Saudis Fight Like Jews: Al-Saud’s Occupation Army Bombs Yemeni Schoolchildren In Saada

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Saudi invaders really fight like the usurping, occupying Jews, don’t they? Mere hours after Ansarullah entered the heart of Saudi Arabia’s Najran City, capping off a lightning advancement into the historically Yemeni region and solidifying one of the true game-changing successes of the Yemeni Mouqawamist struggle, murderous, monstrous, marauding Al-Saud decided to drop US-UK-made bombs on not one, but SEVERAL children’s schools in Saada, slaughtering dozens of Yemeni little ones and wounding scores more. The pictures are gut-wrenching. The videos will make your blood boil to temperatures hotter than the core of Venus. And all of this footage is a reminder that the corroded Saudi “royals” are lashing out at the most innocent and defenseless of Yemenis because these cowardly maggots can’t stand toe-to-toe with the Houthiyeen. They’re just not capable of fighting with honor. Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad famously called the Wahhabi Najdis “half-men” and he couldn’t be more right.

This most ungodly of atrocities is a carbon copy of the criminal behavior displayed by the Yahoudling occupation army at the end of the 2006 July War, when, after being smashed, smashed again and then re-smashed by Hizbullah, ‘Israeli’ terrorists dropped some 4 million cluster bombs on the lands of South Lebanon to “avenge” their defeat. Zionist Jews and Wahhabi Najdis–the bloodlust isn’t just identical, it’s familial. For when the Saudi “royal” family’s Dönmeh origins–documented years ago by Iraqi intelligence–are taken into account, there is no need to feign like we’re flabbergasted. Al-Saud wages war like a bloodthirsty gang of Jews because Al-Saud IS a bloodthirsty gang of Jews, it just rocks Wahhabism as its cover instead of outwardly quoting Gentile-hating passages from the Talmud and the corrupted Torah.

When it’s all said and done though, and as heartbreaking as what inflicted upon those precious Yemeni kids happens to be, sadness isn’t going to reign for very long because virtuous vengeance from the Yemeni Islamic Resistance is coming. The Zionist Saudi regime is going to pay for this; it is going to pay BIG-TIME. And I for one, as we mourn and recite Al-Fatiha for all of Saada’s martyred schoolboys and schoolgirls, simply cannot wait for Ansarullah’s next round of Qaher-1s, Zelzal-3s, Toshkas, SCUDs and Striking Stars to gloriously rain down on the hideous heads of these demonic, degenerate child-killers. #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud

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