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Rest In Eternal Serenity Nashid Abdul Khaliq (R.A.): Father and Husband, Islamic Revolutionary and Fearless Truth-Seeker

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Earlier this year on February 17th, the most important African-American Muslim thinker since Malcolm X (R.A.) and one of the foremost Islamic liberationist revolutionaries on the entire planet, Nashid Abdul Khaliq (R.A.), departed this world for the Akhira. My teacher, my mentor, my friend, my big brother… I looked at the man like a father figure and loved him as if he was such. To know Nashid in fact, was to love him. It was impossible not to. He was warm. He was comforting. He was selfless. He was valorous. And he had so much knowledge and love for humanity to impart. There wasn’t a single time in the near-decade I had the pleasure and honor of being in his orbit–yes, orbit, Sidi Nashid was planetary, masha’ALLAH–that I spoke to him and came away without learning something new or seeing our struggle against the Beast in a deeper, more strategic way. Continue reading Rest In Eternal Serenity Nashid Abdul Khaliq (R.A.): Father and Husband, Islamic Revolutionary and Fearless Truth-Seeker

Palestinian Activist-MC Mabous48’s 30-Track “Sum Power 4 Da Masses” Is A Hip-Hop Masterpiece

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

If you love Palestine and you love Hip-Hop, then what you need to do is go cop my dearest brother from another mother Ali Mabous’s new album “Sum Power 4 Da Masses”. Sometimes dark and sometimes beautiful, sometimes poetic and sometimes raw, but always, always, ALWAYS dope beyond measure, my beloved dun effortlessly delivers a 30-track masterpiece and his best work to date. The son of martyred Palestinian Resistance legend Muhammad Abbas (aka Abou Abbas) and an artist-activist of the utmost ability and passion, Mabous48’s story ***MUST*** be heard and should be cherished by anyone and everyone who considers himself (or herself) Mouqawamist-minded. I was (and am) so happy to be part of this gorgeous release, on the 21st joint, “Power Of Language (Language Is War),” and it is definitely one of the highlights of the record. My other personal favorites are “Power Trippin'”, “Tales of Power”, “Hip-Hop and I”, “Universal Movement”, “Mabous Da Masses” and “Pure Power” which features Hip-Hop legend Canibus. Mabous, habibi, you should be beyond proud of yourself for this project… It ain’t just your magnum opus but a gem and a half. From Iraq to Falasteen, Brooklyn to Montreal, Striking Star Salute and keep ’em coming!!

Zionized NYPD Rookie Shoots Unarmed Black Man Dead In BK’s Pink Houses

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Growing up in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn, New York’s notorious Bedford-Stuyvesant, and having more than a few run-ins with the NYPD myself, including run-ins that ended in physical abuse, intimidation and my homies’ innocent blood being shed,  I can say categorically that there wasn’t a damn thing “accidental” about this shooting, regardless of the pigs’ pathetic spin. The NYPD is a historically bigoted institution that has been murdering, maiming, beating, raping, wrongfully arresting and harassing Men and Women of Color since time immemorial.  There’s nothing new here. What is not being reported however is that since 9/11, police militarization has gone through the roof, making a brutal institution like the NYPD even more ruthless than it already is. And at the heart of this matter is the usurping Zionist entity. The ties between IOF and NYPD now run so deep, that the latter opened up a branch in occupied Palestine. New York City’s cops have been trained by the illegitimate Jewish gangster “state” since 2002, and one only needs to look at the number of increased racist incidents against Blacks, Latinos and particularly Arabs and Muslims to see the direct correlation between the two happenings. This process of “Israelification” solidifies World Zionism’s stranglehold over Amerikkka and reinforces the need to establish community-based, self-defense organizations to take control of our neighborhoods as a means of protecting ourselves from these trigger-happy, Zionized maniacs who are nothing less than Blue Bacon. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Zionized NYPD Rookie Shoots Unarmed Black Man Dead In BK’s Pink Houses