Rest In Power To Iraqi Hero and Kata’ib Hizbullah Commander Bassem al-Safi, Assassinated By The Mossad-CIA-P2OG Nexus In Basra Today

by Jonathan Azaziah

Tragedy and triumph out of Basra, Iraq today. Tragedy because a giant has departed from this world. Triumph because he achieved martyrdom. Earlier this morning, Kata’ib Hizbullah Commander Bassem al-Safi, one of the most prominent figures in the Iraqi Resistance, was gunned down by so-called “unidentified gunmen”. Al-Safi was traveling through the Hayaniyah neighborhood of Basra City when the killers opened fire on his vehicle. He was critically wounded and fought hard to stay alive but sadly succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. This was not ISIS, which has no reach or presence in Iraq’s south, and any pundit pushing that line is a charlatan. This was not an intra-Shi’a spat, as some commentators, who are equally as foolish (not to mention malicious), have suggested. This was an assassination. Simple and plain. Those who have followed the bloodshed in Iraq since the American-Zionist invasion of ’03 know that there is no such thing as “unidentified gunmen”. There are only the Black Ops operatives of one of three murderous, criminal organizations: Mossad, CIA or the neocon-created P2OG. Bassem al-Safi was on the hitlist of all three of these Rothschild Octopus tentacles and had been so for years.

Al-Safi’s career as a moujahid is illustrious. Like many of Kata’ib Hizbullah’s most glorious fighters, he was trained by Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) and had also served as a bodyguard for Qassem Suleimani when the stuff-of-legends Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force Commander would travel to Iraq. Bassem was an integral part of the contingent that drove out the Brits from southern Iraqi lands over a decade ago and was also known for his operations in and around the Sadr City neighborhood of Baghdad which harassed American occupation forces. He was among the first moujahideen to join the fight against ISIS and was present at Iraq’s first victory over the Takfiri terrorist group in Jaref as-Sakher (now Jaref an-Nasser). Prior to returning to Iraq just last month, Al-Safi also on the front lines of the struggle against the Takfiri terrorist scourge in Syria, playing a role in Latakia, the Damascus countryside, Hama and the liberation of Aleppo. The soon-to-be-classified-as-legendary Iraqi moujahid led his men in several key offensives alongside Hizbullah, the Syrian Arab Army and Liwa Al-Quds, including the final push to kick Al-Qaeda out of the eastern half of the ancient city.

There will not and cannot ever be a replacement for Bassem, a former Basra provincial councilman who fought hard against the corrupt regime in Baghdad to bring jobs, electricity and clean water back to Iraq’s south–a testament to his overall efforts as a moujahid that extended beyond the battlefield. Iraq cries for its fallen son. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units mourn for their fallen comrade. But Kata’ib Hizbullah will battle onward, in both Iraq and Syria. It’s just now that they will have one more heroic martyr, Bassem al-Safi, to adorn the angelic armor shielding them in their struggle for Bilad al-Rafidayn, the Palestinian cause, our region and all of humanity. Rest in power ya Bassem; rest in sweet, sweet serenity for all-time.

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