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When It Comes To Syria, The “Antiwar” Jeremy Corbyn Is No Different Than Any Other Liberal Zio-Imperialist

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fuck Jeremy Corbyn. And if anyone is still rocking with this mealy-mouthed fraudster after this, then trust, FUCK YOU TOO. Because when it comes to Syria (Our Backbone), your two-faced non-messiah is no different than any other liberal Zio-Imperialist piece of dog shit in any Western ZOG of your choosing. He personifies the Shabbos-Goy-In-Anti-Zionist-Clothing. Continue reading When It Comes To Syria, The “Antiwar” Jeremy Corbyn Is No Different Than Any Other Liberal Zio-Imperialist

Rothschild, Soros, Cameron and “Leftists” Cry Hysterically As Brits Vote For Brexit

by Jonathan Azaziah

Never thought I would utter these words in my entire existence: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE ON EXITING THE EU. With the full weight of International Jewish Finance and the American-Zionist Empire it controls bearing down on your necks, you Brits regained a slice of your dignity by defiantly voting in favor of sovereignty and an end to plutocratic corporate bureaucracy. The false flag assassination of Syria-hating Imperialist Jo Cox totally backfired! The amount of tears currently flowing from the yellowbelly maggot “leftists”, liberals and “radical anti-Imperialists” who campaigned on the side of the pro-EU, utterly Zionized establishment could literally end world thirst. LITERALLY! It’s spectacular! Also, gotta say, watching David Cameron, a son of Jewish banking royalty and the Zionist murderer of Yemenis, Syrians and Iraqis, squirm like the worm he is as he gave his pathetic resignation speech, was equally tremendous. Brits beware though: Voting “leave”, while admirable, was the easy part. Maintaining steadfastness and making sure the break with the neoliberal EU superstructure actually goes down is something entirely different. Indeed, the struggle is far from over and it wouldn’t shock me one bit if the same treacherous British ruling “elites” who systematically rape children, invade Global South nations, bow at the feet of international bankers and work with Mossad in the staging of false flags find a way to buck the will of the people and preserve the Judaized status quo. Thus, forgive the repetition but… Brits beware. And with that word of caution in the books, allow me to conclude by saying I would kill right now, KILL (preferably an ‘Israeli’ settler or a Saudi occupation soldier in Yemen), to be a fly on the wall in the mansions of Rothschild and Soros. Those blood-drinking demonic beasts, who campaigned so vociferously against Brexit, must be losing their damn minds as we speak and this, if only this, in and of itself, is one hell of a reason to smile from ear to ear. Mabrouk again Brits! #DeathToTheEU #BrexitWins #RothschildLoses #SorosLoses #CryZionCry #MaaSalaamaCameron #LeftistTears

Sheikh Zakzaky’s Been Jailed For 5 Months, Where Are The “Palestine Solidarity” Activists?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Five months. Count ’em any which way you want. FIVE DAMN MONTHS, 152 days, 3,648 hours, 22 weeks, and Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, the fiery Husseini-Khomeiniist revolutionary who has brought millions of Nigerians to Islam and awakened them to the Palestinian cause, remains unjustly locked up in a Nigerian regime dungeon. FIVE DAMN MONTHS since the Zaria Massacre and the US-Zionist-Saudi-bought stooge Muhammadu Buhari as well as his generals who carried out the mass killings, not to mention the bestial beating, shooting and torture of the Sheikh, remain unscathed. Zion’s blood-soaked puppet in Abuja was recently in the UK to meet with the wicked son of Jewish banking royalty and the murderer of Yemeni babies David Cameron… Think there were any “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists staging demos en masse for Zakzaky, the pure, stouthearted, righteous hero and lover of Falasteen? NOT A ONE. NOT A DAMN ONE. Continue reading Sheikh Zakzaky’s Been Jailed For 5 Months, Where Are The “Palestine Solidarity” Activists?