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Degenerate London Anti-Trump Demos II: The Anti-Parasitic Demands You Won’t Hear From These Tools

by Jonathan Azaziah

Reinforcing the fact that the anti-Trump demos in Britain are an abomination, notice that these degenerates make just about ZERO noise regarding the UK ZOG’s very own global regime of militarism and really can’t be bothered protesting the debauchery that unfolds at 10 Downing Street daily. If the aforesaid “movement” was anything real… Long before Trump set foot on the shitty, rainy Island that is Britain… ***THESE*** are what the preeminent demands would be: Continue reading Degenerate London Anti-Trump Demos II: The Anti-Parasitic Demands You Won’t Hear From These Tools

Never, EVER Will You See Mouqawamah Music Say “We Are London!”

by Jonathan Azaziah

“WE ARE LONDON!”, huh? LOL! It’ll be right around the time Hell freezes over and ice cream sundaes with extra sprinkles become an everyday meal for the Hell-dwellers that you’re gonna see me shout, “WE ARE LONDON!” Have you lost your damn minds?! HELL NO WE AIN’T LONDON. Do you know what London even ***IS***?!?!?! London is one of the four capitals of Al-Shaytan on Earth, with the other three being Washington DC, “Tel Aviv” and Herzliya. Within London is the CITY OF LONDON, a state within a state that houses every parasitic, globe-holding Jewish-Zionist banking dynasty and corporate conglomerate monstrosity which rule over humanity with demonic, blood-dripping, serpent-skinned fists. The Rothschilds included. London houses Westminster and Buckingham Palace, the faces of British aggressions abroad. It is from London where the colonization of more than 90% of the entire planet at the hands of the Yiddish Empire was commandeered. It is London where pedophiles in every branch of the regime and the Blue Bacon (pigs/police) run amuck. It is London which oversaw the destruction and destabilization of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as well as Syria, Libya and Yemen today. Continue reading Never, EVER Will You See Mouqawamah Music Say “We Are London!”

Don’t Be Surprised That Zionist, Pedophile Hollywood Gave An Oscar To The Terrorist White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

Considering that Hollywood is owned and run by Zionist Jews, it shouldn’t come as a surprise or an outrage that the proxies of the Zionist Jews in the criminal war on Syria–i.e. the White Helmets aka Al-Qaeda aka Jabhat al-Nusra–won the Oscar for “Best Documentary”. Zio-Hollywood has long played a role in the destabilization of the Syrian Arab Republic, including as recently as the distortion of events in now-liberated Aleppo, and the White Helmets’ “victory” is merely an extension of this filthy institution’s ongoing complicity in the conspiracy against the Resistance Axis.

Moreover, if we’re really getting down to brass tacks here… Is it really SO shocking that these US-UK-Soros-backed terrorists won an Oscar when just 15 years ago the notorious Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski took home the Academy Award for “Best Director”? The degeneracy in the air is so thick that you could cut it with a plastic butter knife. Come on people!

Zionists, Pedophiles and Terrorists are the unholy trinity of American Liberal “Culture”. And Hollywood is the very nexus point where they all meet and plot to erode humanity’s moral compass further and further ’till nothing but their warped Weltanschauung remains.

“Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saw “Spotlight” over the weekend with my little brother. Well-done film, from the acting to the direction to the story. But there was an 800-pound gorilla with a six-pointed star tattooed on its head pounding its chest in the back and front of my mind the entire time I was watching: Would Martin Baron, the Jewish editor of the Boston Globe at the time, have shown so much vigor and dedicated so much time and effort along with so many resources to exposing the systemic horror of rabbis raping children in the Jewish community? Not in this life or the Hereafter. There are rabbinical predators harming kids in every major city in the US, every major city in Canada, every major city in Europe, every major city in Australia and New Zealand, in South Africa and yes, even inside the disgusting Zionist entity itself. The biggest monsters off the top of my head? Avrohom Mondrowitz, Israel Weingarten and Solomon Hafner. Unspeakable what this spawn of Satan did to hundreds upon hundreds of innocents and barely anybody outside the Jewish community even knows who they are. Continue reading “Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

Sexual Abuse Against Palestinian Child Detainees Reported

At least 600 Palestinian children were arrested in Jerusalem since last June. Of these chlidren, nearly 40% were reportedly exposed to sexual abuse during arrest or investigation by the Israeli authorities, according to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC).

The PCC says that the daily arrest campaigns constitute a collective punishment against Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.

Attorney with the PCC, Mufeed al-Haj, said that other violations were reported during the apprehension of children, including but not limited to night and predawn raids on family homes, physical and sexual abuse. Continue reading Sexual Abuse Against Palestinian Child Detainees Reported

Tory MP ‘strangled’ boy to death at sex abuse party, victim claims

by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, The Independent

A victim of the alleged Westminster paedophile ring that operated nearly three decades ago has claimed he saw a Conservative MP strangle a young boy to death at an “abuse party”.

The victim, who has been named “Nick,” has detailed the murder of the 12-year-old boy to police, The Sunday People and Exaro investigations agency, and alleged that two other boys were also killed by the abusers. Continue reading Tory MP ‘strangled’ boy to death at sex abuse party, victim claims

Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know’

by The Daily Mail

  • Retired BBC worker claims that ‘big names’ were involved in abuse
  • Dando ‘handed a file to management but nothing was done about it’
  • The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims

Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando tried to get BBC bosses to investigate an alleged paedophile ring in the corporation, it has today been claimed.

A former friend and retired BBC worker has claimed that the television host was told that ‘big name stars’ and BBC staff were involved in abuse.

But when she tried to get her superiors to investigate, and handed a file to senior management, no action was taken, the source claims. Continue reading Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know’

Jewish community and US “elites” do it too: Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman sexually abused boys

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Stories like these are a slap in the face to every cowardly, conniving liberal and so-called “activist” for lashing out at many a person for even mentioning — let alone attempting to document and expose — that the maniacs running this planet are engaged in the systematic rape and abuse of children. This ain’t no damn conspiracy theory. This is real life, and the harshest, most cringe-worthy form of real life there is. The cases of former MI6 chieftain Peter Hayman, along with BBC superstar and committed supporter of the genocidal Zionist entity Jimmy Savile, don’t even scratch the surface of what can only be described  as a culture of pedophilia in the UK’s political establishment. As the scandal continues to unfold, it has now been uncovered that dozens of British MPs are part of the cover-up, and don’t think that the American regime doesn’t have a similar and worse-off problem. From the gut-wrenching Franklin Cover-Up to the disturbing revelations put forth by MK Ultra victim Cathy O’Brien, an even more depraved culture of pedophilia, satanism, other occult practices, prostitution and human trafficking exists in the United States. And then there is the issue of the rampant sexual abuse of children in the “chosen” Jewish community that comprises the “elite” of the “elite” in the Western world, from Montreal to Brooklyn, New Jersey to Toronto, Australia to the usurping Zionist entity itself, which has been described as a “pedophile’s paradise”. Mouqawamah Music is highlighting this monumental story because the Jewish Power Configuration and its shabbos goy governments in the West — particularly in the White House and Westminster — are mentally, religiously, politically and socially unhinged and shaytanic; and to defend ourselves and our own children from these monsters’ degeneracy, we must understand just how deep it goes. And once that comprehension takes effect, it is imperative that we spiritually inoculate ourselves — whether through Islam, de-Zionized, true Christianity or any other pure, un-Judaized form of spirituality — so the aforementioned iniquity doesn’t infect or corrupt our very souls and beings. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)   Continue reading Jewish community and US “elites” do it too: Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman sexually abused boys