Scientific Study Reveals “Conspiracy Theorists” Are The Most Sane Of All

by Rise Earth

I was so happy to finally see a study done on the psychology of conspiracy beliefs. It goes through the importance of belief systems in the acceptance or rejection of ‘conspiracy theories.’

If you consider yourself awakened and seeking the truth – especially in government matters, people are quick to label you a crazy conspiracy theorist just so they can validate themselves.

In this study, a large group of commenters were examined on a news website, surrounding the topic of 9/11. Out of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist. Right away its evident more people are thinking critically about ‘conspiracies’ rather than just disputing them.

What they found was that conspiracist commenters were more likely to argue against the opposing interpretation and less likely to argue in favor of their own interpretation, while the opposite was true of conventionalist commenters.

In other words, the anti-conspiracy commenters we’re pushing on their own interpretations of the situation rather than focusing on what really happened.

The conspiracists were more likely to express mistrust and made more positive and fewer negative references.

They focused more on the points of what happened, rather than putting the other people down.

The data also indicated that conspiracists were largely unwilling to apply the “conspiracy theory” label to their own beliefs.

They realized that label carries a negative social stigma and there is no need to plaster on these labels when trying to decode the truth.

The most important part of this study found that the conventionalist arguments tended to be much more hostile. This is apparent all over the internet, people who are trying to spread truth and awareness usually aren’t mean about it.

When people refute these ideas, it seems to always be much more aggressive. They want to push their conventional mentality so they don’t have to broaden their minds.

People who want you to truly open your mind to new possibilities do it in a way that isn’t forceful and demanding.

Seeking truth happens on your own means so people who are labelled as conspiracy theorists are just trying to help awaken our world. Being considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is truly a noble thing.

You are pushing through the barriers of existing belief systems in order to make room for broader, more accepting beliefs. People are still very afraid and want to defend the old paradigm.

If anyone has ever invalidated your attempts to uncover the truth – keep going, it’s a brave and necessary act as our world raises it’s consciousness.

Read more about the study here.

2 thoughts on “Scientific Study Reveals “Conspiracy Theorists” Are The Most Sane Of All”

  1. Which Israelis? Those who were arrested in a van full of explosives on George Washington Bridge? Was reported by CNN, ABC, NSBC on 9/11 and NEVER again since. That alone should tell people something. Isn’t it in the public interest to follow up a story about a van of explosives on the same day as the biggest terror attack on the planet? Then we had the dancing Israelis who failed polygraph tests and admit travelling to U.S in advance to film the attack. But while U.S foriegn policy is controlled by the CFR and it’s creators (Zionist Fed Reserve bankers) and the MS Media is bought and payed for in collaboration with the compartmentalized CIA and Pentagon. (The biggest drug traffickers on the planet) Truth doesn’t stand a chance and the masses will never wake up.

    1. While we appreciate your zeal brother Andy, we wholeheartedly reject your unfortunate pessimism and you should know that the dissemination of such pessimism in and of itself is a central aim of the Jewish cultural imperialist Frankfurt School, one of the most devilish projects of social control known to man. We are in the midst of the greatest consciousness shift in modern history, and every single day more and more people awaken to the fact that the system we are ruled by is unjust and the people running the aforesaid system are psychopaths who deserve life imprisonment in a hole or the gallows. People know the Jewish-Zionist-dominated system needs to be overthrown, they just don’t know where to turn for the right info, the right solutions, the right ideology, the right guidance and the right words. Mouqawamah Music has stepped in to fill this void and in the coming months and years, major differences will be made insha’ALLAH khair. Don’t be so hopeless brother… As Malcolm X (R.A.) famously said on more than occasion, truth and time are on the side of the oppressed, not the oppressor.

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