One Year Since Nashid Abdul Khaaliq’s (R.A.) Passing: May We Continue To Ascertain Anti-Parasitic Truths In His Blessed Memory

by Jonathan Azaziah

It’s still overwhelming at times to think we are living in a world without the physical presence of Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.), the African-American luminary, thinker and revolutionary activist who helped pioneer the Anti-Zionist investigation into 9/11. A large admirer of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Imam Khomeini (R.A.), Malcolm X (R.A.) and Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), he was a paragon of unbroken and immovable intellectual resistance in this terrifying age of Dajjal. Today marks one year since the Mouqawamist-minded, Brooklyn-bred, Grenadian-blooded, Sunni giant departed this world. And in remembering him, his stances, his achievements, his writings and his deeds, we recall one of his greatest pet peeves regarding the so-called “Truth Movement” and some of its most prominent personalities: Their failure to name the Jew as Islam’s greatest adversary, the most brutal globe-holder and the greatest oppressor of Black people. He was a lifelong campaigner against White Supremacy and colonialism, from NYC to his homeland of Grenada, but always told me that “Whitey ain’t most mighty” and that the Imperium is controlled by the Jahcubites, nobody else.

In that spirit, and in honor of the title of Nashid Abdul Khaaliq’s (R.A.) archive of anti-establishment bombs, Ascertain The Truth, we wish to remind our readers on the anniversary of his departure to the Gardens With Streams Running In Them, that while the Cracker/Colonialist/Imperialist/Capitalist will forever be an evil that we will oppose vociferously and unequivocally, it is nevertheless a subordinate to the Synagogue of Satan, which financed Europe’s colonization of the Global South from inception through its chief agent, the Rothschild dynasty. The parasitic banking clan profited astronomically from the subjugation of the Black Man and Black Woman, both via European colonialism and the Transatlantic Slave Trade –and was motivated by Talmudic Anti-Blackness to engage in such criminality to boot. Keeping this in mind, there are several truths we’d like to delve into so the narrative shifts to the place it really needs to be and the global discourse can be liberated.

With the blackface controversy surrounding disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Shearer Northam still raging, we’d like to direct everyone’s attention to the most domineering perpetrators of this repugnant form of faux “entertainment”. It’s true, as many right-wing commentators have pointed out, that liberals are quite gratuitous in their application of blackface to “theater”, making them rather large hypocrites. What they have failed to mention however is who the liberals of the liberals are; the cosmopolitans of the cosmopolitans. Yes, we’re talking about the Yahoudlings. From MGM founder Louis B. Mayer and music bigwig Isidore Witmark, to showbiz top dogs like Al Jolson to B’nai B’rith itself, blackface minstrelsy was disseminated, promoted and financed mainly by Jews for the express purpose of shoring up Jewish interests and making White America focus their ire on Blacks instead of Jews. Even Jewish scholars like Jeffrey Melnick and Lester D. Friedman admit it. One could go as far as to say that blackface was (and is) as Jewish as matzoh ball soup.

Many are aware of the horrifying Tuskegee syphilis experiment conducted by the American regime on unsuspecting African-American men, tricking them into thinking they were receiving free health care when in fact they were being injected with a debilitating sexually transmitted disease, for four decades. A proof of the United Snakes’ profound Anti-Blackness and total disregard for human rights, most certainly. What many, MANY aren’t even remotely close to aware of is that it was initially financed by Jewish fat cat Julius Rosenwald and that it was in fact Rosenwald who commissioned the entire crime against humanity to start with. Rosenwald was also a Zionist committed to establishing a second “Jewish homeland” in Crimea, financing the displacement of some 200,000 Tatar Muslims, a confirmation of his ubiquitous oppression of non-Jews of numerous stripes.

Another fact that large swathes of the global populace are ignorant to is that Muhammad Ali (R.A.), the beloved 3-time lineal heavyweight champion and arguably the greatest fighter in boxing history, was being ruthlessly repressed and swindled by a Jew. Not a White man. But a Jew. A monstrous, Islam-hating, Zionist Jew named Robert F.X. Sillerman, who owns 80% of Muhammad Ali’s (R.A.) name, image and likeness. This disgusting excuse for a human being strove to disconnect “The Greatest” from his status as a revolutionary and instead link him to Jewish-dominated liberalism. Part and parcel of his overall agenda, as after all, Sillerman has worked alongside Haim Saban, Irwin Jacobs and Jeffrey Katzenberg in bankrolling the Democratic Party for years.

