Sayyed Nasrallah On Divine Victory Day: The Killers Of Yemen’s Children Are The Same As The Killers Of Our Children In 2006

by Jonathan Azaziah

Have I told y’all lately that I love Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah?! If not… Then let me tell y’all: I LOVE SAYYED HASSAN NASRALLAH! Don’t you love Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah?! Well. If you don’t… Then you need help ’cause you damn well should! Speaking today to commemorate the 12th anniversary of Hizbullah’s Divine Victory over the usurping Zionist entity over 34 days of perfectly executed asymmetrical warfare in 2006, the Sayyed of Sayyeds rocked it and socked it; he smashed it and thrashed it; he crushed it and grooved then he busted a move. It was the classic Nasrallah wit. The typical Nasrallah wisdom. And the quintessential Nasrallah fire that has set the enemy ablaze from the moment he took over the mantle of Hizbullah Secretary-General following Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi’s (R.A.) martyrdom at the gnarled hands of ‘Israel’ on February 16th, 1992.

Sayyed Abou Hadi humbly thanked all those who made the Divine Victory a reality, from Hizbullah’s martyrs (R.A.) to the dauntless Lebanese people, the pro-Resistance political factions inside Lebanon to the Lebanese army, the Islamic Republic Republic of Iran to the Syrian Arab Republic. Nasrallah also made it a point to link the July War with what is taking place today in Syria, noting that Washington and “Tel Aviv” hoped to wiped out Hizbullah entirely and then launch their imperial scheme to the Syrian-Iraqi border but Lebanese steadfastness prevented it from occurring. The Sayyed said that though the Empire’s goals from 2006 remain unchanged today, just as the Divine Victory came to fruition, a similar triumph will be solidified in Syria before we know it. And before the enemy escalates, they should pause in the face of the Mouqawamah –  “Those who want war, we will give them war, and it will be a war that we are ready for and will triumph in,” Nasrallah defiantly and spectacularly shouted.

The real rocketry popped off though when the Liberator of Lebanon began to chip away at the illegitimate ‘Israel’ regime bit by bit like a master sculptor before bringing it to a crescendo. Nasrallah said that since August 14th, 2006, the ‘Israelis’ have lost sleep over the day that Hizbullah will enter Al-Jalil (the Galilee) and worked themselves to exhaustion building up their defenses and formulating plans that will all just be futile in the end. Why? Because ‘Israel’ is NOT the most powerful army in the region despite Zionist intelligence assessments and it is in fact the Lebanese Islamic Resistance which is far mightier than IOF.

Moreover, the Sayyed said that in its capabilities, experience, faith, will and bravery, the Mouqawamah was stronger today at this moment in time than it had ever been before. Hizbullah’s Secretary-General also exposed the dirty Zionist hands in leading the assault on Syria, highlighting the strategic and far-ranging ties between ‘Israel’ and the Takfiriyeen. All ‘Israeli’ dreams of toppling Damascus though, Nasrallah quipped, were GONE WITH THE WIND. Sayyed Abou Hadi then THUNDERED about the attempts by the genocidal Halakhic-Talmudic regime to redraw land and maritime borders, declaring that “the era when ‘Israel’ can impose any conditions on anyone in any place is over”. This isn’t just true for Lebanon and Syria but also Gaza, where, despite being besieged on all sides by the Zio-Tumor and its traitorous allies, the Strip is firm, still offering sacrifices, and victorious in the last two wars with the enemy. Indeed, during Operation Mighty Cliff, Islamic Jihad’s Saraya al-Quds and Saraya al-Qassam of Hamas mopped the floor with IOF like Hizbullah did during the Divine Victory.

Nasrallah dismissed the global talk of a “deal of the century” between ‘Israelis’ and Palestinians brokered by the Orange Oaf Donald Trump, as all Palestinians, even collaborators, reject a project that labels Al-Quds the capital of a so-called Jewish “state”. Speaking of Trump, the Sayyed dismissed with equal vigor the new sanctions put forth by the Tangerine Terrorist administration against the Iranian nation, stating in no uncertain terms that mirroring the Resistance itself, the Islamic Revolution has never had more muscle and this folly by the US ZOG will come back to haunt it.

In his section about Yemen, perhaps the most powerful part of the speech, the Babyfaced Brave of Bourj Hammoud was simply remarkable, saluting the Yemeni people and unequivocally declaring that just as Lebanon was victorious in ’06, Yemen will prevail over Saudi Arabia. It’s a given. He ripped into the vicious and evil House of Saud, lambasting the Wahhabi “royals” for their regionwide meddling and unspeakable crimes against Yemen’s children. On that note, Nasrallah brought it all home with a single line that undoubtedly chilled anyone who heard him live and WILL chill everyone who reads it now: “I say from resistant Beirut’s Dahiyeh to resistant Yemen’s Dahyan – Those who are killing your children today also killed our children in 2006 and they did so with the same weapons and the same goals in mind.” This is above analysis and interpretation. The Sayyed is saying that ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia are one entity and that the war in Yemen and the struggle to free Palestine from the Zionist usurpers are also one. So stand up for the Falasteeni people. Stand up for the Yemeni people. And chant “DTI!” and “DTS!” at the top of your lungs.

To conclude, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah remains the ever-burning candle in the cavern; the breath of life-giving oxygen after a near-drowning; the relieving breeze in an oppressive heatwave; and the torrential rain in a devastating drought. He is and will always be our guide and our pride. There would have been no Divine Victory without him. And he is one of the many reasons why we commemorate today for the legendary triumph it is. As Nasrallah himself said, “We insist on marking the occasion of August 14th [the Divine Victory] in order to consolidate this victory in our culture and memory and to give hope in the face of desperation that sometimes grips our nation.” What Sayyed Abou Hadi and Hizbullah achieved in the 2006 July War is beyond description… Beyond joy… Beyond awe. They stopped a global cataclysm. They’re repeating that incomparably heroic performance today in Syria and Iraq and giving some of their best and most marvelous Commanders to do it. All the horrors currently being perpetrated across the Islamicate by the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi Axis of Malevolence aside… Isn’t that something to celebrate? Isn’t Hizbullah… something to celebrate? You’re damn right it is. And that is why we don’t just say but scream… Louder than ever before… Prouder than ever… Labaykah ya Nasrallah! Long live the Lebanese Islamic Resistance!

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