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Syria: Israeli Hands Meddling On The Southern Front

(photo above of the occupied Golan Heights by Mouqawamah Music Managing Editor Assad al-Liftawi)

by Hassan Illeik and Firas Choufi, Al-Akhbar English

The latest battles on the southern front in Syria fall within the context of the escalation with Israel in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and southern Lebanon. Although coordination between Israel and armed opposition groups preceded the attack in Quneitra, the surge in fighters along the Daraa, Quneitra and Zabadani fronts suggests, according to some, a clear Israeli message — namely, that they are able to engage on more than one front.

Even before the latest snowstorm, most Syrian fronts were relatively calm compared to the situation in recent weeks and months, from Aleppo and Idlib in the north to Daraa and Quneitra in the south, including the Hama, Homs and Damascus countrysides. The only exceptions were ISIS’s battles with Kurdish forces in Kobane (Ain al-Arab), and with the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor. Continue reading Syria: Israeli Hands Meddling On The Southern Front

Harry Fear’s unbridled narcissism and the darker implications for indigenous journalism

Editor’s Note

The emergence of Harry Fear’s smug face on Russia Today earlier brought a dose of unexpected comedy to my evening, but at the same time brought a hugely important yet rarely talked about point to the fore.

Before I continue, allow me to share these priceless nuggets with you. Without a shred of irony, this nauseating narcissist actually uttered the following sentences during a clip of himself (who else?) doing ‘his thing’:

“When I start writing, I’m an unstoppable force.”

“I’m in the zone now, my genius is coming out.”

Fear’s complete lack of insight into how painfully cringeworthy he comes across is tragic and hilarious in equal measure. That aside, there is a more important, quite dangerous point to note here. Fear represents a pernicious phenomenon that is plaguing activism and journalism, resulting in the indigenous (in the case of Palestine especially) being denied a voice. This point is so essential, so key, so incredibly important, that I personally am profoundly grateful to Cygnus, a very talented writer at Revolving Rapids, who has driven the point home eloquently and quite hilariously.

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Media paints British Zionist settler as “peace lover”

Editor’s Note

MSN News (along with several other mainstream news outlets) are portraying the British Zionist settler killed in yesterday’s Jerusalem synagogue attack – or more aptly, resistance operation – as a man who merely wanted peace.

British Zionist Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg was born in Liverpool, and later moved from London to Palestine as part of the Zionist project. Using his ethnicity and religious persuasion he has usurped Palestinian land and rights, claiming unique Jews-only rights in a land that does not belong to him, a land occupied by the foreign usurping entity that granted him his racist privileges. These actions are not consistent with a person wanting peace.
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Zionist violence escalates in Occupied Palestine

Editor’s Note

In the wake of today’s Palestinian attack on a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem, the Zionist regime is stepping up its violent attacks against the indigenous occupied Palestinians. Amidst a global media assault on Palestine, two things must be borne in mind in order to render the situation fairly.

Firstly, it is downright disingenuous and simply plain wrong to define an “Israeli” settler as a civilian and by extension a victim of “terror”. The Zionist project from its very inception in the 19th century, brought Jewish immigrants from all over the world into Palestine in order to violently seize Palestinian land and dispossess the indigenous Palestinians so that “Israel” could come into being. The mere length of time that a squatter has resided on land that does not belong to him can never transform a bogus claim into a right. “Israel” is an illegitimate entity and “Israeli” is a manufactured label meant to give supremacist settlers a national identity. Every single “Israeli”, without exception, is a settler and a colonist and can never be described as a “civilian”, lest the very definition of this word be bent out of all recognition. Of the four victims of today’s Jerusalem synagogue attack, three held US Passports and one was British, born in the UK, yet they will be defined as “Israeli” and they will be defined as “civilians”.
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Haaretz Publishes Captionless Cartoon Depicting “Israel” as Perpetrator of 9/11 Attacks

Editor’s Note

There is an obvious significance to this story that cannot and will not be revealed by Jewish or Western media. The captionless cartoon published in “Israeli” newspaper Haaretz unambiguously portrays Benjamin ‘Mileikowsky’ Netanyahu flying a jet marked “Israel” into the World Trade Center. The ostensible theme of the cartoon is Zionist butcher Mileikowsky’s ‘trashing of US-Israel relations’, a notion that is nonsensical to any person who understands the true nature of the US-“Israel” relationship – one of complete and total fawning and subservience – with US Congressmen and Presidents alike being literally selected by the Jewish lobby.

Verily, the astounding significance of this cartoon lays not with “US-Israel relations”, but with the Jewish false flag of 9/11 itself. It was Benjamin “Mileikowsky” (hailing from modern day Belarus, not Palestine) Netanyahu in 1987 who penned the book “Terrorism: How the West Can Win”; this butcher of Gaza was not only one of the key architects of the Mossad false flag of 9/11, but in fact one of the seminal authors of “War on Terror” mythology.

Is this cartoon a display of characteristic Zionist and Jewish arrogance, or simply an example of the unmitigated stupidity of a liberal Jewish journalist trying to make a tame and widely-known point in a provocative way?

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On History and Intellectual Courage

By Assad Al-Liftawi.

I want to talk about something which is taboo yet cliche. It is widely accepted yet universally denied. Those who talk about this are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and racists. On the other hand, many people freely admit this reality but dismiss it as inconsequential and ‘the way it is’.

Jews dominate Hollywood, the global news media, and the global financial system. By extension it is often argued that ‘Jews run the world’. Essentially, one group of people with a unifying ideology and vested interest, is controlling the institutions by which we receive news. In addition to this, the film industry and cinematic media is something which we develop a very profound emotional attachment to and identify with closely. In other words, we are talking about an instrument of brainwashing. Is this not something we should talk about? If, for example, Hollywood, the global news media, and our ‘fiat money’ financial institutions were dominated by Arab Muslims, would we perceive this as a problem?

Of course we would, and rightly so. But this is not the case currently – we are afraid of speaking out and tackling this. Why? Continue reading On History and Intellectual Courage