Solidarity With Dilma Rousseff In The Face Of An All-Out Zionist-Imperialist Onslaught

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t get it twisted for a second y’all, every drop of the sabotage against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, from the baseless corruption probe to the even more fraudulent impeachment proceedings, is coming directly from the US State Department’s regime changers. It’s all part and parcel of the regionwide counterrevolution they’ve been aggressively pursuing in Latin America ever since Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías passed away, not to mention a totally transparent attempt to destabilize a key member of the Russian-led BRICS bloc, as Brasília isn’t indebted to the likes of the World Bank, the IMF or any other predatory Judaic financial institution. Just like Lula before her, the first female Brazilian head of state, who was brutally tortured by a US-‘Israeli’-backed military dictatorship in the 1970s, is hated by the Amreeki regime for her incorruptibility and her track record of standing with the poor over the Western-linked rich, defending the sovereignty of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and other Bolivarian states, and wanting to keep her nation independent of Washington’s political-economic agenda. The Zionist factor shouldn’t be discounted here either by any means. Ubiquitous, agile, satanic George Soros MAJORLY contributed to the tanking of the Brazilian economy when he sunk Petrobas with his stake-reduction last year and it is no coincidence, AT ALL, that the plot to overthrow Dilma really kicked into high gear after the Brazilian President’s government rejected an ‘Israeli’ settler leader as the ‘Tel Aviv’ regime’s ambassador. The stakes couldn’t be higher and the need to support Dilma was never more imperative than right now. Solidarity with this brave woman in the face of an all-out Zionist-Imperialist onslaught.

5 thoughts on “Solidarity With Dilma Rousseff In The Face Of An All-Out Zionist-Imperialist Onslaught”

  1. While the article is praiseworthy and wellcome,there is a major mistake when dealing with the subject of the national debt.
    This debt is divided in internal and external debt.
    Back in 2008 Lula announced a downpayment of the foreign debt (external,with dolar nominated fluxes) against IMF (curiously Argentina made the same thing at the same time…).
    In 2002 the external debt was ~R$212 billions;
    internal debt R$640 billions.
    In 2008,external debt was zeroed and internal debt an staggering R$1,4 trillon (65% of GNP).
    In reality,Lula government foolishly increased Brazilian internal debt ,against “national” banks to pay the external debt.
    And the conditions were even worse with higher interests and shorter payment terms.
    Lula simply shifted indebtness against “national” operators of the same jewish global ultradense financial cartel.
    In may 2013 external debt have climbed to R$ 318 billions.
    Brazilian PT (workers’ party) and the neoliberals that are promoting Dilma’s impeachment are but two sides of the same coin.

    1. Peace and blessings brother,

      I will look into the debt issue, I appreciate all the statistics you provided. I do however disagree vehemently about your description of the Workers’ party and the neolibs/neocons trying to oust Dilma as essentially the same people. If they were the same, the US and ‘Israel’ wouldn’t be doing everything in their power to get rid of her, and this I think is incredibly obvious. Are Dilma and Lula as hardcore, revolutionary and awakened as the likes of Hugo (God rest his soul) and Evo? Of course not. But they are important players against the Anglo-Zionist drive to dominate Latin America, hence the “regime change” operation.

  2. Bad news: nasty setback in our efforts to help democracy win in Brazil and in its fight against corruption:

    The unwashed masses who don’t know what’s good for them, the “useless eaters” (per our brilliant foreign policy giants, Henry Kissinger) are throwing roadblocks in the highway to full and clean democracy.
    I live next door and visit from time to time and I like to talk to people (cab drivers, waiters, anyone who speaks something other than Portuguese that’s accessible to me) and find out how they feel about what’s going on in their country and in the world.
    I am amazed and gratified to see how deeply some of them admire the US (especially the young who know that’s where the I-Pods come from) despite some uncomfortable moments in our relations with them when we had no choice but to give them some tough love. They realize we must be very proud to have elected a black ‘Change’ president. I then play he devil’s advocate just to test how solid their understanding is and I hold no punches — the “Drone King,” Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, South America’s history in the context of which I even bring up Eduardo Galeano (Chavez’s favorite writer).
    Please understand these are not my opinions with which I agree, God forbid! I only do it to help educate them and develop their debating skills. “I never knew this,” they say and then, deeply saddened, I realize that my playing the devil’s advocate was too convincing and there’s no way for me at that point to switch sides and say “I didn’t mean that.”
    These ignorant masses cannot be trusted to make the right political decisions, which is why voting (unless carefully managed) is in fact unhelpful if not downright dangerous.

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