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Traitors! Damned Traitors! Curses Upon The Shabbos Goyim Who Helped ‘Israel’ Pull Off 9/11

by Jonathan Azaziah

You’ve all heard the cliches about no enemy being more dangerous, more cunning and more destructive than the one inside the gates. Upon penetrating your defenses, it begins to spread its influence like an airborne toxin and slither its tentacles into places you weren’t even aware could be reached, changing the very fabric of a society, from its consciousness to its politics. The infiltration becomes so pervasive that people become more loyal to the Parasite than the Host, forgetting where which one ends and where which one starts. There is no more apt description for ‘Israel’ and how extensively embedded it is in the presidential, congressional, judicial, military, financial, media and intelligence spheres of the United States of America than this–that of a blood-sucking, deep-burrowing leech.

Nor is there a better demonstration of the sheer, unadulterated dominance ‘Israel’ possesses than the September 11th terrorist attacks. Every big criminal job, whether it’s a heist or a black op, needs an inside man. And ‘Israel’ had a network of traitors at its disposal, committed beyond committed to upholding the interests of Organized Jewry over and above America; over and above humanity. Indeed, there are MANY who deserve to be hung from lamp posts for betraying this country for the malignant tumor putrefying Palestine. But exposing the following Dirty Baker’s Dozen of Shabbos Goyim who helped the usurping Zionist entity pull off the 9/11 false flag and give birth to GWOT will get us underway properly. Time to name and shame these whores of Zion:

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House Muslim Linda Sarsour Tows Her Zionist Masters’ Line And Says Trump Is Committing “Treason”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Linda Sarsour, that despicable creature. I thought she maxed out last year when she raised money for a Zionist synagogue over some damaged Jewish graves that a rabbi more than likely vandalized to begin with. But boy was I wrong. Every time I think that she hits Peak Liberal and Pinnacle House Muslim, she finds a way to take it to an even higher, more degenerate degree. I gotta give the cockroach credit, it’s almost like a gift. Yes, Sarsour the Snakeskinned is at it again, this time accusing Donald Trump of committing “treason” all over her Twitter account because of the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She ain’t think it was treason when Trump received orders from Jewish billionaires Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus and Sheldon Adelson to collude with a foreign power — ‘Israel’ — and recognize illicit Zionist authority over Al-Quds. She ain’t screech that it was treason when Trump made the decision to continue backing the genocidal war on Yemen waged by Saudi Arabia in collusion with… ‘Israel’. She ain’t bark that it was treason when Trump stepped up support to the God-awful Venezuelan opposition in collusion… with ‘Israel’. She ain’t whine about any damn treason when Trump colluded with a foreign power — ‘Israel’ — to inaugurate operations rooms meant for destabilizing the Islamic Republic of Iran. Continue reading House Muslim Linda Sarsour Tows Her Zionist Masters’ Line And Says Trump Is Committing “Treason”

Western “Muslims” Screech Over Trump’s “Refugee Ban” But Still Say ZERO About Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky 14 Months Into His Illegal Jailing

by Jonathan Azaziah

What a miserable world of hypocrites and cowards we live in, huh? It’s now been 14 months and 430 days to be exact that Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Africa’s torchbearer of the Palestinian cause and the foremost preacher of Islam on this lil’ thing we call Earth, has been wrongfully imprisoned by the corrupt and murderous regime of Muhammadu Buhari. Another statistic: It’s now been 74 days since the Nigerian Federal High Court in Abuja, the most important legal body in the nation’s capital, ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky MUST be released immediately. Do the math. The Sheikh’s release–and do note that he and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat NEVER, NEVER, NEVER should have been imprisoned to start with–is now 29 days overdue. Continue reading Western “Muslims” Screech Over Trump’s “Refugee Ban” But Still Say ZERO About Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky 14 Months Into His Illegal Jailing

Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards), Off 2015’s Son Of Kufa Vol. 1, Is Now Out

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

With the betrayers and haters of Syria continuing to vomit their hasbaranik lies a mile a minute, the time seriously couldn’t be more appropriate to let my joint “Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards)”, off my 2015 album Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly, rock as a single. No doubt the song is a bit of an epic, clocking in at 6 verses across 8 MADD COLD minutes and 59 seconds of pure freezer burn, but the meaning behind it–Long Live Syria in the face of an onslaught of ultra-Talmudic propaganda–is too powerful not to share. I actually wrote this joint during the Zionist-Turkish-Saudi chemical weapons false flag in Eastern Ghouta in August 2013 when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the “Palestine Solidarity” and “antiwar” movements were begging Zio-NATO for intervention on Syrian soil to implement “regime change”. I was astounded by their mental failure to peep the okey doke and see what ‘Israel’ was attempting to do as a means of changing the map of our whole region. It was like these “activists” didn’t learn a thing from Libya; like they didn’t learn a thing from Iraq; like they ain’t learn a damn thing from Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc. Their refusal to see the deception being perpetrated by the Jewish-Zionist media and the sheer hatefulness they expressed towards the Syrian Arab Army filled me with so, so, SO much fury. So much. And I took out all that rage on every bar I penned as I tore into the maggot hypocrites who claimed to care about Syria bit by bit. Upon completing the joint, there was enough frantic Mouqawamism and militantly volcanic vexation meshed together to fill up the Milky Way, wallahi. So for my Syrian brothers and sisters, for all the people of Bilad al-Sham, and for any brave, truthful soul who has defended Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the people and the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah online and offline from the get-go, LET IT KNOCK! “This is like that General Issam Zahreddine music, that Colonel Suheil Hassan music, you nah mean?! Long Live Syria, down with the rebels!”