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Disgrace To Iraq, Disgrace To Islam: Neocon War Criminal Michael Rubin Defiles Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Shrine With His Presence

by Jonathan Azaziah

Zionist Jew and neocon war criminal Michael Rubin speaking inside Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) shrine. Abomination. Just… an abomination. Still completely whammied that this isn’t something out of our worst nightmares. It actually happened. This vile and monstrous creature was inside the haram of our beloved Aba Abdallah (A.S.) to give a talk about Iraq’s future on the somber occasion of Imam Zayn al-Abideen’s (A.S.) martyrdom anniversary–something this hateful and parasitic demon mistakenly, insultingly and despicably declared to be a “festival”. The first question is: Who the f*** invited him there? Was it the MI6-Mossad-linked Shirazis? Was it the “moderate” (read: Westoxified) Modaressis, who basically take orders from the Shirazis? Was it Saudi-owned Muqtada al-Sadr? Was it the new stooge in charge of the Iraqi government, Adel Abdul Mahdi al-Mountafiqi? Who? The second and perhaps more important question is: Why the f*** didn’t anyone remove his sanguinary Yahoudling hide from the maqam the moment that they knew who he was? Continue reading Disgrace To Iraq, Disgrace To Islam: Neocon War Criminal Michael Rubin Defiles Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Shrine With His Presence

Beware Of UN Watch: Zionist Jews Attempting To Hijack Our Anti-Wahhabi, Anti-Saudi Discourse

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saudi Arabia’s election to the UN Women’s Rights Commission is, without reservation, an abomination to end all abominations; a hypocrisy to end all hypocrisies; a sick joke to end all sick jokes–almost as sick as the swill that flies out of the mouth of Christ-hating Zionist hag Sarah Silverman. That this regime–which does not allow a woman to even step outside of her home without a male guardian watching over her every move, which bankrolls and arms terrorists in Syria who are caging, raping and killing Syrian women and abducting little Syrian girls to sell in (Zionist-linked) human-trafficking rings, and which is bombing, maiming and starving our sisters in Yemen–could be elected to such a body shows how corrupt, worthless and how completely (and hopelessly) aligned with the Empire that the UN is. Just as Al-Saud literally bought its seat on the UN Human Rights Council from the UK for around 100,000 smackers–another borderline-satirical political event that represents a total aversion to anything and everything EVER associated with the concept of “human rights”–there isn’t much doubt that the same scenario occurred here. Only a matter of who was paid and what the price was. Continue reading Beware Of UN Watch: Zionist Jews Attempting To Hijack Our Anti-Wahhabi, Anti-Saudi Discourse

Zio-Killary Isn’t The 2016 US Presidential Election’s “Lesser Evil”! She’s The ONLY Evil!

by Jonathan Azaziah

I want to be unequivocally clear about the 2016 US “election” cycle: There is no “lesser of two evils”. There is only ONE, that’s it, just ONE evil, and its blood-soaked name is Hillary Clinton. It is simply incredible that so many “leftists” are essentially ignoring all the horror that Clinton has inflicted on this planet because the arrogant billionaire Donald Trump has said a few mean things that were blown insanely out of proportion by the gang of apes and pigs that we call the Zionist media. Seriously, I knew y’all “socialist” types were a bunch of chickenshit, wet-blanket, effeminate, precious-snowflake cowards but DAMN, I didn’t realize y’all were THAT bad. Let us review the record now, shall we? The neocons hate Trump and they love Killary. Wall Street hates Trump and it loves Killary. Organized Jewry STILL hates Trump in spite of all his boot-licking at AIPAC and loves Killary. The Saudis hate Trump and not only do they love Killary, they’re actually bankrolling her campaign! And while Trump has done his fair share of shady business deals, has been particularly vile with his hands in gentrification throughout New York City and is, for all intents and purposes, a narcissistic asshole, he ain’t a mass murderer, nor is he the one drinking ‘Goy’ baby blood with the upper echelons of the Kehilla whilst annihilating Global South nation after Global South nation. That distinction solely belongs to Killary. Continue reading Zio-Killary Isn’t The 2016 US Presidential Election’s “Lesser Evil”! She’s The ONLY Evil!

Muhammad Ali: Friend Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another reason to love Muhammad Ali and tip your fitted in respect to this crazy-smooth, pugilistically-genius, supremely quick-witted, Islamic Liberationist, firebrand of a man is because of his beautiful solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Contrary to a 1980 batch of hasbara from AP via India Today that fabricated quotes by The Greatest in which he allegedly declared the Iranian revolutionaries who took over the US embassy den of spies as “fanatics”, Ali in fact had tremendous respect for the Shi’a Islamic school of thought–he also visited the holy Iraqi city of Karbala and prayed at Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) shrine in 1990–and deeply admired Imam Khomeini (R.A.), proving so incontestably and shaming the skeptics, sectarians and Western-Zionist press liars when he visited Tehran for a week in May 1993. During his stay, Ali did Salat with Iran’s brilliant Ulema during Jummah, made a stop at Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah’s (R.A.) mausoleum where he laid down a wreath for the father of the Islamic Revolution, met with Iran’s amazingly talented amateur boxing squad and ultimately, established brotherly ties with the most resistant, anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist nation on the planet. Continue reading Muhammad Ali: Friend Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

The Great Israeli Theft of Iraqi Jewish Heritage

by Alaa al-Lami, Al-Akhbar English

Recently, Israel stole one of the symbols of Iraqi Jewish heritage, a rare ancient copy of the Torah. The incident went smoothly and quietly, with blatant collusion between Israel, the United States, the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq, and the Jordanian authorities, amid suspicious silence from the Iraqi federal authorities and the Iraqi cultural scene, save for a few objections.

The Torah manuscript in question, known as the Iraqi Old Testament Scroll, was written using concentrated pomegranate juice on deer-skin parchments. The manuscript was seized by US forces, among other Iraqi antiquities, which survived the systematic destruction by the illegal Anglo-American invasion and occupation. Continue reading The Great Israeli Theft of Iraqi Jewish Heritage

If Jesus Was a Rebel, Who was He Rebelling Against?

by Richard Edmondson, The Ugly Truth

You could perhaps consider this a primer for Christian Zionists, although others, possibly even atheists, might find it interesting as well. Here is the question: If Jesus was a rebel, then who was he rebelling against? Jackson Browne, although his song is quite nice, doesn’t really give us an answer. Let us then examine the matter ourselves and see if we can reach a conclusion. Continue reading If Jesus Was a Rebel, Who was He Rebelling Against?

The U.S. Congressional Declaration of War against Russia

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture

The sixteen-page anti-Russian House Resolution 758, which was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in an overwhelming vote, is a recipe for active U.S. military and intelligence operations against Russia. Former U.S. Representative and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the former congressman wrote that the House resolution mirrored the neoconservative-formulated 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, which was ultimately used by the George W. Bush administration to launch the U.S. attack against Saddam Hussein’s government.

Out of 435 members of the House, only 10 voted against what amounted to virtual authorization for offensive operations against the Russian Federation. The lopsided 411 votes for the resolution suggests that the same Israeli Lobby that racks up similar vote totals in support of Israel and against Iran, were at work with the resolution on Russia. Former Representative and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich joined Paul in condemning the House action, referring to the anti-Russia resolution as «tantamount to a Declaration of Cold War». Paul was correct in stating that these sorts of resolutions, billed as non-binding «harmless statements of opinion», often lead to sanctions and war. In addition to House resolutions on Iraq, other resolutions calling for U.S. intervention have been used to justify U.S. military actions in Syria and Libya. Continue reading The U.S. Congressional Declaration of War against Russia