Sheikh Zakzaky’s Been Jailed For 5 Months, Where Are The “Palestine Solidarity” Activists?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Five months. Count ’em any which way you want. FIVE DAMN MONTHS, 152 days, 3,648 hours, 22 weeks, and Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, the fiery Husseini-Khomeiniist revolutionary who has brought millions of Nigerians to Islam and awakened them to the Palestinian cause, remains unjustly locked up in a Nigerian regime dungeon. FIVE DAMN MONTHS since the Zaria Massacre and the US-Zionist-Saudi-bought stooge Muhammadu Buhari as well as his generals who carried out the mass killings, not to mention the bestial beating, shooting and torture of the Sheikh, remain unscathed. Zion’s blood-soaked puppet in Abuja was recently in the UK to meet with the wicked son of Jewish banking royalty and the murderer of Yemeni babies David Cameron… Think there were any “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists staging demos en masse for Zakzaky, the pure, stouthearted, righteous hero and lover of Falasteen? NOT A ONE. NOT A DAMN ONE.

In fact, to this very moment, despite the Sheikh’s pristine track record for the past three decades of working towards the overthrow of World Zionism and the inauguration of a usurper-free Palestine, these “Solidarity” tools haven’t said a word about him. And don’t even dare mention the report or two composed months after the slaughter unfolded at Zakzaky’s home by Soros-funded Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch; the dossiers were incomplete at best, shoddy at worst, with no condemnation of ‘Israel’ or Al-Saud, and not promoted with even a fraction of a fraction of the resources these treacherous liberal Imperialists would utilize for lie-filled campaigns against the Syrian Arab Republic or the Yemeni Resistance led by Ansarullah.

So allow me to say this and I couldn’t care less if I sound like a broken record: If the Sheikh was a Jew, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi or even Ethiopian, the colonized “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists would be tripping over themselves to defend him. If he was a House Muslim Judeophile academic at a “prestigious” establishment university who said the Zionist regime needs to “stop doing bad stuff” and “follow international law”, instead of being the hulking, categorically liberationist giant that he is, there wouldn’t be an “antiwar” campaigner anywhere who wasn’t filing online petitions for his release. Sick to death of these cowardly, Judaized hypocrites and their “human rights” selectiveness.

Just look at the NOUR on the face of this beautiful individual! Look at the incandescent aura of this jewel of a human being who will undoubtedly pass on to the Akhira as a saint! Look! Take the time to seek out his words, read them and absorb his wisdom. He should be free, among his people, fighting against Zio-Imperialism in occupied Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and beyond as he has always done. To think he continues to rot away in a jail cell for crimes he didn’t commit is truly a stain on the collective face of humanity. And anyone who isn’t standing up for Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, ESPECIALLY the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” halfwits who have PLENTY of time to make their Facebook profile pictures red for a hasbara onslaught against Syria, you’re just as responsible for the Sheikh’s misery as the collaborationist devils who malevolently and wrongfully imprisoned him to start with. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky

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