Every year that Columbus Day rolls around, there is a cacophony of condemnation from Anti-Imperialists against the crimes of Christopher Columbus aka Cristoforo Colombo aka Cristóbal Colón, from his involvement in ethnic cleansing of Native Americans to slavery to colonization. And rightfully so. Columbus was a sociopathic, hateful war criminal who bathed in the blood of millions of innocents. Just one problem with their analysis though. He wasn’t White. He was a Jew. Spanish scholars Jose Erugo, Otero Sanchez and Nicholas Dias Perez confirmed this fact through their meticulous and mind-blowing research that revealed Columbus’s personal writings were in Ladino, the Jewish-Spanish language akin to the Jewish-German Yiddish. Also, found in his letters was a right-to-left, crypto-Hebrew monogram used by religious Jews the world over up until right now in modern times.

He also maintained Jewish charity practices – anomalous indeed considering how much of a murderous maniac he was – and instructed his kids to preserve his hidden signature which was actually the Judaic hymn known as the Kaddish. Contrary to jingoistic American “exceptionalist” myth, Columbus wasn’t in search of the “new world” but a safe haven for Jewry. And that’s why two Marranos, Louis De Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez, in addition to the prominent Portuguese-Iberian financier and Jesus-hating scholar Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel, bankrolled his colonialist journey–not Ferdinand and Isabella. Thus, the Columbus-driven genocide of the Pnaci people (Native Americans) was far more Jewish than it was White–especially when factoring in further that the Puritans were all but Jewish, as they governed themselves through the Judaic “covenant”, viewed themselves as Israelites, named colonized regions after areas invoked in the Old Testament, and even banned Christmas as well as fined anyone who still dared to celebrate it.

When the name of Marcus Garvey (rip), the godfather of Pan-Africanism and legendary philosopher-militant, is mentioned, it is usually White Supremacy that is associated with his persecution and fall from grace. This is only partially true though. No doubt that White racist and cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover during his days at the FBI’s precursor, the Bureau of Investigation, targeted Garvey maliciously, but it was Mr. Black Star himself who personally blamed a Jewish judge and Jewish jurors for cooking the books in a sham trial that got him sentenced to five years in prison. That Jewish judge was Julian Mack, a Zionist extremist who was a top leader in the Zionist Organization of America. He worked with liberal Zionist icon Rabbi Stephen Wise behind the scenes to undermine Garvey too, all before imposing the max imprisonment, max fine and entire cost of the case on the Jamaican trailblazer in court, as well as keeping him behind bars for three months prior to granting bail.

Moreover, it was the Jewish-financed NAACP led by Jewish supremacist Joel Spingarn that mounted the “GARVEY MUST GO!” campaign against the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), with NAACP Publicity Director Herbert J. Seligman spearheading various character assassination operations. This was designed to bankrupt UNIA because it was actively promoting Black economic independence. Indeed, as Dominican Garveyvite and Black Liberation powerhouse Carlos Cooks famously said, “Any Black man or group advocating self-determination is the natural enemy of the Jew.” It’s therefore without question that the greatest, most vicious and ultimately, not to mention unfortunately, most successful of Garveyism’s enemies were Yahoud.

May we continue to unearth and ascertain truths such as these so all of Gentiledom can come to the realization that Shlomo is not its friend nor has he ever been. Shlomo is out for Shlomo and Shlomo alone. Shlomo cares not if all Gentiles, but Black and Muslim Gentiles especially, are burnt to a crisp in the process of pursuing his expansionist, Halakhic-Talmudic, Dajjalic goals. There is really no better way to bring justice to the memory and legacy of Sidi Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.) than pursuing the path of Anti-Parasitism and delivering the facts that comprise its foundation to those not in the know. Allah yerhamak habibi Nashid (R.A.) Never will we deviate from your incandescent example and most righteous path. Ascertaining the truth, we will be, until we meet you on the Other Side. Insha’ALLAH khair.

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