Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Muharram Tears Are Worth More Than Every Zio-NATO-GCC Fortune In The World

by Jonathan Azaziah

During the first ten days of Muharram, I’ve learned over the years that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s lectures aren’t really meant to be commented on. There’s too much knowledge, wisdom and Husseini luminosity to break down into an analysis that may only tackle a handful of gems when what he brings is akin to every rare mineral mine on earth combined. Watch for yourself. Listen. Listen again. Then listen once more. And learn. So no, this isn’t an overview. It’s just an observation. Seeing the Liberator of Lebanon overwhelmed with emotion and bursting into tears while talking about the events of Ashoura and the agony endured by Imam Hussein (A.S.) and his partisans… was moving on an indescribable level as we’ve never seen him quite like this before.

We’re reminded that as defiant, fiery, revolutionary and invincible as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is in the fight against Zio-Imperialism, he remains, at the end of the day, a humble Muslim and lover of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and his Pure Household (A.S.) whose faith is so strong and so connected to the essence, that he doesn’t just speak of Karbala… He doesn’t even just feel for Karbala. He is Karbala. The horrors of Muharram’s 10th day are embedded in his very spirit and because he is one with everything that Ashoura was designed by ALLAH (SWT) to be, not only as a tragedy and an atrocity against the family of Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.), but as a triumph of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) good over Yazid’s (L.A.) evil, he’s comfortable enough to personify Imam Zayn al-Abideen’s (A.S.) example and wear his heart on his abaya. It’s why we consider him a saint.

And the tears Sayyed Abou Hadi shed… Those righteous, knightly, Godwary, sterling-silver tears… are worth more than the seemingly endless fortunes of the Saudi, Emirati, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Jordanian, Omani and Moroccan dictatorships all put together along with the coffers of their Jewish-Zionist overlords throughout the Six Eyes Alliance and NATO. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) famously said, “They call us a nation of tears. But with these very tears, we overthrew an empire.” May Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s precious tears mobilize us to do the same. No better way to honor Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the Karbala 72 than fighting to liquidate the hegemonic system of Dajjal and sending the signal to Heaven’s Arrivals (A.S.), Imam al-Mahdi and Isa Ibn Maryam, that we’re ready for their reign. And there’s no leader better suited to get us to that point than the Babyfaced Brave of Bourj Hammoud, Dahiyeh’s Most Dauntless and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s Leader. The Sayyed’s tears are our might.

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