Russophobia At Work In Boxing: Russian Star Sergey Kovalev Robbed Of Light Heavyweight Championship

by Jonathan Azaziah

Russophobia is alive and well in the sport of boxing. Tonight, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Russia’s Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, the unified light heavyweight champion of the world, fought American gold medalist Andre Ward, in the biggest fight of the year as it was a match that would determine 175-pound supremacy as well as who might be the pound-for-pound best on the planet. Krusher dropped the arrogant Ward in the second round with a laser-beam right hand, outlanded him, overpowered him, “controlled the real estate” as the boxing saying goes, and, all and all, dominated the fight from soup to nuts. I personally scored the fight 8 rounds to 4 in Kovalev’s favor, as did most of the pundits ringside, with variations ranging from 7-5 to 9-3. Even if the fight was scored 6 rounds apiece–which would’ve been completely ludicrous–with the extra point from the knockdown, Kovalev would still be the winner 114-113. Instead, when the decision was read out, the three officials judges at ringside had ANDRE WARD “winning” a razor-thin decision 7-5! Shocking. And disgusting. To call it a robbery, a massive injustice and an abomination would all be severely gross understatements.

Which brings us back to the Russophobia. Consider this: Three American judges in an American city give boxing’s biggest battle this year to the American fighter. This American fighter, inexplicably, was registered as the favorite to win in spite of being relatively inactive the past few years whereas Kovalev has been extra-busy and destroying every opponent he encountered–boxing fans know this and most people in Vegas hedged their bets on the Russian. In other words, if Kovalev won, those who control Vegas, i.e. the Jewish mob, weren’t getting paid. Kovalev is also a vocal supporter of Russian President Putin and even said he wanted him in his corner for the fight. And, in the knockout, excuse the pun, Kovalev is promoted by Gentile-owned Main Events while Ward is promoted by Roc Nation Sports, which, in spite of having Jay-Z’s name on it, is actually run by the Jewish-Zionist Michael Yormark. Slanted much?

“Gift decisions” and politics have always been part of boxing, sure, but considering the above, and with the current tensions between Washington and Moscow at a boiling point, the robbery of Kovalev, seems, feels, and undoubtedly ***is*** an extension of the US propaganda war on Russia, the government of Vladimir Putin and the Orthodox Christian Russian people as a whole. On the world stage, Global Zionism had one of its own, Dr. Sergei Portugalov, at the heart of an Olympic doping scandal designed to smear Russia. Now in the US, when one of its fighters fails in the ring, Global Zionism buys off judges and has one of its agents–in this instance, the atrocious Max Kellerman–propagandize about a one-sided domination being “close”. The whole affair is just despicable. Kovalev himself called the egregious scores “political” and he couldn’t be more on-point. Sham decision aside however, Sergey Kovalev, in the eyes of this Iraqi and many, MANY more ’round the globe, is still the best 175-pounder on Earth. Salute to you, Krusher! And salute to Russia! We’ll all be rooting for you to knock Ward’s damn block off in the rematch, champ!

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