Renegade Broadcasting Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Zionist Hands In Latin America

by Jonathan Azaziah

Now that the Zionist origins of the coup in Brazil against Dilma Rousseff have been firmly established thanks to Mouqawamah Music, it is most important to share a recent radio broadcast I did with my dear, dear brother and old friend Nick Spero for his Circus Maximus program over on the Renegade Broadcasting Network. Name of the show, conducted on 5-27-16, is “The Mask of Zion”, an ode to my original website as well as the concept that I and my brethren at The Ugly Truth have helped popularize over the last several years that behind most “Imperialist” plots you will find the domineering hands of the Judaics at all levels, be it financial, political, military, intelligence, cultural or “spiritual” in the form of toxic ideologies like “Christian” Zionism, Freemasonry, satanic cults, etc. And in that spirit, my good friend and I went deep into the grime of Jewish-Zionist intrigue in Latin America, beginning with ‘Israel’ founding father Samuel Zemurray’s United Fruit Company, then bouncing over to numerous CIA-Zionist coups against National Socialist governments throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s–which Zemurray also played a major part in–spent some time on the heavy, slaughterous ‘Israeli’ role in the war criminal Montt’s genocide of hundreds of thousands of indigenous persons in Guatemala, tackled the Earth-changing revolution of El Comandante Hugo Chavez, and much, much more. Syria, Yemen, Libya, the Kalergi Plan and the urgent need for Islamic-Christian/European-Arab-Muslim unity in the face of the Parasitic Pirates were discussed as well. For those looking for a starting point on just how abyssal the Zionist role in Latin America is, then you need this in your life. Download, listen and take notes! It’s truly a crash course in how World Zionism executes its schemes against Global South nations and I assure you, you’re not going to hear anything else like it ANYWHERE.

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