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We Remember SSNP Legends Ibtissam Harb And Khaled al-Azraq, Martyred Fighting ‘Israel’ On This Day 33 Years Ago

by Jonathan Azaziah

Bow your heads and be in awe of the Martyrs. Many of you have heard and read about Sana’a “Bride Of The South” Mehaidli, the SSNP warrioress who sacrificed herself in the fight against the Zionist occupation on April 9th, 1985, becoming a Resistance icon recognizable to Mouqawamists and striking fear in the spineless beings of our enemies all over the world. What you more than likely have NOT heard and read about are the two legendary SSNP heroes who followed her dauntless example exactly 3 months later on this day 33 years ago: Ibtissam Harb, a 28-year old Lebanese psychology major from the Chouf Mountains, and Khaled al-Azraq, a 20-year Syrian student from ancient Aleppo. Staging their Resistance attacks only five minutes from one another, they hit ‘Israeli’ checkpoints at Hasbaya, right at the foot of Jabal al-Sheikh, and Ras el-Bayyada, a picturesque little place with a turquoise lagoon known all throughout Lebanon’s South for its beauty. The areas are 3 and 8 miles from occupied Palestine respectively–so close you can taste the Palestinian air. In other words, the operations were more than daring as they were carried out inside the fortified “security zone”. Harb and Al-Azraq however did not fear the Jewish terrorist regime’s helicopters, nor tanks, nor artillery. They went forward with pure hearts and unbreakable determination, giving their lives in the process and also killing and wounding nearly three dozen Zionist invaders and their SLA marionettes. Continue reading We Remember SSNP Legends Ibtissam Harb And Khaled al-Azraq, Martyred Fighting ‘Israel’ On This Day 33 Years Ago

Syria’s Downing Of ‘Israeli’ Warplane, Drone, Is Yet Another Confirmation Of Its Anti-Zionist Identity

by Jonathan Azaziah

Alf mabrouk to the Syrian Arab Army in Quneitra for clipping the wings of an ‘Israeli’ terrorist jet as well as an ‘Israeli’ terrorist drone! Die of rage Zionist swine, nobody believes your lies! This follows a distinct Syrian Anti-Zionist pattern going back decades. Syria’s national army has been fighting off a Wahhabi-Takfiri insurgency that is politically, financially, militarily, logistically and even medically backed by the usurping Jewish supremacist tumor for the last five years; this terrorist onslaught is the culmination of thirty years of strategic ‘Israeli’ planning that started with Operation Oranim and Oded Yinon’s “Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”, before culminating with “Clean Break” in ’96 and the policy papers of PNAC during the reign of the Zio-puppet Bush Junior. Today, Syria, led by President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, resists Operation Oranim 2.0, and thus, every terrorist sent to hell, EVERY SINGLE ONE, is a blow against the illegitimate, artificial Zionist entity. It is Syria that has provided the “most valuable weapons” to both the Lebanese and Palestinian Mouqawamah, and this battlefield reality comes straight from the righteous tongue of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Syrian special forces also played a monumental role in smuggling weapons to the Palestinian Resistance in besieged Gaza alongside Hizbullah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. There of course is the ’73 October War of Liberation, in which the Syrian Arab Republic, under the wise leadership of Hafez al-Assad (R.A.), regained part of its illegally occupied Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan) and would’ve retaken every inch if it wasn’t for collaborator Anwar Sadat’s notorious betrayal and the subsequent intervention by Jewish-Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger.

And in what is one of the least-known truths of history vis-à-vis the Arab struggle against cancerous ‘Israel’, it was the steadfast, dauntless, selfless Syrian Arab Army that gave at least 1,500 martyrs in defense of Beirut when the Zionist occupation army invaded Lebanon for the second time in 1982. Syrian soldiers held the line and prevented ‘Israeli’ usurpers from conquering the Lebanese capital, a key ‘Israeli’ military objective at the time which none other than Ariel Sharon hoped would pave the way not only for a total Zionist takeover of Lebanon, but also a follow-up “regime change” operation to overthrow the Senior Lion of Damascus. There is NO Arab army like the Syrian Arab Army. Not one. Syria’s defenders have achieved victory both directly and by extension via their support for Hizbullah and the Falasteeni Resistance and given rivers of blood for their own land, for Lebanon, for Palestine and for our entire region in the battle against ‘Israel’, the only Arab national military ever to hold such a distinction. Truly, the Syrian Arab Army is Anti-Zionism made flesh. So FUCK YOU to each and every pundit, “analyst”, commentator, “journalist” and “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist who still continue to bark about the “Assad regime” having “never fired a single bullet at ‘Israel'” in light of all this history. FUCK YOU twice, you damn liars, and your wack-ass excuse of an existence too.

