RIP To Quds-Born, Palestinian-Syrian Moujahid Muhammad Salim Hamideh

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in sweet, sweet, eternal serenity to Muhammad Salim Hamideh, a Palestinian moujahid who was courageously martyred as he defended the Syrian people of Aleppo from the US-‘Israeli’-Turkish-Saudi-backed Takfiri madmen. See the wisdom in this man’s face? That comes from being a luminous organic manifestation of Al-Quds, where he was born prior to the Nakba. Muhammad gave his life for his second homeland, Syria–the only Arab nation to support the Falasteeni people with no strings attached in more than 68 years of the genocidal Zionist entity’s artificial, criminal existence–because like the other dauntless martyrs of the PLA (Palestine Liberation Army), Fatah al-Intifada, the Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-GC) and Liwa Al-Quds, he saw the Takfiri project for the extension of Zionism that it is and felt a deep, visceral sense of duty to fight it. Undoubtedly, Muhammad fell as a righteous warrior on the path to his occupied hometown, holy Jerusalem, and his station was raised to unforeseen heights in death.

It is sickening and infuriating in ways which exceed comparison that, similarly to the massive rallies for the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army and its Palestinian comrades just a few days ago in Jaramana Camp, Muhammad Salim Hamideh’s tremendous life, brave resistance and ultimate sacrifice won’t receive ONE SCINTILLA of coverage from the Electronic “Intifada”, Mondoweiss, Students For “Justice” In Palestine, and all the other colonized facsimile groups claiming to speak for the Palestinian cause. And this is because the Shahid Hamideh wasn’t a “kosher” Palestinian who was toxified by Al-Jazeera along with Al-Arabiya and accepted the Zionist war on Syria; he was a resistant, awakened Palestinian with Mouqawamah Consciousness who rejected the Zionist war on Syria and battled until his dying breath to inflict death-blows upon the ‘Israeli’-Takfiri scheme. It’s been said once and it shall be repeated until it is understood: The “Palestine Solidarity Movement” isn’t representative of the Palestinian Resistance but antithetical to it. If you want to see who and what REALLY embodies the Palestinian Resistance outside of occupied Palestine, look no further than the martyr Muhammad Salim Hamideh and all the other Palestinian-Syrian heroes battling Zion’s Takfiri menace on behalf of Syria, our region, the Ummah and truly, the whole world. They are giants and heroes; giants and heroes in every sense of the words.

muhammad salim hamideh

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