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Subversion In Yemen’s Sanaa: Massive Ansarullah-Led Antiwar Rally Hijacked By Saudi-Zio-Sorosite Fifth Columnists

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was a typical Friday in the ancient Yemeni capital city of Sanaa. Led by Yemen’s righteous Islamic Resistance, Ansarullah, and backed up by the Yemeni Armed Forces, millions on top of millions of Yemenis poured into the streets to denounce Saudi Arabia, the UAE and numerous Western ZOGs, chiefly America, for the continuing bombing and besiegement of the Arab world’s poorest nation. The Sarkha was raised high. Its precious slogans were called out. Yemen’s flag was lifted along with it. The demo swelled and swelled until it became a sea of red, white, black and green defiance. The message of the Mouqawamah and all its supporters was the same it has been since March 26th, 2015 when Al-Saud and its cronies began this genocidal aggression on behalf of ‘Israel’: We are a people undefeated. We are a people unbroken. We are a people undeterred. They marched after Jummah prayers and gave not one damn about whether or not the Saudi and Emirati invaders would attack them. It was the courage and strength that we’ve come to know and love from the magnificent Yemeni people. Continue reading Subversion In Yemen’s Sanaa: Massive Ansarullah-Led Antiwar Rally Hijacked By Saudi-Zio-Sorosite Fifth Columnists

Million-Man Jummah March For Yemen’s Fallen: Al-Saud Cannot Defeat Ansarullah And The Yemeni Culture Of Martyrdom

by Jonathan Azaziah

Never lose track of the truth that steadfastness and faith, defiance and resistance are all interchangeable with the word “YEMENI”. Beginning at the crack of dawn yesterday for Jummah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its supporters mobilized in their millions on the streets of Sanaa to offer their salutes to the moujahideen of Ansarullah who had fallen defending Yemen over the past week, as well as the many civilians who had lost their lives to US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi air strikes and siege. Yemen’s capital turned into a human sea of martyr portraits, Yemeni flags and banners of Ansarullah’s slogan–the best slogan there is. With bombs falling all around them, the first concern of the Yemeni Mouqawamah was to uphold the honor of its martyrs, a missive to the Wahhabi-Takfiri despots that no drop of blood that they spill is forgotten. You chilled up yet? I damn sure am. Continue reading Million-Man Jummah March For Yemen’s Fallen: Al-Saud Cannot Defeat Ansarullah And The Yemeni Culture Of Martyrdom

Jo Cox Ain’t No Martyr; She Was A Syria-Hating Imperialist Killed In A Likely False Flag

by Jonathan Azaziah

I’m not going to say I don’t have the intention of pissing on everybody’s parade because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so let me just get on with it. Slain British MP Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. Okay? She’s not. She’s not a “martyr in the fight against resurgent Hitlerian fascism” as some idiotic “leftists” who are probably on the payroll of MI5 happen to be saying–a “resurgent Hitlerian fascism” mind you that doesn’t exist. She’s not a “martyr for European unity” either–a “European unity” mind you that means the preservation of the Zionist-dominated, absolutely hegemonic, totally dictatorial, insanely bureaucratic, multinational-corporation-adored, sovereignty-eroding European Union. And she’s not a “martyr for BDS” as some maddeningly moronic “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists are referring to her as–a “BDS” mind you that does not target Jewish-Zionist-owned corporations outside of the ‘Israeli’ tumor which represent pillars of Global Zionism or even ‘Israeli’ individuals who live on stolen land, only ‘Israeli’ companies and ‘Israeli’-linked companies in the West that fall under the strict guidelines of the increasingly toothless BDS Movement. Not under any circumstances, not in ANY definition of the word, not in ANY applicable situation vis-a-vis our Mouqawamist-Liberationist discourse which we use to extricate our peoples and homies from mainstream Zio-controlled narratives is this rank, stank, putrid British Imperialist a “martyr”. Continue reading Jo Cox Ain’t No Martyr; She Was A Syria-Hating Imperialist Killed In A Likely False Flag

