Ramadan Massacre Hits Occupied Afghanistan And It Bears The Hallmarks Of A Zio-NATO Intelligence Operation

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Ramadan Massacre has now spread to occupied Afghanistan. Late last night, a massive bomb detonated inside a sewage tanker right outside the German embassy in the Wazir Akbar Khan area of the Afghani capital Kabul. There are at least 90 Afghani martyrs and well over 400 others wounded. Journalists, policemen, government workers, men, women, children and elderly are among those caught in this hellacious attack. The Taliban has categorically rejected its involvement in this heinous atrocity and though there are ISIS claims of responsibility–published by none other than ‘Israeli’ Jew spy Ben Venzke’s Intel Center and ‘Israeli’ Jewess spy Rita Katz’s SITE Intelligence Group–this doesn’t add up at all. The grade of the explosives was not low/homemade but high/military, thus betraying the hands of an intelligence agency. Moreover, the blast site also JUST SO HAPPENS to be on the exact same road leading to the American ZOG’s embassy and US-NATO military headquarters. In other words, we’re talking about so much US-NATO-CIA-Blackwater security that perhaps only the White House and the usurping Zionist cancer’s illegal nuclear weapons site at Dimona in occupied Al-Naqab can compare. No “lone wolf” Daesh terrorist could have executed this kind of operation without the EXPRESS APPROVAL and FULL COORDINATION of NATO. Which begs the following questions: Why did this despicable, murderous assault on humanity occur and WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD is NATO still in Afghanistan?

Let me give you a six-pointed-star-encrusted clue on both counts: SHLOMO. Yes, who else but SHLOMO, the source of the vast majority of suffering on the planet, could it really be?! Number one: Resources. A shadowy ‘Israeli’ company called the Merhav Group with Russian-Jewish Mafia (Red Mafiya/Organizatsiya) connections, run by a Mossadnik named Yosef A. Maiman, is responsible for the TAPI pipeline, particularly from the Afghani side, and has been drilling into Afghanistan’s massive untapped natural gas reserves and vast mines of minerals since his “chosenite” buddies in ‘Israeli’ intelligence knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Number two: Heroin. Mossad along with its allies in the CIA and MI6 reignited the heroin trade in Afghanistan after the October ’01 invasion and have been in control of it ever since. Afghanistan, through the aforementioned spy agencies, is being used as the main source of heroin for transportation into Europe as well as Russia as a means of hybrid warfare on the “Goyim” to keep them drug-addicted and dumbed-down. Think what you will about the former Taliban regime–and it was a vile, sectarian regime, no doubt–but it kept the poppy fields barren and prevented heroin from being grown and disseminated.

Number three: Russia and China. Afghanistan’s immensely strategic location must be illegally maintained and administered by Empire Judaica as a matter of Imperialist one-upmanship to ensure the weakened position of both Moscow and Beijing in the region. Number four: ISIS. The Takfiri Goy Golem of Daesh is the usurping Zionist entity’s primary weapon against Global South nations and its proliferation across numerous Afghani regions at the expense of the Afghani people and the Afghani Resistance is growing by the minute. ISIS can also ultimately be used against Russia and China in any coming war. Number five: Pakistan. Afghanistan is used by Zion to funnel mercenaries into Pakistan and keep its Dragon Policy alive and well, thus leaving Pakistan destabilized and on the path to balkanization and denuclearization. And number six: Iran. Global Zionism needs Afghanistan to remain occupied as a means of putting colossal military pressure on Iran via the gigantic network of NATO bases and forces right on Iran’s doorstep as well as keeping the Balochistan border open from the Afghan side for Mossad, the CIA, MI6 and their shaytanic Hindutvadi pals in India’s RAW to continue destabilizing the Islamic Republic.

So Afghanistan, just as much as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, occupied Kashmir, occupied Palestine itself and others, is bleeding because of ‘Israel’. The Afghani people, who have already endured so much misery at the hands of NATO, with more than a million martyrs and millions more displaced, cannot even have a little bit of peace on Ramadan because of ‘Israel’. And the NATO occupation rages on after nearly 16 years because of ‘Israel’. Several of my best and most beloved friends are Afghani Pashtuns whose loved ones were in the line of fire earlier on. I bleed for y’all today like I bled for Iraq yesterday and the day before. Because our struggle against the Parasitic Serpent is one. Salaams and blessings to the martyrs. Hatred and curses on their killers. Lots and LOTS of hatred and curses. #FreeAfghanistan #DeathToIsrael #DeathToNATO #LongLiveAfghanistan

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