Operation Martyr Suleimani: Iran Begins Avenging Hajj Qassem (R.A.), Humiliates The US ZOG

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hell, fire and brimstone in Mesopotamia tonight! Only it ain’t American-led, Zionist-designed, criminal and genocidal “Shock and Awe”! This time it’s Operation Martyr Suleimani, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran’s stunning ballistic-fueled-vengeance for Washington’s cold-blooded murder of Hajj Qassem Suleimani (R.A.) by drone on January 3rd, 2020 at Baghdad International Airport. Ballistic missiles rained down on American occupation bases in Al-Anbar, Erbil, Baghdad and elsewhere. A thunderstorm of Iranian military artistry! Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, promised that the retaliation for the immeasurable Zio-Imperialist atrocity was going to be harsh and HARSH IT WAS. At least 80 American occupiers were sent straight to Jahannam by Iran’s counterattack and hundreds more have been wounded.

The US ZOG is humiliated. So humiliated in fact that it is trying to sell the legerdemain that not a single American soldier was harmed by Iran’s righteous barrage, saying instead that “only Iraqis” were killed. The dehumanizing, Orientalist framing of this pile of propaganda aside, that America can’t proverbially look its own people in the eye to own up to the foolish, catastrophic mistake it made in murdering Suleimani (R.A.), speaks volumes. Moreover, denying that there are casualties when it’s as lucid as lucid can be, is a page straight out of the ‘Israeli’ playbook and the closing of the circle of cowardice. We are reminded of the usurping Zionist entity’s assassination of the Quneitra 7 nearly 5 years ago now. Hizbullah’s response to the subversive killing was beautifully executed, targeting an IOF convoy and leaving 15 Jewish supremacist terrorists scorched, but ‘Israel’ blatantly and deceptively covered it up. The Trump regime is replicating this spinelessness.

Indeed, this began yellow-bellied for Washington, slaughtering the Knight of Kerman (R.A.) when he was unarmed, on a diplomatic mission to de-escalate tensions with Saudi Arabia… And it is ending yellow-bellied for Washington with its inability to admit how badly it has been hit. Iran caught the Empire sleeping. Simple and plain. Additionally, the Empire… In all its Judaically-driven arrogance… Really didn’t anticipate any response from Iran whatsoever. Let alone one this soon… Let alone one this large. As soon as Qassem the Quasar (R.A.) was ready to be buried in his hometown of Kerman and the official three days of mourning in Iran were about to be over… The IRGC sprung into action so he could truly rest in serenity. Spectacular.

And what makes it all the more glorious is that the IRGC has gone on record saying that they have 100 more targets — 100!!!!!!! — to strike if America dares respond. Imam Khamenei confirmed this further, declaring that Operation Martyr Suleimani is only in its first phase and what took place tonight was merely a slap. Nothing will suffice as sufficient vengeance for Hajj Qassem (R.A.) except the total expulsion of US occupation forces from our entire region–not just Iraq.

The Orange Oaf in the Oval Office should understand now that this is the price of being a puppet of World Zionism. Iran’s not some pushover state that the war machine of Shlomo’s US lapdog is going to run through. Iran’s not some ex-client of Langley and “Herzliya” that Shlomo’s US lapdog is ousting so the weapons manufacturers, oil barons and Jewish hedge fund managers can make a lil’ killing. All of Iran is behind Suleimani (R.A.) And with love. As is the region, starting with Yemen and far, far beyond. Invoking legendary MC Rakim, Iran ain’t no joke. Iran lets the mic smoke! Or in this case… Iran lets American occupation terrorists smoke after they get kissed with screaming ballistic missiles!!

Hajj Qassem (R.A.) tormented Imperium Judaica when he was above ground. And here he is, still tormenting Imperium Judaica even though he’s now peacefully below ground. Labaykah ya Suleimani (R.A.)! Ta7ya Iran! Let Zio-Dajjal continue to take the lessons of tangling with the Resistance Axis right on the point of its warlock-like chin until it is knocked down and counted out!

3 thoughts on “Operation Martyr Suleimani: Iran Begins Avenging Hajj Qassem (R.A.), Humiliates The US ZOG”

  1. According to The Protocols of Zion the Canaanite/Edomite “Jews” symbolic snakes aim is to encompass the world and hold it in its grip by economic means.

    Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b
    When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

    If Rothschild owned Iran’s Central Bank it would be one less country the Zionists would have need to conquer.

    Judah married and had sons to the daughter of foreign gods——a Canaanite woman. Malachi, chapter 3 & 2:11., Genesis 38:1-10

    In the Judaic Talmud tradition the mother decides Jewish identity

    Malachi, chapters 3 & 2:11, “Judah has done an abomination in Israel and in Jerusalem for he has profaned the Sacred Jehovah whom he loves and married a daughter of foreign gods. Jehovah will cut off the man who does it………….”

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