RIP To Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist Legend Michael Collins Piper

by Jonathan Azaziah

The man, the giant, the legend Michael Collins Piper would have turned 56 yesterday. He was my friend, my teacher, my brother, my mentor, and, hands down, the greatest, most prolific Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-Supremacist writer in American history. His catalogue is, by far, bar none, unparalleled in the field and his writings were both jam-packed with information that you wouldn’t be (and still aren’t) able to find anywhere else as well as entertaining as all hell. He went places no writer and/or journalist would go, said things that they’d never be caught dead saying and challenged the Yahoudling power structure like no other. From his exposé of the neocons long before Mearsheimer and Walt, to his breakdown of JFK’s murder being a Mossad op from soup to nuts, to his ruthless deconstruction of the Rothschilds’ stranglehold over the globe, to his masterful demolition of the very lexicon the Zionist Power Configuration uses to control the way we speak, MCP was a spring of Haqq that never, EVER stopped flowing and nourishing. Truly, his knowledge was a force no Jew dared reckon with, hence why they chose to smear him through their ADL and SPLC attack dogs instead. If you’ve never read him, well, simply put, you don’t know a damn thing about politics in the land run by the American ZOG or international affairs in general. You really don’t. Thus, if you want to know, get yourself acquainted with the man NOW.

I loved Mike. And I miss Mike. And I wish he didn’t go so soon. But he believed in me and my gift (which is too humbling to articulate), The Ugly Truth and Mouqawamah Music, so we’re still here doing what he taught us to do and carrying on his legacy with ferocity. Still exposing and slaying the demons with the deadliness of our pen-swords and the maximum decibels of our voices. Bringing as much honor to him as ALLAH (SWT) will allow. And perhaps by the time all of us depart this Earth, his soul will know true peace, because we will have overthrown the Kehilla after drowning it in truth and forging real brotherhood, understanding, unity and unbreakable solidarity between Muslims and Christians, the two causes he steadfastly fought for with all of his big heart until his dying day. Rest in power Michael Collins Piper, we’ll see you on the other side my dear brother, but until then, we will be like you, and keep reading, writing and fighting.




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