The Battle For Humanity’s Future Rages: Aleppo Today Is Aleppo In June 1979 and Lebanon In July 2006

by Jonathan Azaziah

The grand battle currently unfolding in Aleppo is a repetition of history. Over 37 years ago on June 16th, 1979 in Aleppo’s Ramouseh district–where ferocious fighting is still ongoing between thousands of Takfiris from various Al-Qaeda branches and Mouqawamah Axis forces–a brigade of “Muslim” Brotherhood terrorists marched into the Ramouseh Artillery College and slaughtered around 80 Syrian cadets. These Wahhabi maniacs claimed that they were targeting “Nusayris” (Takfiri slur for ‘Alawis)–as if this somehow justifies their demented barbarity–but in reality, there were ‘Alawis, Sunnis, Shi’a and Christians among the massacred young soldiers, proving that even back then Takfiris killed everyone regardless of faith or sect. Hafez al-Assad sent Syrian special forces into every pocket of Halab to hunt down the perpetrators and eventually captured them then sentenced them to death. Following Ikhwan’s unspeakable crime, suicide car bombings and other terrorist attacks engulfed Aleppo, no different than what Halabis are experiencing daily at this very moment, and it wasn’t until February 1982 that the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Jordanian-Saddam-backed “Muslim” Brotherhood insurgency was finally crushed. Continue reading The Battle For Humanity’s Future Rages: Aleppo Today Is Aleppo In June 1979 and Lebanon In July 2006

Baghdad Carnage Today: Daesh’s Ramadan Massacre Of Iraqi Muslims Continues

by Jonathan Azaziah

ISIS’s Ramadan Massacre of Muslim civilians (particularly those of the Shi’a school of thought) continues with more slaughtered in Iraq today. Double car bombs ripped through the town of Taji and the predominantly Shi’a eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Jadida. Casualty count is at least 31 martyrs and over 70 others wounded. Even the most wondrous of wit, the worthiest of wordsmiths, the most anomalous of authors and the most methodical of maestros sometimes hit a block in their ability to express and describe, and I feel like I have just entered that sphere; I have run out of creative, poetic, eloquent ways to say how much I hate Daesh and its American-‘Israeli’-Saudi backers with all of my heart and my soul and every fiber of my being. So I’m just going to say it the way it needs to be said… From my guts: I HATE THESE GOD-FORSAKEN TAKFIRI MOTHERFUCKERS AND I PRAY THEY WILL BE EXTERMINATED OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Continue reading Baghdad Carnage Today: Daesh’s Ramadan Massacre Of Iraqi Muslims Continues

Holocaust Hasbara Hits A New Low: How the world’s most wanted ‘Nazi’ evaded justice for more than 60 years

(EDITOR’S NOTE: You know that World Zionism is seriously grasping at straws when its propagandists churn out weak, pathetic, clownish, borderline hilarious hasbara like this. Not even exaggerating, this bullshit — and yes, bullshit is the only applicable word here — rivals the perfidious “incubator babies” and “Saddam has gas chambers for the Jews” stories which the Zionists were spreading to create an atmosphere of support-based-on-hysteria for their first genocidal war on Iraq. With world opinion shifting against Organized Jewish Interests and their conspiracy against Syria, including within the capitals of their usually reliable marionettes in the West and the Gulf, and world powers starting to see that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s departure from the leadership reins in Damascus would be an irrevocably bad idea, what seems to currently be at play is Jewish desperation at its finest. It would’ve been bad enough if the hasbaraniks simply said that Alois Brunner was hiding in the Syrian Arab Republic, a transparent attempt to link the government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad to the “Nazi” boogeyman and thus cast a shadow of everlasting, ever-damnable evil upon it, but no, they had to go one step further and actually say that Brunner taught torture techniques to the government of Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father and presidential predecessor, and that Brunner was involved in persecuting Syria’s Jews, arguably the least-persecuted Jewish community in the Arab-Islamic world and maybe even all the world. Ridiculous? Yes. Silly even? Undoubtedly. An utter insult to the intelligence of free-thinking humans everywhere? Absolutely. However, there is something far more crucial and hazardous lying beneath this atrociously risible hasbara, as once again, we see the Jews’ most effective and devastating weapon, the Holocaust® narrative aka the Jewish exceptionalist persecution bludgeon, being used as psychological warfare to demonize and weaken one of their enemies. What this Brunner story represents is a manifestation of “Holocaust® consciousness”, the historically twisted Jewish-Zionist ideology that drives rightist and leftist Jews alike to campaign and incite on behalf of World Zionism. And yet, you will not see “solidarity activists” come near this quasi-religion with a ten-foot pole because they are afraid of offending Jews, despite the fact that the Holocaust® narrative is a real-life, real-time aggression against Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghans, Lebanese, Syrians and all other resistant peoples of the globe, and it needs to be understood, analyzed and counteracted so it ceases being the go-to lever that the monsters pull when they find themselves in a geopolitical jam after their schemes fail. It’s time to stop kowtowing to this self-proclaimed “chosenite” oppressor-class and declare that the Holocaust® is as fake as the anti-Zionist Zionists’ opposition to the usurping Jewish entity. The fate of the entire world depends on such a stance. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)
Continue reading Holocaust Hasbara Hits A New Low: How the world’s most wanted ‘Nazi’ evaded justice for more than 60 years