Saudi Arabia Just Can’t Stop Killing Yemeni Children: Another Massacre In Besieged Hudaydah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Two weeks ago, Al-Saud bombed a school bus full of children on their way to summer camp in Yemen’s Saada where they were learning and memorizing the Sublime Qur’an. “Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques” my foot. Now the regime of Muhammad Bin Salman has bombed an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Yemen’s besieged Hudaydah, targeting women and children. “Feminist reformer” my shoe. This latest massacre by the Saudi dictatorship struck the district of Al-Durayhimi. At least 22 children were slaughtered, along with 4 women and 4 men. Dozens of others were wounded. And it was executed with full-blown American support, thus making it a crime of the Washington ZOG first and foremost. Another lurid detail–cruelly invoking the Zionist entity’s war on Gaza in ’14 that wiped out 89 families--is that most of the martyrs and injured were from the same family, that of a man named Abdullah Dahfash. Saudi Arabia’s bombs fell on top of his house and killed his brothers instantly. Then the warplanes of the Wahhabi tyrants circled back and hit the camp again, murdering the kids and the women. Barbaric is a terrible understatement. This inhumanity, like the Saada School Bus Massacre and the evisceration of at least 13 Yemeni fishermen also in Hudaydah a few days ago, is right from the blackened, burning, baneful heart of Al-Shaytan himself.

Don’t think of this as a random act of mass killing either. Al-Durayhimi is strategic. The Saudi-UAE coalition of cowards and maggots attempted to overrun it last week and the Yemeni Islamic Resistance made them pay a heavy, HEAVY price. Over 140 invaders were blasted to their graves, at least 236 others were critically hurt and 15 US-UAE MRAPs were destroyed in Ansarullah’s beatdown of the usurpers. Then, in the ultimate smack in the face to the British-created, Western-backed monarchies from hell, the Saba Mouqawamah’s men raised portraits of Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and Hizbullah’s Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah over the wreckage. In revenge for this colossal defeat, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi bombed Al-Durayhimi’s civilians because they’re 100,000% incapable of confronting Ansarullah’s warriors face-to-face, man-to-man on the battlefield. Just like the ‘Israelis’ do in Lebanon and Gaza. Just like the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists do in Syria. Why do you think there’s a Zionist-GCC-Takfiri alliance wreaking havoc on our entire region? They’re all reflections of each other. Same chickenheartedness. Same bloodlust. Same failures.

Ansarullah’s lions now have yet another group of Shouhada to avenge. ALLAH (SWT) be with them as they strike back with the steady hand of justice. And ALLAH (SWT) be with the martyrs of the Durayhimi IDP Camp Massacre. Al-Fatiha for their souls and du’a that they attain the peak levels of Jannah. Prayers of perseverance for their families. May their innocent blood water the trees of freedom and peace that will soon replace the weeds of siege, war and genocide brought by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, America, ‘Israel’, Britain, France, Canada and all the other agents of the unholy hegemony of Dajjal.

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