Sayyed Nasrallah Gives Game-Changing Speech For Al-Quds Day, Says Hundreds Of Thousands Of Arab and Muslim Fighters Could Hit ‘Israel’ In Next War

by Jonathan Azaziah

International Al-Quds Day just wouldn’t be complete without a Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speech! And what a speech it was! Speaking from Sayyed al-Shouhada Complex in Dahiyeh, the saintly leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance gave us one for the ages in honor of the annual event for Palestine and Al-Quds set up by Imam Khomeini (R.A.) 38 years ago. Sayyed Abou Hadi was his usual fiery and eloquent self of course, stomping mudholes in Saudi Arabia for deepening its ties with the Zionist enemy as well as its baseless and idiotic threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran. As expected, he saluted the steadfast Yemeni nation for its militant and principled opposition to Zionism and its efforts to mobilize for Al-Quds, emphatically declaring, “Yemen proved that it will never be part of the scheme to sell out Palestine, neither for a throne, nor Trump. It is still fighting and will continue fighting until the end.”

And in an important revelation, Sayyed al-Mouqawamah confirmed that ‘Israeli’ warplanes are taking part directly in the aggression against Yemen, solidifying what he, Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and a select few Mouqawamist analysts have said from day one: Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen is a Zionist war first and foremost. Nasrallah also invoked Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr, the disappeared founder of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, to smash the collaborators–chiefly Al-Saud–who pay lip service to the Palestinian cause while building alliances with Palestine’s tormentors, “Al-Quds is too sacred to be liberated by traitors and hypocrites. The struggle for Al-Quds is an honorable cause and such a struggle refuses to accept any liberation at all unless it is at the hands of true believers.” Indeed. And who but Hizbullah and its Resistance Axis allies represent the Moumineen that the disappeared Imam–may he finally be returned to us–spoke of?

With the mention of the Mouqawamah Bloc, it is here where Nasrallah massively changed the game yet again. In a remarkable declaration, the Hizbullah Secretary-General said that the Resistance Axis is at its strongest levels ever as it is now includes Iraq [its Islamic Resistance/Popular Mobilization Units, not its government] and Yemen. Because of this, if the usurping Zionist tumor was to launch a new war on Lebanon or Syria, the conflict would not solely be Lebanese-Syrian-‘Israeli’, or even Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian-‘Israeli’, as the Sayyed has repeatedly promised that Hizbullah will liberate Al-Jalil (the Galilee) in any future scuffle. Rather, such a Zionist attack would open up the door for hundreds of thousands of moujahideen, from Iraq to Yemen, Afghanistan to Pakistan, to join Hizbullah and Syrian’s military forces in the fight to finish off ‘Israel’ once and for all. This should not be seen as a hopeful threat or mere bombast either–as Nasrallah engages in neither of these things. He is with the truth ONLY and the truth is with him. For the expansion of the Anti-Zionist arena is already a reality–in Syria, an inadvertent consequence of the failed Zio-NATO-GCC conspiracy.

Tens of thousands of moujahideen from Lebanon (Hizbullah), Iraq (Harakat al-Nujaba, Kata’ib Hizbullah, etc.), Iran (IRGC), Afghanistan (Fatemiyoun) and Pakistan (Zaynabyoun) are fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army, the NDF and Palestinian-Syrian Liwa Al-Quds to eliminate the Takfiri scourge. It would take the equivalent of the snap of one’s fingers to transfer this arrangement to a fight with Zion, which is the fight Islam’s best, brightest and bravest long for anyway. Sayyed Abou Hadi said that the actors of the newly-enlarged Resistance Axis are operating as a single unit with a single fate and the battles happening regionwide, be they with ‘Israel’ or the Wahhabi proxies of ‘Israel’, are interlinked and interlocked. It can be noted with the utmost certitude that even the far-flung jinn in the outer rims of the universe could feel the Jewish supremacist entity quiver with deathly apprehension after Nasrallah’s remarks.

What the Sayyed has done is expound on the strategy shift that he laid out in January 2015 after ‘Israel’ assassinated senior Hizbullah Commander Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh’s (R.A.) son Jihad, IRGC General Mohammad Allahdadi and four other Hizbullah fighters in the Golan Heights battlefront of Quneitra. Then, the Liberator of Lebanon said that the Party had the right to strike at ‘Israel’ anywhere and anytime if the tumor dared lay another finger on any of the Party’s commanders, cadres, or reservists, and shocked ‘Israel’ to its rotten core when he bellowed that the rules of engagement no longer existed. His words at this very instant are even more spectacular; even more inspiring to Mouqawamists across the globe; and even more devastating to the Zionist enemy.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah put it to the “chosenites” simple and plain: Unlike the 2006 July War, the inevitable war in the works will see Hizbullah shoulder to shoulder with martyrdom-loving heroes from every corner of the Arab-Islamic world. The ‘Israelis’ ran for the hills in the war more than a decade ago when they faced an asymmetrical Resistance organism backed in the trenches by nothing but the Angels (A.S.) Let’s imagine how fast and how far the filthy usurpers and occupiers will jet when they have to stand eye-to-eye with an even mightier Hizbullah, PLUS, as Nasrallah said, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of fighters with the faith of Hizbullah, trained by Hizbullah and armed by Syria and Iran. IOF will be overwhelmed. Jewish colonizers will pack their bags. Settlements will crumble. The next war will be the last war. The next war… will be the death of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime. The Sayyed said that Palestine is at the forefront of the Resistance Axis’s consciousness and the strength of this Axis grows daily. Keeping that in mind, he told our Palestinian brothers and sisters not to lose hope despite all of the seemingly impossible difficulties and obstacles. Hold on just a bit longer, he said. We should too. Because total liberation is coming. How do we know this beyond any doubt? Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said so, that’s why. And when he makes a promise… He keeps it. #LabaykahYaNasrallah #LongLiveHizbullah #FreePalestine #AlQudsDay38 #DeathToIsrael

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