Ramadan Massacre Update: ISIS Slaughters Iraqi Sunnis In Abou Ghraib Suicide Attack

by Jonathan Azaziah

If there is one thing that defines Iraqis apart from our resilience, it is our seemingly interminable heartbreak. And right now… Right now, my ticker is tight from the agony. The homeland was rocked by another suicide attack late last night when an ISIS terrorist, strapped with an explosives-laden vest on his chest, ran into a Sunni masjid in Abou Ghraib just west of Baghdad and detonated the bomb, slaughtering at least 14 innocents and wounding over 32 others as they were breaking their fast and getting ready for the Maghreb prayer. I don’t have the words for this monstrous, psychotic crime… I just don’t. Not today. I’m too sad. And too angry. No. Not angry. FURIOUS. ISIS’s Ramadan Massacre across our region–Iraq in particular–rages on and the silence of the Western-Zionist media rages on with it as does the minimal, quimly, whisper-like acknowledgement from those House Muslims and House Arabs who dare utter fake words of support for the Palestinian cause, whilst simultaneously upholding the banners of Zionism and Takfirism in every corner of the Arab-Islamic world. It’s not cognitive dissonance. It’s collaboration. It’s betrayal. Call it what it is.

I assure you though, if it was a bunch of American Jews killed in a Daeshi suicide attack, you can bet your ass and your feet that these servile hypocrites would be lining up at a synagogue to kiss the hands of Zionist rabbis and offer their “condolences”. If the victims were Brits, French, Belgians, Finns or any other European, you can bet your arms and your legs you would see these shamsters waving the flags of the UK or the EU or whatever in a pathetic attempt to make Judaized Whites recognize that Muslims have hearts, souls, hopes, dreams and are actually human beings too. And if it was a bunch of gays and lesbians whose lives were criminally snuffed out by the US-Zionist-Saudi Frankenstein, you can bet your life and your grandmother’s life too that these frauds would lower their dignity, insult the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) as well as the Deen that they claim to believe in, and then subordinate themselves to degenerates who not only NEVER gave a hot damn about us, but represent something totally antithetical to our very being. But since it was Iraqis who were murdered in cold blood yesterday evening and NOT Jews, Europeans or LGBT persons, these “Muslims” can’t be bothered. And wallah, it is this duplicity which makes me abhor them almost as much as I abhor Daesh and its backers in the bowels of Herzliya, Riyadh and Langley.

Yes, Fallujah has been liberated, and the brave moujahideen of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and their allies in the Iraqi army are advancing, but we have a long way to go before the Zionist-Saudi-spawned virus of Takfirism is eradicated. So regardless of the bloodshed and this broken and infiltrated Ummah’s apathy, our struggle continues; our war continues; our sacrifices continue; our tears continue; our pain continues… And our resilience continues too. Sunni or Shi’a, Muslim or Christian, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, or any other ethnicity, it all matters not. WE ARE ONE HAND, and we will be so until the final victory. Al-Fatiha for all our martyrs.

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