Out Of Nearly 200 Countries In The World, Only The Islamic Republic Of Iran Stands With Sheikh Zakzaky

by Jonathan Azaziah

Last Tuesday, August 7th, 2018, something beautiful occurred in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s holy city of Mashhad. Dr. Nusaibah Ibrahim Zakzaky, the daughter of the Lion of Zaria, arrived on the sanctified grounds where the shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) rests to inaugurate the opening of an office for her father. Attended by numerous dignitaries, activists and Ayatollahs, among them Hujjat al-Islam Kazem Seddiqi, the Jummah prayers leader in Tehran, it was a sometimes somber but nevertheless jubilant affair that celebrated Zakzaky’s steadfastness, humbleness, defiance and resistance against the US-‘Israeli’ Empire and the despotism, corruption and subservience it sponsors in Abuja. Indeed, it is a solidification of the Sheikh’s strong religious authority and vast Islamic knowledge–as well as his commitment to uplifting the poor, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and never relinquishing his Mouqawamist stances on Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, the Islamic Revolution, Bahrain and more–to have a place of his own in one of Islam’s holiest cities; a testament to his Muhammadi-Husseini character; and an affirmation that he is most certainly a saint, one of the very few to exist in this age of Judeo-Zio-Dajjal.

We salute the revolutionary Iranian nation, our Magnetic North, for bestowing this honor on the Khomeini of Africa. Out of nearly 200 countries on the face of this Earth, of which 50 have a Muslim majority, only the Islamic Republic has stood with Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. From the immediate aftermath of the Zaria Massacre in which over 1,000 Nigerian Shi’a innocents were slaughtered by the US-Zionist-Saudi-backed Nigerian army, 50 female students from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria were abducted, and Zakzaky himself, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat, and hundreds of his partisans were unjustly imprisoned, Tehran has diplomatically campaigned day and night to secure the Sheikh’s release. Iranians themselves, especially the youth, hold rallies almost every Jummah highlighting the suffering of Nigeria’s Shi’a and their righteous leader and calling for the release of all political prisoners from Zakzaky’s camp. Iranian humanitarian funds have continued to flow to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in spite of the US ZOG’s increasingly ruthless international sanctions regime as well. Really, the only action Iran has yet to take is commission an IRGC strike force to liberate the Sheikh–which, Iranophobic delusions in Saudi and Zionist media outlets aside, isn’t going to happen. If even a handful of Muslim nations adopted just a fraction of the measures Iran has taken vis-a-vis Nigeria and put just a drop of pressure on the atrocious Buhari government, no doubt that Zakzaky would’ve been freed long ago.

Congratulations are in order for the Sheikh, Sayyeda Zeenat and their daughter Dr. Nusaibah on this blessing. May all Moustazafeen get a chance to visit Zakzaky’s office in Mashhad. By the grace of ALLAH (SWT), this consecrated event will spark a new round of global awareness and expedite the release of the most important African revolutionary in generations– a true champion of the oppressed who has brought millions upon million souls to the light of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) since 1979. Free Zakzaky! Long live Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria! Labaykah ya Khamenei! And glory to the Islamic Republic of Iran!

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