Hussein al-Houthi and Hajj Moustafa: The Poetic Tale Of Two Sayyed Badreddines

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Sons of Karbala, Yemeni and Lebanese
In your selfless sacrifice, you’re now together, see?! It’s destiny!
With your holy martyr blood, you laid waste to the enemies’ hegemony
And even as they concocted malevolence
So toxic, this nemesis
Noxious since Genesis, they’ve been operating heavily with devilry
You still strove!
And chilled those ill souls!
‘Till those pathetic schemes were leveled clean
Like your Katyushas had swooped in and reduced ‘em to kettle steam and severed dreams
Because your raw faith is like pure grace, you know the remedy is heavenly
Qur’anic Culture is the answer
to the Halakhic vultures and their cancer
And you both walked the path of Mouqawamah to tread and reach the mezzanine
You both waged Resistance and blazed more than a trail
You were like chainsaws and the nails
in the coffins of these savages, shattered them ‘till their entity was dead and reamed
Brought so many to this Cause of Truth, moving cleverly with enmity
towards these demons who never seem to let it breathe
in their quest to offensively and endlessly
wreak havoc on Earth and spread disease and entropy
You burning embers of Nour, you roared back relentlessly with chemistry
derived from ALLAH (SWT) to inspire Jihad for the past, future and presently so epically
Sharp as Zulfiqar, your most handsome angelic wings just yell and scream
As you soar so majestically and splendidly
And your dauntless spirits…
Live on like lyrics…
in the struggles of the oppressed, the stricken and the peasantry foreverly
Two Sayyed Badreddines, glowing so luminescently in ecstasy
Two Sayyed Badreddines, glowing so fluorescently with Heaven’s gleam
Two Sayyed Badreddines, martyrdoms mirror each other!
Like reflections so clear of each other!
Like your spirits be brothers! The comparison rings true so resplendently and specially
Sons of Karbala, Yemeni and Lebanese
In your selfless sacrifice, you’re now together, see?! It’s destiny!

Sayyed Al-Houthi Salutes Hajj Moustafa Badreddine In Message To Sayyed Nasrallah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Heartwarming to the trillionth power. Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the Striking Star and righteous leader of Ansarullah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance, has congratulated Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Guiding Light and saintly leader of Hizbullah, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, on the martyrdom of Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine, who was taken from us by Zionist-backed Takfiri goons. The significance of this beautiful gesture really can’t be understated. Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi lost his brother, Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), on September 10th, 2004 to a cowardly, US-Saudi-‘Israeli’-backed Saleh regime air strike on the Mouqawamah giant’s sanctuary in the mountains of Saada’s Marran district. The Houthis refer to this horrific crime as “Yemen’s Karbala” and “Saada’s Ashoura”. Sayyed Hussein’s martyrdom reinvigorated their resistance, reinforced their steadfastness and solidified their identity as true Moustazafeen who were being transgressed against by the cruelest of Moustakbireen. Essentially, Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi had laid the groundwork for Ansarullah to become a force to be reckoned with years before, instilling Qur’anic Culture in his partisans and birthing the slogan which would be central to their ideology of Mouqawamism, but it wasn’t until his blessed sacrifice that their victory manifested into reality. So Ansarullah’s chief knows deeply and painfully what it is like to lose a moujahid, a friend and a brother as vital as Hajj Moustafa Badreddine. Undoubtedly, the closeness which has developed between Hizbullah and Ansarullah as well as the Lebanese and Yemeni peoples since the Wahhabi-Zionist-Imperialist war on Yemen began, is now going to skyrocket even further. Heroes unite with heroes, Resistance unites with Resistance, and the sons of Imam Hussein (A.S.) unite with the sons of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Just read Sayyed Abdul Malik’s words. Wonderful. Simply… Wonderful.

“With dignity and appreciation we received the news of the great Jihadi leader Moustafa ‘Sayyed Zulfiqar’ Badreddine’s martyrdom. Sayyed Zulfiqar was a knight whose lifelong Jihad was crowned with martyrdom after a righteous existence full of sacrifice and steadfastness for the sake of ALLAH (SWT). This dear knight carried the banner of the Muhammadi and Husseini convoy. We ask ALLAH (SWT) to accept him. Hizbullah, with its glorious path which is full of charity and sacrifice, will only become more victorious and blessed by ALLAH (SWT). These great sacrifices make these men of Resistance worthy of their sacred goal and their rightful position. This is the path which knows neither weakness nor surrender. The sacrifices made on this path know no bounds. Sayyed Nasrallah, we offer our congratulations to you for this martyr who triumphed and to your Party for this great honor. We also offer our condolences for the loss of this beloved man, and we ask ALLAH (SWT) to bless Hizbullah’s men of Jihad.”