Plenty Of Tears For Manchester But No Tears At All For Jawad al-Dagher And The Awamiyah Martyrs Killed By Saudi Arabia

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ahem. I don’t mean to piss on everyone’s pity party but… I really just can’t help but ask: All y’all sharing photos of the kids killed in Mossad’s false flag on Manchester also shared this pic of 2-year old Jawad al-Dagher when he died, or rather, excuse me, was savagely murdered, right? Oh. Y’all don’t know who 2-year old Jawad al-Dagher is, do you? WELL, ALLOW ME TO ENLIGHTEN YOU THEN. He’s a Hijazi Shi’a infant who was shot to death by the barbaric Saudi regime when it invaded the Eastern Province village of Al-Awamiyah in Qatif and opened fire on anything and everything that moved. Jawad’s mother was critically injured in the assault and several other young men–all unarmed–were gunned down too. Since the day of Jawad’s martyrdom on May 12th–Jummah, no less–there has been a nonstop, blood-drenched and psychotic campaign against the impoverished and suffering Hijazi Shi’a population. Al-Saud’s “security” forces have been behaving exactly like the ‘Israeli’ occupation army, bulldozing homes, destroying mosques and even unleashing heavy weapons and helicopter gunships on civilians. Awamiyah is under total siege and is dealing with a severe water shortage. Food is scarce too. This has been going on, from sun up to sun down, for 12 days straight now, and is part of a Saudi policy implemented with regularity just to keep the “Rafidah” in check. Apart from a few headlines and brief reports in wire services, the Zionist media coverage has been all but mum because the Zionist media, as a full-on partner of the ever-deepening Yahoudling-Wahhabi alliance, covers up every major atrocity that Saudi Arabia commits.

Getting down to brass tacks: Who supports this murderous mayhem (literally) lock, stock and smoking barrel? The British ZOG. And since large chunks of White Brits, with their empire-nostalgia and colonial racism, and a growing number of Brown Wahhabi Brits, with their anti-Shi’a sectarianism and loving relationship with MI5 and MI6, stand with the British ZOG in everything it does vis-a-vis destabilizing our region, the blood of Jawad al-Dagher and all of Awamiyah’s martyrs is on their hands as well. You wanna share photos of dead Ariana Grande fans? Knock yourselves out. But don’t you DARE front like the pain of the parents of these poor kids is something exceptional when the peoples of the Arab-Islamic world and the entire Global South–Awamiyah and Qatif especially in this context–deal with this sort of unspeakable horror EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN. DAY. We clear?

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