Ramadan Reflections: Why Is The Islamic “Establishment” Silent On Occupied Kashmir’s Plight?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Consider this a Ramadan reflection. There are currently some 750,000+ Indian occupation forces in Kashmir and these “soldiers” routinely dish out wanton violence against the Kashmiri people. A shutdown is being observed in the Vale as we speak after New Delhi’s goons savagely murdered at least 11 Kashmiri youth, most unarmed and some armed, including Kashmiri Resistance leader Sabzar Ahmed Butt, yesterday to mark the first day of Islam’s Holiest Month–a sign of just how vile and hateful these Hindutvadi occupiers are. But how many persons in “The Ummah” are speaking about occupied Kashmir and its plight? How many “moujahideen” are flocking to the Valley for “Jihad”? If “The Ummah” were an olive grove, the equivalent here would be about an olive pit of it gives a damn about Kashmir. And this is what is so baffling. There is an ACTUAL polytheist regime governing India and this goes along with ACTUAL murderous oppression being dished out against ACTUAL Muslims but again, where have the “Islamic” establishment and its head-chopping “heroes” been on the matter? IN LALALAND, THAT’S WHERE. And the reasons why are simple.

The ruling authorities in India at present are a bunch of Hindu supremacist fanatics who drink cow urine and encourage their followers to rape the corpses of dead Muslim women, and they are very much aligned with ‘Israel’ and the US ZOG on EVERYTHING. Weapons from the usurping Zionist entity are used by the Indian army to repress and butcher Kashmiris. Meanwhile, the Kashmiri people view themselves (and their cause) as a part of the overall ***TRUE*** Islamic struggle for liberation from Zio-Imperialism and can be seen routinely demonstrating in support of Palestine, Hizbullah, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistani victims of drone strikes and Sheikh Zakzaky. If the situation was flipped however, and India broke off ties with Washington and “Tel Aviv”, and the Kashmiris declared themselves to be in need of NATO intervention to save them from Hiterlian gassings or some other poppycock, you can bet your life that all the Chechen, Uzbek, Somali, Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinian, American, European, Uighur and Australian filth-buckets destabilizing Syria would jump to the Vale quicker than you could say “Takbir!” CAIR, ISNA, the “Muslim” Brotherhood, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya would begin a gigantic propaganda campaign too.

instead, Kashmiris cry from violence and die in silence. Because they are principled. And the global “Islamic” establishment, long in the pay of Saudi Arabia and subordinate to Empire Judaica, is not. Thus, don’t let Kashmir, its people and its struggle fall to the wayside this Ramadan. Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) famously called the fight for Azadi (freedom) in Kashmir the “cause of Islam”. That makes the ‘Israel’-loving, Hindutvadi nutjob “government” of Modi, Yogi and the rest of their ilk the enemies of Islam. And humanity. May Kashmir, like Yemen and Palestine, prevail in the face of these monstrosities.

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