With all of this said however, we cannot in good conscience endorse the view of the piece below which suggests that the battle of Jaref al-Sakher, albeit important in its own right, somehow eclipses the momentousness of the battle for Al-Qusayr in the countryside of Syria’s Homs in May/June 2013. The liberation of Al-Qusayr, led by Hizbullah, changed the game in Syria; the liberation of Al-Qusayr ripped out the heart of the US-Zionist-NATO-GCC-fomented Takfiri rebellion, choked off its most vital supply line and started a chain reaction of Syrian-Arab-Army-Hizbullah-NDF victories — including the liberation of Homs in its entirety, Lattakia and the Qalamoun Mountains — that hasn’t stopped until this very moment. Whether the triumph in Jaref al-Sakher will have a similar domino effect remains to be seen but until then, overblowing it is not just insulting to Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army, but the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and the Iraqi army too, as they’re in for a long fight against the Empire-backed ISIS scourge and lowering their defenses along with developing a level of overconfidence would be detrimental to their struggle. The lesson to be learned here is that the Iraqis can be victorious, they can be ferocious, they can be Husseini, and they can be great, just as Commander Suleimani trained them to be. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Iraqis prove that ISIS is a paper tiger

Syrian Arab Army Captures Final Oil Well at Al-Sha’ar; Nusra Losing Ground in Idlib

by Leith Fadel, Al-Masdar News

In east Homs, the 18th Brigade of the Syrian Arab Army’s 3rd Infantry Division has continued its success north of Palmyra at the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields outskirts, capturing the final oil well (Well 105) in the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) possession. The 18th Brigade was assisted by the SAA’s special forces unit, “Liwaa Al-Qalb Al-Suqour Al-Sahra’a” (Desert Falcons) and Mouqawama Souriya (Syrian Resistance) forces during the latest operations at Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields. The remaining ISIS fighters in the area have retreated north towards the Al-Hasakah Governorate after abandoning their heavy weaponry at the gas fields. Continue reading Syrian Arab Army Captures Final Oil Well at Al-Sha’ar; Nusra Losing Ground in Idlib